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Comparative essay example

The world history holds glory and fate of many great figures who have left their imprint on the history of their countries, and these people are…

Comparative Essay

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One of the methods widely used in literary science is a comparative analysis. From the point of view of formal logic, any comparison is an action aimed at establishing the signs of similarity or difference of two or more comparable events, phenomena. The sages believed that if a person knows only one thing, in fact, he knows nothing. There is a wise saying: "If you want to know the Greeks and Romans, look at the English and French." Based on the principle of comparison, Plato, Aristotle, Polybius, Titus Lucretius Carus, Machiavelli, Montesquieu, Marx, Engels, and others built their typologies of political regimes, power structures, forms of government, and so on. Do you also want to learn how to write as convincingly as the great writers and politicians of all times? Then you should study good comparative analysis essay examples.

Features of a comparative analysis

A comparative analysis makes it possible to consider specific phenomena taking into account various historical and social preconditions, involves the use of variables of a rather complex level that can be studied in comparison. Such researches require the comparison of parameters against a background of real or analytical uniformity in order to identify factors that cause differences.

The objects of comparative analysis are, as a rule, various material things, individuals, events, processes, structures, functions, state institutions. In fact, there are a lot of options. Comparison can be conducted in any sphere. The author is free to compare a wide variety of things which should be linked by some classification. Within it, they will be considered similar or different. Therefore, it is very important to select a comparative analysis essay example that will match your area of ​​study.

The methodology of carrying out a comparative analysis includes:

  • collecting and describing facts on the basis of carefully designed classification schemes;
  • describing identity and differences;
  • formulating a relationship between the elements of a particular process, phenomena in the form of experimental hypotheses;
  • verifying test hypotheses to develop original ideas;
  • gathering facts confirming a fundamental hypotheses of an essay.

The most important task of a comparative analysis is the collection and compilation of data that require a well-formed logical system. If such a scheme cannot be created for some reason (for example, due to undeveloped methodological tools, a lack of theoretical basis), it is possible to create a trial scheme that takes into account the interdependence between some of the most significant aspects of the objects under study, various secondary factors that affect them.

The advantages of comparative analysis are unquestionable. Its use makes it possible to identify common parameters, patterns of various phenomena, to fully disclose specific tools for achieving the set goals, which greatly facilitates the introduction of positive results to practice.

At the same time, the comparison is very ambiguous. Remember that it is unreasonable to divide the world into black and white. Having ascertained that one object is better than another according to certain parameters, you cannot consider them as absolute evil and absolute good. Each phenomenon has advantages and disadvantages. So, when making a choice in favor of a particular option, indicate on which criteria the comparison is based.

Why is it useful to read comparative essay examples?

At first glance, such tasks bring no difficulties. The purpose of such an academic paper is quite clear. It’s just necessary to take a pen and start writing. However, in practice, the creation of quality paper is connected with a variety of obstacles.

First of all, young people need to study the enormous amount of information to thoroughly understand the field of research. For example, to compare several literary works, you need to read each of them and conduct a large-scale study. Fortunately, there is a great way to save energy and precious time.

Example of a comparative essay is a ready answer which should not be searched for in voluminous memoirs. There is no need to read both books to get acquainted with their main characters. A sample paper is a brief characteristic presented in the direction that you need, that is, in a form of comparison and not a banal retelling of the plots of two books.

Even if you are well acquainted with the objects of research, not always it may be clear what factors should be pushed to the fore. Just sharing everything that you know, you run the risk of overloading the work with unnecessary facts. Why should teachers read such an essay if they can familiarize themselves with the original work?

It’s worth considering comparative essay outline example to find out what structure the work should have. You will understand the sequence of research, see in what order experienced authors state the facts, how much text is devoted to each section. All this will help you make a presentation of your own opinion truly convincing.

Pay special attention to a comparative essay example introduction. This part influences a reader's desire to read the whole text. You should master writing hooks for comparative essays (bright and bold statements revealing the position of the author) and questions that create an intrigue.

The main part usually contains a description of each object, their comparison on a number of factors, a description of similar and different features. In conclusion, it is worth pointing what decision you made. For example, if you compared two political systems, write which of them is better based on specific evaluation criteria.

A typical mistake of many novice authors is that they simply state the material without any emotion and interaction with an audience. Professionals take into account the distinguishing features of the intended readers and try to involve them in their research, to get them to participate in their reflections. Remember that passive observers quickly begin to feel bored. Only by reading quality essays and comprehending other people's skills, you will be able to master the tools of a first-class essayist.

So read as much as possible. Gain experience and valuable information. Over time, you will know how to write a comparative essay example which other students will admire praising your talent. Be diligent, patient, and you will certainly become a great author.


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