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Nanny resume examples

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By structure and content, resume examples for nanny do not differ from similar documents for other professions. You may download any suitable template and create your own paper. Your self-presentation, as well as in the resume of the engineer, will contain the information about education, work experience and useful skills. But still there are some differences.

Features of the profession

Most resume examples for nanny position contain information on the willingness of a candidate to perform the following duties:

  • full supervision and care for a child;
  • regular walks in the parks;
  • maintaining and adhering to a daily regime;
  • preparation of food;
  • developing games for the corresponding age;
  • accompanying a child from kindergarten;
  • training in the first skills of independence and responsibility;
  • cleaning and airing of a kid's room.

Objective of a resume

If you want to receive offers only from those employers that suit you, specify the purpose of the resume. For example: "Desirable working conditions: long employment (not less than 1,5-2 years), full working week, with a child of any age."

Recommendations from the former workplaces

Perhaps, this is the most important thing in each nanny resume example. You may not have pedagogical or medical education (which are very important), but the kind words of former families will replace everything. You can present them separately or insert links with the contacts of your representatives in the resume.

What to do if there are no recommendations and this is your first experience as a nanny? Honestly admit it and accurately add useful skills into the text of the resume. Of course, you can indicate the phone numbers of your friends. But be sure to warn them about possible calls. When employers look for a nanny, they always check the recommendations.

Useful skills, qualities and knowledge

As it was already noted, if you have a medical or pedagogical education (even if it is a specialized secondary school or a short course), put this fact to the fore. But even if you came to this profession from an absolutely different sphere, the following qualities will make any example of a nanny resume more attractive:

  • Love for children, stress resistance, optimism.
  • Knowledge of progressive methods of child upbringing. Even if you did not hear about them before, it is not difficult to get acquainted with such a useful information. Buy a couple of books or read several substantial articles on the Internet. After this, you could mention this valuable knowledge in the resume.
  • Ability to keep a secret (confidentiality). You will know much more than people from outside about the family of employers. In this case, silence means a high salary.
  • Lack of bad habits. Few parents (even if they smoke themselves) will want their child to smell of tobacco. Obscene speech is also an unacceptable habit if you decided to work with children.
  • In the case with writing a resume of a nanny, upbringing of own kids is the perfect "work experience" for any woman. Therefore, if you have a child, feel free to write about it in the self-presentation section of a resume. Your happy family will be an excellent recommendation.

Don’t doubt your own strengths and talents, even if you are looking for the first job. Reading the best nanny resume examples and an intensive search for employers will help you find the work of your dreams. Good luck!


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