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College resume examples

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Have you just graduated from college? Is it time to find a job? Or do you want to combine labor activities with education? Many experienced specialists remember how difficult it was for them to write a competent resume, because most students have no experience and achievements in their specialty. And if a Cover Letter should be attached to this document, the task becomes even more complicated. How to write a self-presentation without work experience? How to interest an employer and get the desired position? To achieve these goals, you should read the college student resume examples and familiarize yourself with the basic requirements for such papers.

Follow the clear instructions for resume writing

If you want to succeed on the labor market, take into account the aspects listed below:

  • Do not hesitate to describe your advantages in detail. Many graduates underestimate their abilities. So do not be afraid to praise yourself (of course, if these praises are objective). All students have pre-diploma practice. Some of them pass internships. During such activities, you will necessarily acquire professional skills. The following points may be found in resume examples for college students: the ability to compile documents, to work with regulations, to organize teamwork and so on, depending on a specialization of a candidate.
  • An HR manager understands that you did not have time to make a record in the employment record book yet, but it will not be superfluous to show your activity. If you worked part time (albeit not in the specialty) while studying, participated in scientific conferences and seminars, have scientific publications, this should be mentioned. Responsible and creative employees are highly valued in any organization.
  • Do not write any unnecessary information. A good college student resume example should be brief and informative. Employers rarely spend time reading the multi-page memoirs. If you are an accountant, you do not need to indicate that you play the piano in professional skills section. Although it is permissible to specify this detail in the hobby section or to tell about it in person during an interview, if an employer asks such a question.
  • It is important to note: honesty is required from you. Freshman college student resume examples in which unbelievable talents and many years of experience are indicated usually cause suspicion. A recruiter can call an organization you indicated to ask whether you actually passed an internship there and what successes you have made. Deception will not speak in your favor.
  • You were not very active at the university, did not participate in the seminars and conferences? In this case, make an emphasis on your personal qualities: diligence, ability to learn large amounts of information, punctuality and quick mastery of new skills.
  • Professional abilities and character traits should be described briefly and separated by commas (it is also possible to list them in a column).
  • A paper can be based on the job resume examples for college students that are available on the Internet. You can take a ready-made template and fill it with the necessary information.
  • It is not recommended to write abbreviations that can be incomprehensible to an employer in the “education” section (especially if you are applying for a job in a different city where your college may be simply unknown). The name of the educational institution should be indicated in full. In addition, clearly state the years of beginning and completion of studies.
  • The “hobbies” section should not be too long. It's enough to indicate 2-3 of your favorite activities. In good resume examples for college students, they coincide with the desired post: the ability to cook is the optimal hobby for a graduate of a culinary college.
  • Be sure to include contact information, which an employer can use to call you for an interview.

After drawing up the document, it is important to carefully read it. Errors and misprints do not speak in your favor. They may indicate negligence and inattention of the applicant.

Do you want your paper to be viewed, and an employer to pay closer attention to you? In this case, it is also recommended to write a Cover Letter. College graduate resume examples are usually submitted to HR managers in pair with this document.

How to write a Cover Letter?

The main task of such a letter is to draw a recruiter’s attention to the resume so that he will wish to read it. Pay attention to the following details:

  • Polite and official phrases. Do not use language that does not match the business style.
  • Specify the source of information from which you learned about the vacant position (for example, from the HR manager).
  • A few sentences about you and your intention to work in this company. Please, note: do not retell your resume! Just indicate the qualities and achievements that most favorably distinguish you from competitors. Point out that you are attracted by the prospect of working and developing in a team of professionals.
  • Do not write about your ambitions regarding other companies, in other words, that work in the company attracts you only by an opportunity of further career advancement. Such judgments frighten the recruiters.
  • There is no place for banalities in your paper! Stress-resistance and communication skills are popular phrases that may be found in almost each college resume example or Cover Letter. An employer may simply not pay attention to them. And in some cases, such patterns can even cause irritation.

Thus, a competently compiled resume and Cover Letter are your opportunity to occupy an interesting position with the prospects of further advancement on a career ladder. Do not think that without experience, your written presentation will be short and boring. Many college graduates have no idea about their potential and skills, as well as about what they learned during the years of attending lectures and practical work.

Advantageously including information in the resume sections, you may cause an interest of an employer who will necessarily invite you to an interview. Do not forget about a neat appearance and formal style of clothes which will position you as a responsible employee who is familiar with the basic rules of a company’s dress code. Confidence and a benevolent tone should also become your constant companions at the job interviews. Good luck!


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