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Medical assistant resume

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No physician can cope with his duties qualitatively without a support of a responsible assistant. In recent years, the demand for such specialists has increased significantly. Also, competition in the industry is much higher than before. So, in order to succeed on the labor market, you should study resume examples for medical assistant and use the recommendations below.

Features of the profession

Such a specialist performs many functions of a clinical and administrative kind. Ideally, each paper should be written for a particular clinic, because the duties and required skills can differ from office to office. Their set is influenced by location, specialization, size of an institution, state legislation.

In many cases, employers prescribe the following administrative duties:

  • work with computer;
  • scheduling;
  • meeting patients in a waiting room;
  • reception of phone calls;
  • preparation of accounts, bills, ordering the medicines;
  • maintaining of patients' medical records;
  • filling insurance forms;
  • organization of laboratory services.

Also, many resume for medical assistant examples indicate a willingness of a candidate to perform the following clinical duties:

  • communication with patients in order to compile medical histories;
  • conducting basic laboratory tests;
  • giving prescriptions, explaining the purpose and peculiarities of treatment procedures;
  • preparation of patients for analyses and operations;
  • assistance to a physician during checks and medical interventions;
  • collection and processing of analyses;
  • preparation of medicines according to physician's recipes;
  • change of clothing, removal of sutures and other types of care for the patients passing a postoperative period.

Resume writing tips

Let's talk in more detail about the content of a perfect medical assistant resume example. It is very important to follow a common structure and to indicate the key data.

You may start with personal information: name, surname, marital status, children, age, date and place of birth. In some cases, it makes sense to specify citizenship.

Further, add the contact details: permanent address, phone number, e-mail.


The mistake of many novice specialists is the vagueness of their goals. The employer not always understands what exactly they want to do and on what terms. Reviewing the medical assistant resume objective examples, you will notice that they contain a clear indication of the post. Also you can mention the desired schedule and specialization of the institution. The wording "My goal is to get the post of full-time medical assistant in the surgical department" is quite concise and gives a complete picture of the candidate's preferences.


Data on educational background should be indicated in reverse chronological order. Key points: the dates of the beginning of studies and graduation from the institution, its name, faculty, specialty, academic degree. You can also add information about professional trainings, special courses. The main thing is not to overload this section with excessive details.

Experience and skills

This is a very important section, which also should be filled in reverse chronological order. Indicate the names of organizations, their specialization, dates of start and finish of labor period, your position, responsibilities, achievements (if there are any), rewards, bonuses.

Focus on those skills that are directly related to the job being sought. Medical laboratory assistant resume examples often contain information about the ability to collect and process analyses, to prepare medicines in accordance with a physician's prescription.

Additional skills, interests, hobbies

Some special skills may be of interest to an employer: the presence of certificates of knowledge of foreign languages (if the clinic services foreigners; in addition, instructions for rare drugs can be written not in your native language), driver's license (if you will have to drive somewhere to buy medicines or to visit patients), high speed of typing (for quick filling of patients' histories, preparation of documents), etc.

Only those interests and hobbies that are directly or indirectly related to a future work should be mentioned in self-presentation. For example, finding out that you worked as a volunteer in an orphanage, the employer will understand that you have a kind heart and will be polite with the patients.


It is better to use the recommendations from authoritative sources to support the information described in the resume. If there are colleagues from former jobs that have a positive opinion of you, it is worth indicating their contact data.

Employment specialists also advise to review the resume Cover Letter examples for medical assistant and write such an application. Send both papers in one set of documents. So you will show your serious approach to a job search.

We hope that your self-presentation will impress the employers, and soon you will find a prestigious, highly paid and rewarding job. Good luck!


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