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IT resume examples

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Resume is a document with a standard form and content. But, despite this, each industry has its own peculiarities of compiling a written self-presentation. If you want to succeed on the labor market, it is necessary to know what the recruiters pay attention to when looking for a specialist in the IT field. You can get useful information from the IT professional resume examples and recommendations below.

Volume and content of a resume

What to mention in the paper? How to present your achievements competently? The document of what volume most likely will be read to the end? Suppose that you have many merits. Do not stretch them for ten pages. The recruiter may get an impression that you have some problems with the clear formulation and structuring of information. But you do not need to shorten the working biography too much.

Describe your area of responsibility, examples of successful work. Reading the IT project manager resume examples, you will see that they mainly describe the achievements from the last place of work, despite the fact that the specialist can reach a leading position only after passing a long career path. It is unlikely that an employer will be very interested in what you have been doing several positions ago.

Do not add excessive information that puts you in a bad position. It is better to mention at an interview that you have minimum skills in a particular program than to state this boldly in the resume. If you lack knowledge or have a poor understanding of something, do not write about it at all. In such cases, silence is not a lie.

Technologies and skills

The most important thing is to indicate the main technologies and tools with which you are able to work. Of course, briefness and modesty are good qualities. But they will not help you in this case. Mention all the important tasks, technologies and programming languages which you faced. A good IT resume example should be detailed and informative.

Often, even in vacancies with the same title of the post (for example, "C++ Developer") in the same company, the possession of different tools and additional technologies may be required. The fact is that different teams deal with different tasks. A specific tool can be popular in each team, and your mastery in some narrow sphere may attract attention.

When it comes to leading positions, of course, the list of competences expands significantly. In the IT director resume examples, you may find information on techniques of management, forecasting of probable prospects and development of the long-term strategies. Such employees not only need to know everything about IT. They also have to lead the personnel to the global goal. Such leadership it is a special art, and from your self-presentation, an HR manager should learn whether you mastered it well.

Code examples

The second, but not less important point: you must definitely refer to specific projects and upload the parts of a code to the open sources. This is a trend of modern hiring in the IT industry: projects and code examples save the employers’ time and allow technical specialists to speak more specifically at interviews. The manager will ask about your experience anyway, so it's worthwhile to take care of this detail in advance.

In addition, the opportunity to see your previous work often helps to avoid test tasks. Then a recruiter will just talk about your projects. Thus, IT resume objective examples not only provide information about candidates but also demonstrate real evidence.

Open source projects

Do not be afraid to mention about your participation in open source projects. Even if you just pointed out a mistake, acted not as a developer, but as a tester, translator, or just gave advice on using a product in your blog, anyway, this will be a plus. One of the advantages of an open project is the ability to fully display your code without violating the company's rules.

In addition, it is an extremely rare situation when a candidate cannot show even a line from a commercial project. For some positions, a lack of such references is considered strange: for example, when a person wants to work as a Linux developer and brings a resume that says that he worked with Linux for several years, yet he can’t present any decent groundwork.


The ability to formulate thoughts properly speaks about the skills of a specialist as a whole. You will have to communicate a lot within the nearest circle of colleagues and between teams. The mastery of conveying one’s own ideas is very useful. Recruiters are particularly scrupulous about this nuance when considering IT manager resume examples.

In general, literacy is an indispensable condition for workers of all ranks. And in some areas, like software testing, there is nothing to do without accuracy. The easiest way not to get to an interview for a tester's position is to make a typo (just a typo, not even a spelling or grammatical mistake) in a resume.


When writing about your personal qualities, try to avoid banality. "Responsible", "communicative", "fast learner" - these and many other clichés can irritate an HR specialist. On the Internet, there are more and more articles and ratings on the most hackneyed phrases in the resume. Often, after facing one of such wordings, a recruiter immediately puts the document aside.

Write only the facts that can be confirmed right in the resume. For example: "In 2017, I passed a training course dedicated to..." or "For the year of work, I reached the post of the department head". Remember that you are not writing a novel, but creating a structured, exhaustive document. Best IT resume examples contain only the information of the first importance.

Compliance with the requirements of the employer

Even if your resume is compiled correctly, you should always adjust it before sending it to a specific employer. After reviewing a vacancy, edit the document in accordance with the requirements of the company.

If you are a universal Java developer with an experience in banking and back-end game developing, when responding to a vacancy in a gaming company, it's logical to build the resume and describe your experience precisely based on the game direction: to write what games you have developed, which technologies you have used.

If you want to increase your chances for success, study the IT resume Cover Letter examples and write own attachment. We hope that soon you will find the work of your dreams. Good luck!


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