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Admission Essay

Admission Essay

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Admission Essay

As long as I remember myself, I always wanted to become a scientist. Science has been a passion of my life, and science is not only technology or engineering mixed with different kinds of experiments, but it is a key to the future of humankind. Science is an art of making our unknown known, and I dream to become an artist of change. There are countless incredible things surrounding us and waiting to be discovered, and there is no other place like State University that could help me become the change I would like to see in our world.

As a child, I tried to attend every science-related museum exhibit I could find, and I could never satisfy my appetite for everything new in science. At school, I never missed Science classes, and once I even came to school having fever as we were going to make electric motors using Energizer batteries! For quite a while I have been an amateur scientist, but in 2014 I applied for the Science Training Program at Kent State University and participated in many research experiments that resulted in a great experience and knowledge that I now possess. I have learned a lot about gravitation and its influence on the world we live in, and when they were finally detected in the beginning of this year and confirmed Einstein’s theory, it gave me inspiration to focus more on Theoretical physics as a part of scientific studies. I could not even imagine that a theory that was developed many years ago and could not be proved at that time because certain technologies did not even exist at those times, was proved. Einstein was right, and gravitational waves do really exist. They were recently discovered, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered, and I hope that I will have a chance to focus my efforts on further research of gravitational waves.

I believe that my love of science and my never-ending willingness to work on developing our knowledge of gravitation. I already have a fundamental knowledge of physics, but I am more than sure that Ohio State University will help me deepen my knowledge and concentrate more on practical applications of recently proved theories. More than that, Ohio State University is a place where a world-class research of various physical phenomena is conducted, and this is one of the main reasons why I would love to join the Ohio State’s Department of Physics in future, and now I would be honored if given a chance to join the graduate program.

In addition, there is a diverse group of student from different cultures studying at Ohio State University, and this is a great chance to learn from them. I know that there is a respectful environment and a growing ethnic diversity, so it would be a great privilege to study among bright students from all over the world who possess the same values and a great interest in physics and science as I do. I also know that Ohio State University strives to cultivate intellectual curiosity among its students by creating a perfect scholarly climate, and this would be very special to me to have a chance to join the Ohio State University scholar community.

I believe that there is a long path towards academic excellence lying before me, and Ohio State University would be the best choice for me to help me cover the road to success. I have started this journey, but I need a great support, and it would be an honor for me to be supported by Ohio State University. I have just scratched the surface in the beginning of my journey, but I believe in my potential. There is no other place like Ohio State University that can help me develop my potential, and I am confident that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial.

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