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Bartender resume examples

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On the first sight, a bartender's profession may seem to be one of the simplest. In fact, it requires a lot of specific knowledge: from the ingredients of a huge variety of cocktails to the peculiarities of choosing suitable dishes and an impressive presentation of a drink to a client. We recommend applicants to use a bartender resume example while writing their own papers.


It is extremely important to formulate your expectations from work correctly. Employers usually do not take seriously those specialists who are ready for any job just to earn money. A professional bartender who has spent a lot of time training and self-improving will hardly work as a waiter or even a security guard at the entrance.

Good bartender resume objective examples contain a clear designation of the post and sometimes the desired working conditions. If you need only a night schedule, this should be indicated at the very beginning of your paper.

Professional skills

Emphasize the presence of a wide complex of professional skills: the knowledge of the exact proportions of cocktails, the ability to correctly decorate the table, to serve the customer quickly and efficiently or to create a real show from the process of drink preparation.

In addition, good resume examples for bartender contain the following points:

  • Work with objections.
  • Organization of labor and recreation of the unit.
  • Selection of personnel which corresponds to the values and standards of the organization professionally, externally, conceptually, etc.
  • Work with suppliers and guests of the establishment directed at optimization of the bar menu.
  • Training of colleagues who should work with the bar equipment to improve their skills.
  • In general, the effective management of an individual unit (bar counter), implementation of the plan, tasks and requirements prescribed by the management of the institution.


Employers like professionals who have a clear idea of ​​what should be done and in what direction to work in order for the bar counter to bring a constant profit and to become the main income source of the establishment. Describe the achievements received during the work at the cafe, night club of restaurant. It is desirable to provide figures (“increase in cocktails sales by 15%”).

It's even better if you held various management posts. Emphasize that you are able to minimize or avoid risks that may, albeit for a limited period of time, influence the performance or prestige of the establishment.

About yourself

The following personal qualities can adorn any example of bartender resume:

  • goodwill;
  • ability to communicate with different people;
  • it's no secret that drunken clients do not always behave politely, therefore, stress resistance and the ability to resolve disputes in a peaceful manner will be a huge plus;
  • honesty;
  • desire to work for results;
  • politeness;
  • charm.

We hope that soon you will receive an invitation to an interview from the most luxurious establishment in your city. Good luck!


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