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Compare and contrast essay examples

Supply chain management entails designing and managing seamless, value-added processes across organizational limits to satisfy the needs of the…

Compare and Contrast essay

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Democracy is defined as the rule of people and by the people themselves which in modern realities is realized through the election…

Compare and Contrast essay

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The literary means of artistic presentation are diverse and numerous. Contrast and comparison are among the main ones. Their skilful use will make your paper really convincing, memorable and unique. If you do not know how to start a compare and contrast essay, an example of such a text written by an experienced author may become a helpful tool. There are many works like that in free access because the genre is rather popular.

Comparison and contrast

In order to understand the role of these popular means of artistic presentation, it is necessary to consider them separately.

In a broad sense, a comparison is the consideration of several phenomena on a common basis. The main author's goal is to single out certain important factors in order to establish similarities or differences.

Contrast is the opposition of certain concepts in a literary work. Its use is various. In compare and contrast essay examples for college students, it can be found between images and words, between characters and compositional elements. The main purpose of such an expressive technique is an emotional impact on a reader. For this reason, contrast is considered to be one of the most effective techniques in creating a needed mood. It forms a memorable and vivid image in the works of art and academic papers.

Secrets of quality compare and contrast essays

So, you found several texts written by other authors. Let's talk about what you should pay attention to in order to learn how to write high-quality works of such a plan.

Relevant idea

First of all, it is necessary to identify a writer’s goal which may be found in each compare and contrast essay introduction example. Academic works attract the attention of an audience if they promote really relevant ideas. If you want to compare apples to oranges in your paper, it will not cause such an effect as a comparison of political systems, methods of combating poverty or overpopulation, global strategies that affect the whole humanity. Always think about the benefits that your text will bring to a reader, whether or not he will learn something useful from it.

Description of the objects under consideration

At the initial stage, each example of a compare and contrast essay consists of a list of common and discrepant features of the subjects, phenomena or personalities under consideration. Experienced authors do not use a large number of characteristics - only the most important features. These are the arguments that should be directly related to the central idea.

For example, an author compares a motorcycle with a car. In the draft version of the paper, he writes that it is about two types of vehicles which are quite fast, do not require applying physical efforts (as, for example, a bicycle), and in both cases, a driver should receive a license. These are the factors of similarity.

Further, the author may write about the fact that a car is safer than a motorcycle. It can be left on the road without additional security means. However, it requires larger expenses for fuel and technical equipment. At the same time, a motorcycle is cheaper and does not require much space. These are the factors of difference.

Formulation of a thesis

Based on the characteristics of the subjects under consideration, an author can compose a huge number of theses. For example, "The car is safer than a motorcycle" or "A motorcycle is a more economical vehicle than a car." When assessing a compare and contrast essay example, you should evaluate whether a thesis stated in the introduction corresponds to the characteristics described in the main part. If an author compares vehicles by the criterion of their economy but writes about the aesthetics of design, his work is completely meaningless.

Outline of argumentation

Considering a compare and contrast essay outline example in each new text, you can notice that a scheme of argumentation differs from one paper to another. There are several ways to substantiate your own point of view, you should study their classification in order to understand what method is a better choice in a particular case.

  1. A separate description of each subject. For example, if you compare tourism in Italy and France, then first you should write only about Italy, list all the features, advantages and disadvantages of this country. Then the same should be done for France. This method is used when a reader should get a complete picture of the considered phenomena. But the problem is that the contrasts and comparisons are not obvious. To compare several subjects, a writer has to list their features again in a separate section.
  2. To ensure clarity of proves, it is better to consider each factor consistently. For example, first, you write about the prices for accommodation in hotels in Italy and France, provide a mini-conclusion about where it is cheaper to live. Then you can proceed to the sights and decide where they are more interesting and numerous. The reader immediately understands why the author supplies him with certain information, receives the ready answers. The text does not turn into a mere enumeration of facts not connected by a common idea.
  3. In the third case, you can first list all the similar features and then proceed to the differences. This structure is the most popular. It provides an author with the shortest path to the goal.

Persuasive conclusion

After the argumentation is organized according to one of the methods listed above, you will only need to study a good compare and contrast essay conclusion example in order to understand how to put the final point in your text. The content of the last paragraph is similar to the introduction. The author repeats the idea stated in the beginning but provides more information, draws a reader's attention to the fact that he managed to prove the thesis.

Try to gather the essence of all previously stated thoughts and present them in a concise form. Even studying a short text, a reader can forget how it started when he comes to a finale. So moderate repeated mentioning of especially important details will not be perceived as a tautology.

Use the abovementioned tips, read the works of experienced authors and over time, you will develop writing skills and own unique style that will delight teachers. Good luck!


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