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While everyone thinks that artists are the most creative people that have little to do with the business world, in order to move forward with your schooling, exhibitions, or grants, you need to have a detailed and professional resume to show to the selection committees. Of course, self-presentation in such a formal structure of a curriculum vitae is not something natural for you since it doesn’t quite reflect the value of your artwork. We thought so too before we saw the most successful artist cv examples presented on this page. You can read them for free, too because we share all the information without any restrictions so that every aspiring artist can find something useful and present themselves appropriately.  As you will see by reading an example of artist cv, a good resume can really show who you are, even on a single piece of paper. Yes, we know that it is hard to believe because all the visual art is always better to evaluate in a gallery rather than reading about it in a CV. Nevertheless, it is fair to mention that another rule works regarding creative resumes bet, and that is - less is more. See, the most common mistake of emerging artists is trying to oversell themselves. In our examples, you will learn how to tell about your experience, even if it is little, with pride and dignity. As a result, people to whom you are sending out your CV will be glad to include your artwork to their collections, exhibitions, or invite you for a special artistic scholarship available only for the most talented ones.

Examples of artist cv

Right from the start, it may seem that your resume will look not so convincing because at the end of the day, what can you tell about your art? It is not like you have been employed somewhere and can state dates and responsibilities of an ordinary worker. You need to see our examples of artist cv in order to understand the specialties of formatting specifically for an artist’s resume. And we have to mention that you will be surprised how many ways of telling about your achievements are available. You can write about every part of your art experience without bragging or saying some other inappropriate details.

By reading examples of an artist cv, you will learn how to keep the structuring of your resume quite brief and concise while also telling all the necessary details in concentration about everything that you have been doing in the art world until now. There are different sections to fill out, as you will clearly see. For example, besides your brief history and relevant education list, you can mention some special courses and activities that required your own artistic view and skill. You can also mention public as well as private collections that own your artwork, including just people to whom you might have gifted some of your works. Besides that, there are also curatorial projects, art residencies, publications, and much more that you include in your artist CV. Come see our examples to understand how to put it all right.