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dissertation results writing


As a rule, this part can be written separately or together with a discussion section. Writing up dissertation results apart from everything else gives you an opportunity to focus on what you achieved and describe the outcomes of your experiments, investigations, and other forms of the research you conducted, without being worried about any possible implications.

The result chapter should include the list of your key experimental results, proofs of their significance, and any statistical analysis. Any literature sources, which support the importance of your research, should be mentioned as well. Of course, you do not have to emphasize everything you did, since a research project like yours is a bulky task.

All dissertation findings must have relevant methods, which helped you create your paper. In turn, methods are also followed by certain outcomes. Therefore, if you decide to delete any experiments from this chapter, you have to make sure that all mentions of the methods are removed as well. If you are hesitant about including some specific results, it is better to go back to your research questions and see how those results are relevant to it so that you could choose which ones to add and which ones to skip.

After making up your mind about the content of your work, you have to think about the order of the methods. The best options are chronological (from most to least important in the answering of your research questions) and by hypothesis or research question.

Obviously, presentation of your findings has to be on point, and, therefore, you have to choose the best way possible to do that: a mixture of text and some additional elements, such as graphs, tables, and figures. You are trying your best for your readers to comprehend the context of your work and become interested in the research question you investigate, which is why you have to understand that just plain text or a lot of tables at once are difficult to process. In order to clear things up, it is best to use graphic elements when they are necessary so you could create a perfect piece of writing that is able to catch your audience's attention.


The primary purpose of each scientific research lies in obtaining results. This section might seem to be the easiest one to write because this is basically a direct review of observed and analyzed data. In fact, it may be rather tricky due to the temptation to include too much information and, therefore, chuck away the essential findings.

To avoid unnecessary information in this chapter, bear in mind that you do not have to interpret and evaluate the findings/results gained here. Thus, the ultimate purpose is to narrate what you have observed and found and direct the reader to the discussion section.

As we have noted, these two chapters may be combined into one or be written separately. Both approaches have their own advantages, for example, having chosen the first one, you will be able to focus on the experiments conducted without seeing into their implications. However, others prefer the second approach as it allows you to combine both parts. Before deciding upon one of these approaches, make sure to check the faculty’s requirements regarding the matter.

To carry out the writing properly, consider the type of dissertation results. It may be either quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative type deals with the statistical or mathematical information and presupposes a considerable usage of tables and graphs. To draw up quantitative outcome properly, you will have to compare it directly to the hypothesis of your project to see whether they correlate.

Qualitative type, on the other side, is represented in like a summary where you are to analyze and evaluate your findings. You may first analyze them from your individual point of view and then proceed to the overall interpretation of what you have obtained.

A regard must be paid to the accurate structure of the part. The first sentences must refer to the introduction so that you remind what the initial goal of your project was. Then, sum up the previous findings you have covered in the literature review. After that, describe your results and compare them to those of the lit review. And the last thing to include is the comments on the comparison made.

Also, make sure to present only the key results relevant to the research question posed in the introduction chapter of your work. You do not have to sum up everything you did, just the core findings.

Mind that every result must have a respective method put in the method section. At the same time, each method should have some findings given. In case you remove certain experiments from the results section, consider removing the method from the methodology section as well.

The findings may be presented either in chronological order, where you are to follow the methods sequence, or in order from most to least significant in relation to research questions.

You also need to decide upon the way of data presentation: graphs, tables, figures or text. Graphical representation of findings will promote a better understanding of the material. Try to put the tables and graphs wherever possible and only supplement them with text. Do not forget that each figure, graph or table should have a heading and number.

And the last important thing to borne in mind is the accuracy of information presented. Thus, proofread the paper several times when it is done.


If your findings are not presented how they should be, it will be really difficult for your audience to understand them, and therefore you will have to undertake substantial revisions. Of course, it is not as easy as it seems since you have to choose carefully what you need to write about and how exactly you are going to present the information.

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