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Engineering resume examples

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The profession of an engineer of any profile requires a higher or special secondary education and previous work experience, as well as skills in this field of activity. Since these specialists are entrusted with a great responsibility, employers are especially attentive to their hiring. To compile a good written self-presentation and impress a HR manager, you should read professional engineering resume examples.

Features of the profession

Here is the list of the main duties of the engineers:

  • maintenance of safe operation of all types of equipment and machinery during a production process;
  • reporting on labor protection;
  • preparing the regulatory documentation;
  • periodical inspections of the working equipment;
  • collecting and studying analytical information and technical data;
  • performing calculations;
  • support of the implementation of established requirements at the workplace;
  • stimulation of the work of the entire organization.

The content of the engineering resume example largely depends on the candidate's specialization. A wide range of labor activities implies the use of the following classification:

  • Engineer-constructor develops and implements the modern technological constructions and individual parts.
  • Estimating engineer checks and calculates the expenses of work, discusses the cost of performing various construction, installation and technical tasks.
  • Mechanical engineering resume examples are written by masters of machine design and operation intended for a wide variety of activities.
  • The work of a construction engineer is limited to the design of a variety of buildings, roads, bridges and any other infrastructure objects.
  • A designer develops and promotes project plans, referring to the latest scientific and technological discoveries in the sphere of design and facility construction.
  • The task of an energy engineer is to design and develop, configure and install industrial equipment.
  • Electrical engineering resume examples may be used by candidates who are able to repair electrical equipment and networks.
  • A production-technical department engineer is a person who controls the execution of construction operations on the site, checks their volume and quality.
  • An automated control system engineer projects and introduces new technologies, referring to a set of newest mathematical methods of processing and transferring information. He needs to know perfectly how the system of the enterprise is structured, and how it needs to be managed.
  • The industrial civil engineering specialist has an extremely wide range of responsibilities. Such employees work in the areas of design, construction, operation and reconstruction of industrial, civil facilities.
  • Software engineering resume examples are intended for specialists who plan to work with computer programs and to create system code.
  • A technical engineer performs the following tasks: control over the implementation of the adopted design decisions and the documentation required for this, compiling the production schedule.
  • A service engineer's job is to be a high-quality specialist in repair and maintenance of a wide range of technical equipment, from a phone to a kitchen refrigerator. This master can work either with one particular type of electronics or with several at once.

Regardless of the specialty, good engineering resume examples indicate such strong and useful personal qualities as:

  • attentiveness;
  • responsibility;
  • self-control and restraint;
  • endurance and patience;
  • ingenuity and originality.

Recommendations for resume writing

It is worth remembering that a description of the characteristics and biography of an applicant constitute a document. That is why there are certain requirements for its design and scope.

The first rule that must be observed is the volume of the paper – 1-2 sheets of standard office paper. It is important to place key information at the very beginning of the text. Look through the engineering resume summary examples to find out how to do it right.

The orderly documents are always formatted in one font (except for the headings which should be highlighted). It is desirable to use a Times New Roman or Arial of the 12th size. For the convenience of reading, each section should be separated from the previous one.

You will also need to pay attention to grammar. A resume full of mistakes has no chances for success. As for the writing style, the document should be composed in a plain language, but not too primitive.

Qualitative resume examples for engineering specialties have the following properties:

  • brevity;
  • concreteness;
  • purposefulness;
  • clarity of the presentation of thoughts;
  • honesty;
  • literacy.

The resume should contain the following elements:

  1. The title, which should consist of the word "Summary" and the name of the candidate.
  2. Purpose of the document. This section lists all the positions you are applying for.
  3. Contact information. Here you must write your e-mail, phone number and address.
  4. Education. It is a leading section of engineering resume examples for students who have no practical work experience. Indicate dates of studies in reverse chronological order. An important point is successful passing of the major courses.
  5. Labor experience also should be presented in reverse chronological order. Opposite the place and time of work, it is necessary to indicate the position held and the functions that were assigned to you. Emphasis should be placed on professional achievements. Graduates indicate places of work practice and internships. If a person has a long labor record, there is no need to indicate all the places of the previous work. It is enough to describe 3-5 of them for a period not exceeding ten years.
  6. Additional skills - the abilities that are not directly related to the range of duties of a particular post. This may be a valid driving license or a membership in a trade union organization, an advanced level of usage of a personal computer, operating systems and programs with which the candidate worked. It’s also worth indicating the level of knowledge of foreign languages.
  7. Hobbies or awards for public activities.
  8. The last section of the resume is dedicated to information on the possibility of providing recommendations. Often applicants simply omit this item. However, it is an opportunity to stand out among the other contenders. It is not necessary to include a specific list of references in document. It may be shown to an employer at an interview.
  9. At the end of the resume, the date of its compilation and the signature of the candidate must be indicated.

All you need now is to have patience, look through some resume samples and actively send your own document to the different companies. The result will not make you wait long: soon you will receive the job of your dream. Good luck!


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