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The design-built agreement between the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the Tacoma Narrows Constructors (TNC) was signed on…

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Adhikar was an NGO founded and headed by the same person for a very long period of time, and all main leadership functions have been performed by…

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Healthcare industry has undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years. The primary objectives behind these developments are to ensure and…

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Many benefits have to be provided to employees in a company to improve the hiring rate, especially in a competitive field. However, the employer…

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You often hear about case studies from business practice but did you know that they are also widely used in various sciences as an analysis method and a research design? Indeed, by learning a case study, the author performs a detailed and in-depth analysis of a certain problem or event. Most often, researchers present case studies on professional conferences, formal research venues, they type it in specific journals dedicated to the selected audience. A good case study example is a great method for streamlining your workflow if you have limited time for preparing a presentation or a paper with some certain case study analysis. Since professionals write case studies for a variety of disciplines ranging from psychology to political science, you might need some special example of a case study written especially for the field of knowledge that interests you in particular. Thankfully, we publish the widest range of case studies of any kind, and you have all chances to find the specific article about some special case study that interests you the most for now.

As you might already know it by the word “case” we can mean quite a bunch of things. It could be an individual, event, organization, practice or action. The only rule? It should really exist in a particular time and place, so make sure that you are going to talk only about some certain things that already happened or continue to happen, not about a future project, theory, or methodology that you only assume in this time and place. However, in a larger scientific context, what we mean by case study might also be treated as a research strategy that has a totally opposite meaning to the real-life events that we usually understand by case studies. So you have to be very attentive before writing a document with a case study analysis example because you necessarily have to mind the target audience for whom you prepare the report that you are currently working on.

Examples of a case study

Methodogical approaches on how to write a case study example are largely distinguished. In business practice, you absolutely need to get familiar first and foremost with “no theory first rule” before you create an outline and start writing your case study. There are also quite a few design methodologies associated with case study preparation like “gaps and holes” with a positivist approach and social construction of reality and anomalies identification proposed by scholars recently. If you don’t know anything about those methodologies, don’t get upset, they are quite easy to follow. The only thing that can stop you from doing it effectively is the theory-only kind of learning. That’s why we highly recommend you support your new knowledge with examples of a case study that represent the approaches that we talked about above. Just find the appropriate example made by a professional in your field and you will get the clear idea of what a really appealing case study for your audience looks like.

The most prominent researchers also identify three types of case studies depending on the way that you and present each case. Thus, you may choose between writing or speaking about outlier cases, key cases or local knowledge cases. To understand the difference between those types of cases, you might want to check out an example of case study that we support you with. Those frames of reference also identify which subject you choose for revealing in the case study so you need to be careful with those formats. By studying some examples in advance, you make sure that you perform everything in an appropriate manner perfectly acceptable for your target audience.