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Administrative assistant resume examples

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An administrative assistant is an indispensable employee for the head of any large company. This specialist performs so many functions and has such great powers that, in fact, he becomes the second person in the organization. It is almost impossible to formulate his universal duties. To find a "right hand" for a particular leader means to solve an extremely complex task. All examples of administrative assistant resume are considered with special attention, because every boss wants to hire a person who fully suits his requirements.

Peculiarities of the profession

An administrative assistant has a special place in the hierarchy of administrative specialties. As a rule, recruiters post vacancies with a standard set of requirements on the job search sites: documentation and organizational work. But in reality, there are a many specific aspects that determine the selection of candidates.

Here are some examples of “exotic” requirements: high speed of manual money counting, having an athletic title, the ability to count in mind, experience in investment projects, knowledge of the legislative framework or all premium brands, database with contact information of owners of elite restaurants.

The usual parameters which may be found in almost every administrative assistant resume example are the following: the voice timbre, height, weight, clothing size, knowledge of languages, etc. The directors also put forward an additional list of requirements for the personal qualities of an assistant.

It turns out that it is very difficult to write an ideal self-presentation. Each employer has special demands. But the general picture is constant, and the authors of most executive administrative assistant resume examples try to conform to it. Every director needs a reliable, dedicated and responsible "right hand" able to cope with all organizational and informational tasks, to free his head from the lack of time, to skillfully solve standard and non-standard problems.

Important skills

Here are the administrative assistant resume skills examples that may evoke the employer's desire to invite you to an interview:

  • proactivity - the ability to work on the lead: to anticipate the needs of the boss, to read between the lines, to understand everything without unnecessary questions, to foresee the development of events, and therefore, to be able to prevent many problems;
  • universality - the ability to perform a wide range of duties qualitatively, to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the business environment;
  • effective communication and information logistics - the ability to manage information flows;
  • the ability to handle any confidential information correctly;
  • skills of system analysis of problems, ability to offer several possible solutions (optimal, backup and "crisis") in case of unfavorable scenario development;
  • free possession of computer equipment (an administrative assistant should be able to create databases, work with editorial programs, organize virtual presentations, conferences, etc.);
  • stress management and self-reflection;
  • supervising - control and coordination of meetings, projects, everything that a boss instructs.

Resume writing tips

First of all, it is important to show that you know what you want. If you are in doubt, it is better to read some resume objective examples for administrative assistant positions to understand how to fill in this section correctly.

Having no information about the specifics of the company and requirements of the employer, just publishing a resume on the job search website, it's better to write that you strive to:

  • work in a large company and help the director in solving administrative issues;
  • realize the high enthusiasm, labor and organizational potential;
  • show your skills on an administrative post in a stable organization.

These administrative assistant resume objective examples are suitable for almost any situation. However, if you have detailed information about the employer, try to show that his requirements coincide with your aspirations.

Also, good self-presentation should contain the following data:

  • position for which the candidate applies (it is quite possible that the employer is looking for employees for several posts; so this information will secure both of you from necessity to ask additional questions);
  • name and surname;
  • date of birth (age);
  • address (residence, citizenship);
  • marital status, children;
  • contact information: phone, email;
  • education (secondary, higher, master’s degree and so on);
  • additional education (courses, trainings, seminars);
  • experience in reverse chronological order: for each item, is necessary to indicate the name of the organization, its location, the field of activities, the position (department), the number of subordinates, responsibilities, achievements, reasons for dismissal;
  • additional information: driver's license, availability of a personal car, PC possession, knowledge of foreign languages, self-education, personal qualities (positive and negative, if the employer is interested in your weak sides), etc.
  • photo.

The example of administrative assistant resume will help you to avoid all the difficulties associated with compiling the first self-presentation. You can download a ready-made template and add personal information into standard fields. The main thing: do not copy a full document of the other author. If the employer will notice this, he may think that you are not serious about the vacancy.

The complexity of the specialty should not bother you. Any responsible and hardworking person can succeed in this position if one wants to. We hope that you will reach those astonishing heights on your career path. Good luck!


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