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dissertation introduction writing


An introduction is definitely a significant part of the dissertation because its purpose is to catch the attention of an audience. Quite often, examiners draw quick conclusions on the quality of papers just by reading the very first paragraph. This is the reason why you have to make sure that your introduction is impressive enough to get a positive reaction from the readers.

Writing a good dissertation introduction is not so easy since it not only has to spark the readers' interest but also introduce the subject and aims of your project, and emphasize its key points. Therefore, you have to be extra careful with choosing what to write.

The intro has to be simple and self-explanatory. Therefore, it is important to explain every component of your work, so there is no need to search for any additional information. In addition, you have to emphasize the relevance of your project to the field of study and prove that there is a need for further studies in the field.

There is also a need to provide background information on your topic since you have to note what has been done by other researchers in the field your assignment is covering. These facts will prove your readers that your work is able to fill a gap left by previous studies.

While writing an intro, you have to mention the objectives. A reader should know what was your urge to investigate the problem. The objectives have to be clear and relevant to the topic chosen.

Besides working on the quality of your assignment's content, you also have to make sure that your paper is properly formatted and edited. Obviously, you have to proofread what you compose, so you do not miss any mistakes.


Although the introduction part comes first, it has to be written at the end of paper completion since it includes much information that can be updated number of times in the course of writing. At the same time, this is the first part to think of as it serves as a backbone for the whole project.

That is why you will have to make a draft of the intro beforehand (actually you will have to make it at the outset before submitting the dissertation proposal) to keep your thoughts on track when doing the research and composing the body chapters like literature review, methodology, and data analysis. Basically, this part relies heavily on the research proposal.

While the literature processed has to be slightly mentioned in this part, the excessive citations have to be avoided. The same thing is with the results; despite the necessity to include the outcomes of the research, you should not give too many details on it not to overload the introduction chapter.

A hypothesis is not a mandatory component of the introduction part, but including it will favor your project since it represents the author’s vision of how the work’s objectives can be achieved. It is up to you whether to include a hypothesis or not, but keep in mind that in case you make your mind to add this component, you will have either to maintain or refute it at the end of your research work.

At the end of the chapter, it is also common to give a brief outline of what topics are to be covered in each chapter of the work. That is to say, you have to present the core of each section in one sentence approximately. So in such a way, a reader will be aware what he or she is going to read further and, thus, can navigate through your project easily.

Although you will present your dissertation to a competent committee who is closely familiar with the area of study, it does not mean you have to make it overly abstruse. All your assumptions have to be supported by compelling arguments, and all your ideas have to be articulated straightforwardly. Also, make sure to keep your language clear and easy to understand. If there is no way to avoid the excessive usage of terms, it is better to add the glossary with definitions particularly when some terms have more than one meaning.


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