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Deductive essay example

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The modern educational program is aimed at providing students not only with skills and knowledge but also with tools for using them. Logical thinking, the ability to draw the right conclusions and to quickly make decisions is highly valued in any sphere of human activity. Therefore, special attention is paid to a development of analytical abilities. Various written assignments serve to this purpose. Young people do not always understand how to perform them correctly. But studying the examples of deductive essay papers will eliminate many questions.

What deduction is?

Deduction is an analysis in which a transition from general facts and positions to individual conclusions is carried out, a reasoning is directed from the wide to the narrow concepts, a derivation of separate principles from common rules is performed.

Deduction is opposite to induction. If the inductive method proceeds from the private to the general, then the deductive method is built on the reverse principles: from the general to the particular.

The value of the deduction is as great as the significance of the induction. It can be said that, in one way or another, any inductive reasoning appeals to deduction and, conversely, to some extent, each deductive research is justified by inductive means.

Essay writing

You may notice that each example of a deductive essay has a clear structure which makes a paper well organized, accurate and informative. It is recommended to use the following plan:

  1. Introduction with the main idea. Come up with a catchy hook and an intriguing thesis which will attract the attention of a reader.
  2. Main part. Imagine that the knowledge you convey is a present which an audience will receive at the end of the paper. Each argument should remove one layer of wrapping from the box. Short deductive essay examples typically contain three body statements (1 paragraph for each).
  3. Conclusion should summarize your work, recall the main idea and put a final point.

At first, it may be difficult for you to choose a topic, to find evidence, to build a convincing logical chain. But gaining the reading and writing experience, you will make greater progress and finally create an amazing essay. Good luck!