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Article review example

It has been proven that drinking alcohol can lead to severe morbidity and mortality in cases of consumption and abuse by minors. In the case of…

Article Review

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The article I selected for the review is titled “Characterizing Positive and Negative Emotional Experiences in Young Adults with Borderline…

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The article is a quantitative assessment of the use of judicial doctrines in federal tax cases that trial courts decided between 1993 and 2006.…

Article Review

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Angry article review examples with spelling mistakes are a fine thing, but in order to argue with someone, you need to know how to write critical texts in accordance with current academic requirements. Such works obey some simple rules, and if they are met, your arguments will be accepted in any community.

Creativity and critical reviews

All the people in the world are divided into two categories: those who can create and those who can only criticize. In any case, such a situation exists for a long time.

Creative people:

  • can look from the different angles and invent something really new;
  • are confident in their rightness and uniqueness;
  • not always generate rational ideas that can be used in a real life;
  • are very sensitive to their research and are hostile to any criticism.


  • always know how exactly it was necessary to do something;
  • are ready to express their opinion, even if no one is interested in it;
  • sometimes, they use emotional manipulations to create a needed picture;
  • are able to give a general idea of the article to the reader.

Of course, these are only archaic images. Each "creator" or reviewer is not required to fully or, even partially comply with the description given. But coincidences happen frighteningly often. How not to become a template critic? Write the characteristics correctly!

How to write a review of a scientific article?

Each good example of article review consists of strictly defined parts. Their number and sequence should not be changed, as these are the norms established in scientific circles and you cannot do without them.

  1. Title of an article and the author's name. The main thing is accuracy here. Do not use any abbreviations. Otherwise, some readers may simply not understand what kind of material you consider.
  2. Description of the problem being analyzed in the studied paper. Thus, you will prove that you have read the article and correctly understood its essence.
  3. Relevance. Theory for the sake of theory is nice, but not in this case. At least some practical application of the material should be presented. It is even better to explain why the studies in this direction are the most promising right now.
  4. The important points touched upon by the author. Generalize the conclusions and facts relying on how you understood the text read.
  5. Recommendations. Here, you can give freedom to fantasy, depending on the quality of the work being criticized. But it's better not to go too far. Good examples of an article review are devoid of excessive subjectivity.
  6. Data of the author of the review: academic rank and degree, position and place of work, full name, a seal and a signature.

It is necessary to compose a paper properly not only to attract the attention. In reality, no one will even consider the bad example of an article review. And, of course, there is nothing to say about publications in serious editions.

How to write a review of a work of fiction and press?

So it happened that the articles are written not only by scientists. Therefore, you can often come across reviews of literary works or journal articles written by other authors. In this case:

  • Carefully read the source material.
  • Form your own attitude and clearly define a position on which you will build the further statements.
  • Choose the style in which you will write.
  • Make a rough plan and sketch a draft of your future creation.

Since this is more a matter of creativity, there are no clear recommendations in this regard. Many experts advise to adhere to this outline:

  1. A brief description of the material.
  2. Your feedback based on impressions.
  3. Critical analysis.
  4. Evaluation of a text. But it must necessarily be reasoned.

As in the case with scientific material, each journal article review example becomes better if the author identifies the main idea, indicates the relevance, gives recommendations. Only then, he can afford a little more freedom in terms of the emotional component.

Do not forget that the critic does not have to criticize everything - he only estimates. The estimation may be both negative and positive.

How to start writing critical reviews?

Beginners should start the practice from reviews of literary works. It is better to start with the classics or simply popular novels. Then you could compare your thoughts with the ideas of other people. When it is necessary to understand how to write an article review, an example composed by a professional critic is, perhaps, the best auxiliary tool. Thanks to the Internet, today, you can find hundreds and even thousands of such papers, including those from famous personalities.

The quality critical reviews were often written by people who, during their own lives, managed to leave a trace in one area or another. At a certain stage, they simply accumulated enough knowledge and skills to adequately assess, elevate or roast other authors' works.

And, of course, do not forget the recommendations given above. Many people do not even suspect that there are clear instructions that explain how to write a review. It seems that algorithms already exist for all spheres of our life, even for such a creative process. Get the most benefits out of them!


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