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How to write a film studies essay


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Audio and video equipment used for film studies essay writing

Joining the film studies course in the curriculum or pursuing the film studies major while applying to the university, people often wonder why this course exists. Can students who pursue a degree in the sphere get any useful knowledge and apply it later in life? In addition, why would you pay so much for taking film studies courses? Even if you love movies, want to work in the film industry, and, therefore, decided to major in film studies, those questions definitely popped up in your head a few times.

Why are film studies important?

From the academic viewpoint, film studies bring a new understanding of the cinema, showing that every movie is a work of art. Films and literature have something in common - they both tell stories, carry certain messages, and speak about people’s feelings. Studying films, a person can research history and culture extensively, learn more about the world and people around, and understand how to express oneself in movies while directing or writing the script, using available techniques and methods. Through the art of filmmaking, students can also touch upon some actual problems and help to raise awareness in society.

How to write a film studies essay?

You have written hundreds of essays on numerous subjects in your life successfully, but the film studies essay just confuses you? There is no need to question your writing abilities as the main difficulty here is in the subject itself. Film studies course is very unusual; it covers so much information and requires students to know so many nuances that you can become lost easily, even with such a simple task as a film studies essay. Hence, Pro-Papers decided to help you get back on the writing track by providing you with a few valuable guidelines.

Find a suitable topic

The same as in every written assignment you have to prepare, it is important to pick a topic to complete film studies essay writing successfully. It should be related to the area of studies you are focusing on in the class, whether it is the history of moviemaking, film production, usage of colors and sound in movies, etc.


The process of writing a film research paper usually differs from typical researches when students go to libraries or find sources online. In this case, the research depends on the topic you have chosen. In some instances, you will not have to use any sources for writing, as you should rely mainly on your thoughts and perception. You can surely read the history of how the movie was made and biographies of people who were involved in a production process; however, this is more useful when you analyze documentaries.

Create an outline

If you want to facilitate the writing process for yourself, it is better to think about the structure of the paper beforehand:

  • Decide how many sections your essay will consist of and what each paragraph will cover to create an outline.
  • Write down parts and paragraph numbers on the draft and a few descriptive sentences near each section to direct yourself when writing.
  • Afterward, create a comprehensive and accurate thesis statement that encompasses the main questions your essay will focus on.
  • Make sure that you know what format you are asked to use and style up the title page alongside with reference page accordingly.


Proofreading is as essential as researching in the process of essay completion. Checking and editing the paper prior to submitting it will save your essay from foolish mistakes and inconsistencies, and your average point from going down significantly.

To proofread better, leave the paper after finishing it for a couple of hours or even a day if you have enough time, and go back to it afterward. Thus, you will spot more mistakes and be able to assess the quality of your own writing more critically.

You may notice that some parts of the paper are written poorly and need to be revised, but the good part of it is that at least you had noticed the issue before the teacher did. Proofreading is a great opportunity to polish your essay, improve it, and hence, be graded better.

Questions to ask for essay film

These simple questions will help you understand in what direction you have to move with your essay:

  • What catches your attention at the beginning of the film?
  • What is the role of music and settings in the film?
  • What can you say about the movie characters?
  • How do you feel about the film in the end?

Film research paper topics

  • The ways of creating special effects without computer graphics
  • Silent movies of 20th century
  • The difference between Hollywood and Bollywood
  • The most outstanding directors of the 21st century
  • What makes a modern movie cult?
  • Comics and film industry
  • Censorship in cinema
  • Video editing of the 20th century
  • Archetypes in the films

Film studies essay topics

  • The most epic battle: movie or book?
  • The art of film review
  • The film that changed my life
  • The role of music in the movies
  • The influence of pop-culture in cinematography
  • The phenomenon of Disney cartoons
  • The best films of the 20th century
  • Why going to the cinema is still so popular?

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