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Creative writing essay examples

Public art phenomenon has proven to be an essential part of contemporary culture and society. There are numerous forms of public art which have been…

Creative Writing Essay

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All examples of a creative writing essay have a common feature that distinguishes them from analytical and persuasive academic papers: complete freedom in expressing thoughts, open-minded character of the text. Such texts are classified as narrative stories which have many common features with novels. To write a quality work, you need to revive a reader's imagination, make him see the described picture in the brightest colors.

The purpose of an essay

Each good example of a creative writing essay is based on an exciting story. It should not only interest the audience but also lead the people to some conclusion. It makes no sense to use the most sophisticated descriptive techniques if you are striving only to delight the reader's imagination. It's also necessary to convey important knowledge.

Topics of creative writing essays

Considering the topics of the college student creative writing essay examples, you will certainly notice that the authors touch upon the most diverse spheres and situations of human life. Indeed, you can describe exactly what you are interested in. Here are several popular options:

  • Share own experience with a reader if it has influenced your worldview.
  • Write about the end of the world with a touching love story which unfolds in the background.
  • Describe a courageous hero who has made changes in the life of the society or accomplished a high goal owing to his moral ideals.
  • Stories with elements of science fiction are very popular today. For example, a description of the future where all living things are controlled by technology may be quite fascinating.
  • Focus on something without which you cannot live: a hobby, relatives, a beloved friend or a pet.
  • What would you do after becoming invisible or getting into a body of another person?

Each creative writing college essay example is not just a useful instruction, but also a new unique world, in which you will be pleased to immerse yourself while reading. Over time, you will start creating your own masterpieces. Good luck!


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