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Entry-level resume examples

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Undoubtedly, work experience gives significant advantages when it comes to employment, but its lack is not an obstacle. Even without the necessary professional background, you have personal qualities that determine your potential success, fresh ideas, novelty of views, readiness and desire to develop. This is the basis on which professionalism is built. Therefore, you already have everything you need. Reading resume examples for entry-level and following the simple recommendations will allow you to present yourself to the employer competently.

Strong objective

A powerful message should be addressed to the employer right at the beginning of the document. Consider the entry-level resume objective examples to find out how to formulate your thoughts convincingly.

Do not distort the reality trying to impress the HR manager. Do not pretend to be a superman. Anyway, no one will believe in an ideal image. Do not promise to increase the company's profits by 200% in one week, if you have no idea how to achieve this result.

Write about what you really want from an open position, what prompted you to send a resume to a particular company, what you are going to do as its employee. Mention the desire to work on the specialty received at the university. Explain the reasons for your interest. The recruiter should know that your goals coincide with his own. Such phrases as "My goal is to develop in a stable company by doing (key responsibilities)" are often met in great entry-level resume examples.

It is undesirable to bring money to the fore ("I need this job to buy necessities"), as well as to show the inflated ambitions ("I need experience to get a post at a more serious firm"). These objectives are exaggerated, but they give a clear understanding of what confuses employers.

No extremes

When writing a resume, it is important to avoid two extremes, which often play a cruel joke with candidates.

The first extreme is excessive brevity. Underestimation of own qualities and abilities, an open position "I do not know anything" is unlikely to convince the employer of your importance. Applicants do not suspect how much they can tell about themselves, even without proper experience.

HR managers seek for graduates due to their energy, quick learning ability, flexibility. Coming to a company, experienced specialists often refuse to learn something new, because they already "know everything". In many aspects, you will look much better on their background.

The second extreme is mentioning the unnecessary data which has nothing to do with the claimed position. The information about courses of landscape design is excessive if we are talking about an example of entry-level resume for accountant's position, because it does not give grounds for characterizing a specialist.

In the same way, if you compile a paper for the "assistant lawyer" position, the words "I love to cook" indicated in the "Additional skills" section are unlikely to speed up your employment.

All these errors are the result of the fact that some entry-level job resume examples are written in isolation from the company's activities and the requirements of the HR manager. Therefore, pay attention to this nuance when choosing sample papers.

Experience as it is

Where is the golden mean between the two extremes? It's best of all to indicate the experience, knowledge, skills that you have gained during your education. What could it be? Good entry-level resume examples for college students contain the information about the educational practice, events organized by the applicant, participation or even getting prizes at contests, conferences, Olympiads and individual highly specialized knowledge.

If the topic of your thesis is related to the company's activities, it makes sense to mention about it. Do not forget about all other achievements directly related to the future work. When being honest, you form a trusting relationship with the employer, which will be very useful in the future.

Enthusiasm compensates for the lack of experience

Of course, there are situations when, right after graduation, the applicant cannot boast of even a minimum of work experience. Some resume summary examples for entry level contain nothing more but education. Even this is not a reason to fall into despair. Personal qualities and desire to work compensate for the temporary lack of professional skills.

Professional skills are what you can do. Personal qualities are the features of your personality with the potential capabilities. They should correspond to the requirements of the vacancy.

Here are the personal qualities which adorn any resume example for an entry-level position: purposefulness and perseverance, the ability to think analytically, to communicate with different people, to quickly make decisions in a stressful situation, to perform work on time, etc.

Cover Letter

One of the most common mistakes, besides extremes, is an improperly composed Cover Letter, which, at first glance, seems to a plea "Please, hire me." It is worth showing that the company will only benefit from the fact that such a responsible and talented employee will appear in its ranks.

Often, novice professionals turn to the recruiter with a request to gain experience. As it was written above, such an objective is a bad option. The employer will not accept job seekers who are not interested in the work. He does not intend to spend time and resources on training a person who just wants to increase a professional level and to go to a more attractive place, where he was not accepted due to the lack of experience before.

Write a resume for a specific post and organization

People always want to create something universal which may be used an infinite number of times. It's not a secret that each of us is a bit lazy. But if you want to succeed in the labor market, do not send the same paper to 20 companies. The best way to please an HR manager is to show that you wrote a self-presentation exactly for his organization.

Do not indicate the position as "student" or ask the employer to take you "somewhere". Good resume title examples for entry level contain the name of the vacancy. Clearly specify a vector - one or two posts neighboring in desired field of activity (for example, bartender, bartender's assistant).

Everyone has to start a career. The main thing is to take the first step. Be patient and attentive to details, and the dream job will soon appear in your life. Good luck!


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