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Exploratory essay examples

Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a psychiatric illness which predominates over other mental diseases around the globe. Various risk factors…

Exploratory Essay

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Alternative medicine, known to some as fringe medicine, refers to medical practices that are often unproven or show great difficulty in proving and…

Exploratory Essay

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Exploratory papers differ from other essay sub-genres by the lack of thesis and arguments. You do not have to argue and prove anything. Your task is to find facts on the topic and present them to the attention of a reader. Prepare for an adventure. Feel like you're a detective who gathers evidence on a case. Composing such a paper is really a very fascinating and exciting activity, as you will learn a lot of new interesting information.

This assignment does not involve any difficulties. After viewing a good exploratory essay example, it becomes clear that an author only needs to show diligence, carefully investigate a chosen topic and bring the text into an easily readable form.

It is worth considering the opposite points of view to make the text convincing. For example, if an essay is about cars, you can write that transport makes our life much easier but pollutes the air. Do not forget to indicate references to all used information sources (scientific studies, media, Internet, etc.)

Choice of a topic

The topic should be relevant and controversial. Your task is not to simply present the known facts but to encourage a reader to reflect, to help him form a certain point of view. Good sources of inspiration are newspapers and informational websites where topical issues are discussed.

Think whether the central concept of your essay affects the basic human needs. For example, the problems of global warming, overpopulation, genetically modified products influence the present well-being and the future of the human race. You can also write about the problems of education, religion, political regimes, unemployment, etc. There are always many contradictions and a struggle of opinions in these areas.

Questions for an exploratory essay

The goal of any example of an exploratory essay is to answer a question that is of concern to the general public. Here are the most popular options:

  • Are the considered facts truthful?
  • What is the meaning of the main topic of the essay?
  • How important is it? What will be the benefit of its research?
  • What are the causes of a particular phenomenon?
  • What actions should be taken to improve the situation?

Structure of an exploratory essay

The standard plan of the example exploratory essay consists of three blocks:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main part.
  3. Conclusion.

All of them perform specific functions and are equally important.

In the first paragraph, it is worth shedding some light on the topic under study, substantiating its relevance, telling the examiner what he will read about and what for. Good exploratory essay introduction examples can grab the attention of an audience, create an intrigue and make people read the text to the end. The first part should be short (no more than 3-4 sentences). You can use a well-known quote or a reference to a reliable scientific source.

The main part of the essay is devoted to a consideration of various theories on the topic, the opposing opinions of experts. You should provide information confirming and refuting the thesis. Use examples from life, statistical information - everything that will help to create the complete and colorful picture. Considering some phenomenon, mention the people involved in it, the time of occurrence of important events, the trends in the development of the issue.

The final paragraph should be exhaustive and brief. Its task is to put the final point in the work. It is worth returning to the content of the introduction. Repeat the main problem, key points of view, the reasons for the formation of the current situation, various approaches to its improvement.

Considering an example of exploratory essay conclusion, you may notice that an author calls upon the readers to draw their own conclusion. This method is used due to the fact that there is no acute need to defend own point of view. You may act as a provider of information who does not claim to know the indisputable truth.

Using qualitative examples and the abovementioned tips, you will succeed on the academic path. Good luck!


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