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Marketing resume examples

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It is impossible to find a marketing resume example that would suit all specialists working in this sphere. Professionals in the field of employment advise to write a new paper for each vacancy. This will allow you to place the right accents and highlight the most important points that will become a key to obtaining the desired position. However, samples help novice job seekers to understand the basic principles.

Any self-presentation is a mix of skills, abilities and work experience of a candidate. And, as a rule, the structure of all resume examples for sales and marketing positions is built according to the same rules. There are universal tips that will allow you to attract a closer attention of recruitment specialists to your data.

First of all, familiarize yourself with the company and its corporate style, and then demonstrate the gained knowledge for own benefit. Properly written resume is not only a way to acquaint an HR manager with own personality, but also to demonstrate the ability to correctly present information, which is a very important skill for a good marketer.

Plan for writing a perfect resume

Let's consider the elements of a good self-presentation:

  • the name of the document forms the first impression that a recruiter receives from an interaction with an applicant, so it is important to adhere to the right style: "position - name, surname";
  • place the contact information right behind the title (it can be formatted in a slightly bigger font);
  • then it is necessary to designate the objective of the resume - obtaining a specific post;
  • education is an important detail, which is even more significant if we consider the marketing assistant resume examples written by experts without work experience; this item can be divided into two parts: the main (higher educational institution) and the additional (courses, workshops, seminars, etc.);
  • describe work experience as fully as possible: you should not only list the workplaces in the reverse chronological order, but also specify the positions held and responsibilities;
  • additional information: the level of knowledge of foreign languages, availability of diplomas, computer skills, hobbies and presence of a driving license.

Indicate your marketing specialty

All good marketing manager resume examples observe a balance between the wishes of the applicant and the requirements of the employer. One of the first guiding moments is the name of the position for which the paper is written. There are a lot of specialties in this area, so it is necessary to specify which position you want to occupy.

In all cases, the duties of a marketer involve interaction with the advertising field. A good work may result in a significant sales growth. A success of a company depends on the competent actions of this employee. Here are his direct responsibilities:

  • market research;
  • study of supply and demand;
  • finding out what exactly buyers want to see on the shelves of the shops.

But this description is too broad. Looking through the marketing resume objective examples, you will notice that the authors clearly indicate what they want to do. "I strive to work in sales industry" is an unsuitable aim for a serious specialist. It is better to write: "My goal is to manage the marketing department as its director". So you will specify what you want to do and at what post.

Here are some marketing specialties:

  • analytical marketer;
  • brand manager who is engaged in the promotion of a specific product;
  • digital marketing resume example will be of great use for an expert in developing strategies for attracting attention to the goods through television, radio, Internet and other informational channels;
  • specialist in public relations who creates a certain image of the company.


Indicate all the available skills in your paper, even if they seem vague or taken for granted for each professional. An employer can evaluate an applicant only on the basis of a resume text. So do not be shy. List all your work qualities. 

It is quite difficult for many people to describe themselves. In this case, it is recommended to review the marketing resume skills examples and choose those options that coincide with your experience.

Prove your value

Also do not hesitate to mention your achievements. Specify them and add figures. Employers more willingly believe in real facts than groundless allegations. To get a good position, you need to show that you are really effective and are able to benefit a company.

The marketing director resume examples usually contain information on the number of subordinates, successfully implemented projects (with references to them, if available), results obtained during the work period (for example, sales growth by 15% in 5 months), customer base volume, etc.

Bring the paper to perfection

Not only the content but also the appearance of the resume should be flawless. That is why it is worth bringing it to the following form:

  • do not play with fonts, use one of the standard ones with a size 12;
  • the main data should be formatted in the same font, but with the size 14;
  • check your resume for punctuation and spelling mistakes;
  • enumerations should be presented in a list, in which each element is separated from the previous one by a semicolon;
  • the document volume should not exceed 1-2 pages.

We hope that soon you will find the job of your dreams. Good luck!


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