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Internship resume examples

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Successful admission to an internship is a serious step towards getting a good job right after graduating from a university. Therefore, reasonable students look for a place to gain experience in advance. The duly compiled internship resume example may be used to draw up a general idea of the features of a qualitative self-presentation. There are a huge number of options on the Internet. It will not be difficult to find a paper that corresponds to your specialty. Be prepared for tough competition. Large companies receive a huge number of applications from inexperienced specialists. Follow the recommendations below to make your resume really impressive and to attract the attention of a potential employer.

Personal information

Each good self-presentation should begin with an answer to the question: “Who exactly are you?” Indicate the name and surname, place of birth and residence, age (or date of birth). It is not obligatory to write about marital status, because employers understand that most students are not married and have no children.


All good internship resume objective examples may be characterized as very specific and informative. They describe what a candidate expects from an organization and what benefit he may bring.

It is important to indicate not only a position you are looking for but also to focus an employer's attention on a desired work schedule. If you have several free months in the summer, it will be possible to work full-time. In other cases, specify the second half of the day or other suitable regime. Maybe you are ready to work with a flexible schedule? In any case, this information is important for the employer.

Education and skills

Self-presentation should be divided into sections. As a rule, education and skills are described separately. However, students cannot afford this, so these two blocks usually complement each other in resume examples for internship.

You can inform the employer about your incomplete higher education and the fulfillment of some practical tasks assigned by a teacher. By the way, many young people do not pay much attention to such nuances. It is a big mistake.

Did you participate in assembling complex equipment, helped a mentor in the implementation of an advanced chemical experiment? Be sure to mention such an experience. This is a much more effective way than leaving the "Skills" section empty and creating the impression that you do not know how to do at least something connected with your specialty.

When it comes to self-presentation of people with experience, it is recommended not to specify detached jobs in order not to clutter up a beautiful picture of movement along the career ladder in a certain profession.

But this advice is not relevant if we are talking about internship resume skills examples. On the contrary, let the employer know that you already performed some duties, even if you were a janitor and worked part-time, or if you held the post of cloakroom attendant which doesn’t require any special knowledge.

The very fact that young people strive to earn money on their own and not to abuse the kindness of their parents characterizes them as responsible and independent personalities. History knows millionaires who began their working path as cashiers at McDonald's.

By the way, students are good at computer technology (and yes, their activities are not always connected with gaming). Information about attending special courses can adorn any example of a resume for internship. If you are a confident user of office programs, this will immediately put you on an equal footing with many employees who are close to retirement. You can use a computer freely and much faster, while they spend a lot of time for simple operations. Be sure to mention this when writing a self-presentation.

Show enthusiasm

What can you do to occupy an interesting and highly paid post? Unfortunately, even the best resume for internship examples will not help you become a director of a huge holding without a single record in an employment record book.

Be prepared for the fact that you will have to carry out small, insignificant assignments until a desired level of proficiency will be reached. Demonstrate willingness to do different things: to decrypt dictaphone records in an editorial office, to wash autos in a car service. Yes, this is not the most interesting work that involves little creativity. But you will observe the actions of colleagues whose positions you like.

Although the lack of experience and naivety are usually perceived as flaws, remember that they can also become your advantages. Young professionals are mainly appreciated for the abundance of energy, their willingness to follow collective values, belief in a beautiful, bright future for the whole company. You can become a breath of fresh wind in a bureaucratic office where employees come solely for making money and not for enjoying labor activities.

Personal qualities

While you do not have professional skills, the maximum attention should be given to this block. Its main purpose is to convince the employer that, at least, there will be no problems with you, and if things go well, he will have a valuable employee. The future boss was also a student once. He knows very well that young people may be quite troublesome and sometimes irresponsible. Try to convince him that you’re not one of them.

Punctuality, the absence of bad habits and an active lifestyle, high level of personal initiative, diligence - these qualities are often present in good internship resume examples for college students. Sports also may play a positive role as physical activities tend to discipline a person very much.

Individual approach

Each resume should be "adjusted" for a specific employer or position. Trying to compile a universal paper for all occasions is a big mistake. It is worth not wondering then why HR managers do not call you back.

Read the vacancy description carefully and place an emphasis on the qualities that are important for a recruiter. It is also recommended to attach a Cover Letter to your resume. A full set of documents will show your serious attitude towards a job search.

We hope that sample papers will help you to come closer to your goal. The post of your dream is not as far as it may seem. The most important thing is to take the first step. After gaining practical knowledge, employers will look at you with greater respect, because resume with internship experience examples are much more convincing. Good luck!


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