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Accounting resume examples

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Today, the profession of an accountant is among the most demanded among employers. Therefore, applicants for this position usually face rigid requirements, which include not only a high level of professional education, but also a presence of a narrowly focused experience in a particular area of ​​accounting.

There are a lot of accountants in the labor market. And, as a rule, a huge number of candidates apply for a vacant place. Therefore, it is very important to create a self-presentation correctly. To achieve this goal, it is worthwhile to study the resume examples for accounting specialties and use the recommendations below.

Contact information

In this section, you need to specify:

  • name and surname;
  • phone number;
  • personal e-mail (if your address contains such words as "kiss", "smile", "superman", etc., it's time to register a new account);
  • date of birth, photo, link to a personal blog or a profile in social networks (if they emphasize your professionalism and characterize the qualities that will be useful at the new position).


Describe your expectations in several phrases. Let's suppose that the text of the vacancy provides for two options of a working schedule: "full time" and "part time". Then, in this section, you can specify which regime is suitable for you. Also, accounting resume objective examples often contain the information on expected salary and desire to use a foreign language, certain computer programs, etc.

Key skills

This section should describe a candidate as a professional. You can find something like this in many accounting professional resume examples: "The organization of the accounting management of the company, the automation of business processes, monitoring of tax legislation, communication with regulatory bodies. I know how to work with deadlines, easily switch between different tasks, have stress-resistant psyche, fluent in French and German."


List the companies where you worked in reverse chronological order with the indication of:

  • position;
  • name and location of the previous employer;
  • official duties;
  • work period;
  • reason for dismissal: anyway, you will be asked about it at the interview, so it's better to think about the answer in advance and to indicate it directly to the resume, for example, "dismissal due to a change of place of residence".

Divide the description of your work activity into 2 subsections: in the first one, write about your duties at the previous job, in the second – about your achievements in the given firm.

It is necessary to mention only that experience which is related to your professional sphere. Describing duties at each of the previous jobs, use the most specific and concise phrases. "Digitize" your paper. Here are the extracts from good accounting manager resume examples:

  • calculations on wages (number of employees - 450 people);
  • keeping records on fixed and intangible assets (360 objects);
  • compilation and registration of tax invoices (4 thousand papers per month);
  • preparation of financial operations (monthly turnover - 500 thousand dollars).

Professional achievements

In this section, it is necessary to provide data that will distinguish you as a professional against a background of other candidates. Resume examples for accounting jobs often contain "digitized" results of work, information on victories in professional competitions, gratitude received and the like:

  • "For 5 years of record keeping, I did not receive a single fine."
  • "For 3 years of calculating of wages (450 people), there was not a single complaint on incorrect calculation of the amount of remuneration from employees or supervisory bodies."
  • "I headed the team working on the development of management reports on the funds inflow (based on Excel), which reduced the labor costs for processing this information threefold."
  • Participation in tax audits. Probably, any business owner is afraid of them, even if he works absolutely honestly and legally. If you participated in such checks and successfully defended the interests of the company, then you can safely add this point to your achievements list.

Computer skills

In this section, it is not desirable to write such phrases as "confident PC user", "possession of all Microsoft Office programs" and the like. Today, this is a necessity, not an advantage. Therefore, Microsoft Office products may be mentioned in example of accounting resume only if the level of possession of some instrument is above average, especially if the job description specifies a mandatory knowledge of a certain program. Also, it is necessary to bring information about skills in specialized accounting software.


Information about education may be presented at the beginning of the resume if the reputation of your institution can impress the recruiter. If you are not a graduate of Harvard or one of the famous business schools, it is worth placing the block "Education" after a description of the practical skills and professional achievements.

In each resume example for fresh graduate in accounting, this section is central. An inexperienced specialist needs to focus on a broad theoretical basis and training successes. You may mention information about both formal (university) and informal (courses, certifications, etc.) education. 


It is necessary to indicate contacts of former colleagues who can make positive recommendations. 

About yourself

This block is not mandatory, but it is appropriate to describe those aspects of your life that characterize you positively. If a potential employer officially declares certain values that the company adheres to (for example, supporting a healthy lifestyle), you can specify sports preferences and the like.


Throughout his professional activities, an accountant constantly creates something new. It may be a form of an internal document or a regulatory paper that optimizes the work of an accounting department.

Visualization of all of this is capable to adorn each accounting resume example. Portfolio may include information on:

  • creation of forms of documents, tables, etc.;
  • requests to regulatory authorities or responses in which a position of an enterprise on a particular issue is qualitatively justified;
  • writing technical requirements for developers, according to which the automation of business processes in accounting is carried out.

Add only the best works to portfolio, those with which you would like to deal in the future.

Cover Letter

According to most recruiters, a Cover Letter is an absolute plus to a self-presentation. Therefore, it is recommended to accompany each accounting clerk resume example with such a paper written individually for each employer.

And remember, job search is also a complex and responsible work. A self-presentation is its most important part. Therefore, find enough time to create your perfect resume, and the dream job won’t let you wait too long. Good luck!


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