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Analytical thesis statement examples

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Profound analysis is one of the main competencies of a promising student, whether he studies technical or humanitarian disciplines. Success in many spheres of life is determined by the ability to objectively evaluate various phenomena, to formulate own ideas in statements which may be proved by reliable evidence. Are you looking for a good example of analytical thesis statement? It can be found in an essay describing a certain problem, innovative approaches or interesting facts. Also it is worth reading the papers analyzing movies, books and other works of art.

What is a thesis?

Each example of an analytical thesis statement is a short wording designed to express the author's point of view on a particular issue and to show his desire to prove himself right. The central idea is supported by arguments in the main part of the paper.

Often, only one (maximum 2-3) sentence is enough to formulate a perfect thesis. You must clearly and unequivocally express your thoughts so that readers will not be misled about your position.

If the subject is too broad, narrow it down as much as possible. This may be quite difficult if you have collected little information on the topic under consideration and do not know the specific nuances. It will be necessary to study more sources and choose the statement that really deserves attention. When the purpose of the research is clear, it is much easier to find suitable arguments and to draw the convincing conclusions.

Also, the distinguishing feature of good thesis statement for analytical essay examples is originality. There is no sense in carrying out the analysis of the book on the basis of quotations from the reviews of other authors. You have to bring something new and unusual to the scientific world. Then the examiners will single out your paper among many others.

When is it time to write a thesis?

Take into account that all duly written thesis statement examples for analytical essays have been compiled after a careful study of the research area. Experts do not recommend making any statements immediately after choosing a topic. It is likely that in the process of writing the text, you will have new interesting ideas which may be quite far from the original statement. It will be necessary to rephrase the wording several times.

Thus, first of all, you should study the materials on the topic, decide what idea you are going to defend, collect the convincing arguments in its support. Only after you know what sub-theses will be presented in the main part, they can be generalized in the introduction.


Since the formulation of the main idea is the "face" of the paper, it should be rechecked when the text is ready. Avoid meaningless phrases. Each good analytical paper thesis statement example contains no extra word. All arguments must be strictly subject to the thesis. If some facts seem to be detached, remove them or expand the central statement (of course, within reasonable limits: an essay should not cover several issues, 1 thesis = 1 paper).

Make sure that you did not deviate from the main vector. For example, your introduction contains the following thesis: "Technological progress positively influences the average life expectancy". It is inappropriate to describe the impact of technological progress on the psyche in such a research.

The accumulation of the reading experience will help you make important steps to the creation of own high-quality analytical theses. Just spend a little time practicing, and the teachers will be delighted by your works. Good luck!


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