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Informal essay examples

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Writing an informal paper will allow you to relax and enjoy your creativity. Forget about rigid limits and strict requirements. Comparing an example of a formal essay and informal essay, you will notice that in the second case, the author expresses his thoughts more freely, uses non-standard phrases, original writing style. Of course, such work can be persuasive and include a large number of arguments. But they will be present in the text only if you want it.

How to write an informal essay?

Despite the fact that you should compose a paper in a free style, it still will be assessed by teachers guided by some criteria. So let's consider the most significant nuances inherent to good informal essay examples for high school:

  • It is allowed to express thoughts in such a way as you communicate with friends, to use humor and even sarcasm. Naturally, it is important to adhere to a reasonable measure. Provocative statements and insults are unlikely to be approved. When writing a text, it is worth remembering who will be your audience. If these are elderly professors who are not familiar with youth slang, for God's sake, have pity on them.
  • As for jokes, they do not have to turn the work into an anecdote. In addition, humor should be rejected if you are going to consider serious examples of informal essay topics.
  • Do not make your sarcasm too abstruse. Readers should understand what you mean. Otherwise, your words will seem strange and meaningless. If, during a lively conversation, it is easier for the interlocutor to notice a sarcastic tone, then a writer needs great mastery to convey it.
  • It is also important to create a personal contact with an audience. Lively manner and frankness distinguish the informal works from other sub-genres of essays. Experts recommend using the words "I" and "you".
  • Each informal essay example may be characterized by a greater degree of sincerity and openness than argumentative, exploratory, definition and other more "official" papers. In an essay on social inequality, you may not just list historical facts and theories of famous personalities but also express your own opinion. All arguments should pass through the lens of your perception. The reader should feel that you are keeping a conversation with him.
  • It is necessary to show originality to create a good impression.

Structure of an essay

Despite the fact that there are no strict requirements for the structure, experts advise adhering to a standard plan, at least for reasons of convenience. In each classical example of informal essay writing, the information is distributed into the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion.

The first paragraph should contain a thesis that reveals the task of the work, your main idea. The next few paragraphs should be dedicated to your observations, description of personal impressions. Try to bring the reader to small conclusions on each of the issues under consideration. In the final part, it is worth summarizing all presented thoughts. If you shared personal experience, tell what lesson you have learned owing to a certain situation. If you were considering some public problem, write how it can be solved according to your opinion.

The work should acquire a finished form. After reading the conclusion, a reader should feel satisfaction, and a full understanding of the information message that was formulated as a thesis in the introduction.