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Narrative essay examples

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It's quite understandable that when a person decides to write a narrative essay for the first time and takes a pen in hand, chaos and confusion reign in his head. Often students cannot imagine what they are going to do, how to start and end the story. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a novice author even does not have a clear plan of actions. If you do not know how to write a narrative essay, examples composed by experienced authors will provide you with invaluable help in mastering literary skills. It will not be difficult to find a large number of high-quality works of such a character, because this is a fairly popular genre.

As a rule, young authors start their creative path exactly from the storytelling. The narrative essay is much shorter than a novel. It is simpler than an argumentative or a cause-effect essay where it is necessary to provide many theses and detailed arguments.

In the personal narrative essay examples, the authors tell about their own life, the things they saw, the emotions they experienced. However, assignments involving a description of various events from a third person are also often included in the educational program.

The main task of the narrative genre is the description of something. Its artistic value lies in an immersion of a reader in a specific atmosphere. At the same time, an author should prove some important idea. Stories are rarely written only to satisfy the reader's need for aesthetics.

You may find the central idea right in some narrative essay introduction examples. But it is not always obvious. The meaning of the story can become clear only when the reader reaches the last paragraph. Before that, he simply enjoys an exciting description of events.

The elements to which you should pay attention while studying the papers of other authors are described below.

Main character

The hero should be described briefly, in only two or three sentences. The image of the main mover of history should emerge before the author's eyes. He must be unforgettable, with a bright feature which will attract the attention. Everything is concentrated in a good example of a narrative essay - both the plot and the hero. Give the protagonist an opportunity to become the highlight of your story.


The plot should be clear and well thought out. In general, the correct way of essay writing resembles a construction of a house. Everything should be in right place. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and energy. Be serious about creating a narration. Determine the turning points of the plot. Feel free to get rid of extra information. Decide where your hero will be at the end of the story and why. Study a narrative essay outline example to understand how to structure your own paper.

The plot of the story must be dynamic and exciting. Each turn must have a "hook" which influences either the consciousness or feelings of the reader, leaving him no chance to tear himself away from reading. Dynamism is achieved via an alternation of action and feelings. Let your hero confess love on the roof of a falling skyscraper, having caught a cherished lover in the air. Useful tip: concentrate thoughts, feelings, and actions in each episode.


The ending of a story must hit a reader and knock him off his feet. It must be a powerful argument which will imprint your creativity in memory. It's good if finale reverses the course of events. The world will change beyond recognition, and you will conquer the reader. Let the prince become a beggar. Let the poor know the wealth. The close relative may turn out to be an alien from the other end of the galaxy. The finale of the story is your trump card. Be extremely attentive to it.

In addition to this classic method, the readers like "difficult achievements", when an irresistible force beats the hero from all sides, but he finds the strength to overcome it.

Another good ending is an "insight". This version of a finale assumes that a reader will receive some important message. The world will appear before him in a new light. New facets and notes will emerge.

There are a huge number of options for a finale, so do not get hung up on it. Look for your own way. Remember the main thing: the change should happen. It is better not to show to the world the narrative essay example in which everything remains as it was in the beginning.


Style should leave no doubt that you are a talented writer. Sometimes, it helps an author to push the hopeless story to a good level. Do not build your work solely on the demonstration of style mastery. But each writer should have the unique manner to disclose the ideas of the story more attractively.

There are two reliable remedies for "lame" style: reading the narrative essay examples for college / university students and writing new works. Write and read as often as you can. Soon you will have your own unique manner that will push you and your works to the top of glory.

What difficulties may you encounter?

A novice author can face a lot of complexities. But the main of them is the absence of the meaning of a work. Sometimes it happens that you read the examples of a narrative essay and do not understand what the sense of presented information is. The meaninglessness of the story makes it completely useless. Do not make widespread mistakes. Be original! Illuminate the text with the light of your idea. There is an easy way to achieve such a result.

Before composing a story, write down one sentence on paper. It should contain the main value that the hero and his actions will acquire at the end of the story, as well as the reason for creating this value. By writing such a sentence, you will build the backbone of your narration. This will be your guiding thread which will allow the thought not to fade throughout the text but to lead the reader to the desired point.

Do not be afraid to start your literary path. Enjoy creativity, describe various phenomena expressing your own views. Follow the tips outlined above, read the works of other writers, and soon your texts will delight the most demanding teachers. Good luck!


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