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Nursing resume examples

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A nurse is a figure widely known to everyone, in other words, an image formed in the public consciousness. Certainly, an employer attributes a set of qualities corresponding to this image to an ideal nurse. In addition, requirements to the level of education and experience, as a rule, are stipulated by the legislation, local regulatory legal acts and rules of a particular organization. Therefore, it is important for a candidate to be clear about his position and to make a successful self-presentation. Studying the nursing assistant resume examples and following the recommendations below, you will achieve this goal.

Structure of the resume

It should be noted that there is no standard (universally accepted or established by any normative act) for this document. Each applicant has the right to create own structure, to fill his nursing resume example with an unusual content.

Nevertheless, the evaluation of candidates for this position is carried out according to a very definite set of parameters. The logic of their structuring within the framework of one document is quite simple and even unique - it is impossible to invent something fundamentally new. Here is the classic and most popular structure:

  1. The title of the document: the word "Resume" and the name of the candidate.
  2. The purpose of the application. Looking through the nursing resume objective statement examples, you will find something like "To get a position of a nurse in the Rosemary Medical Clinic".
  3. Personal data: name, surname, place of birth and residence (usually without the exact address), general data on marital status, contact details.
  4. Information about education with a list of institutions and received specialties.
  5. Work experience with a listing of all or the most important jobs, starting with the last one (it is necessary to mention labor duties if they are relevant to the new position).
  6. Professional skills and knowledge which are relevant to the desired post.
  7. Personal qualities, features of a character.

The document should be written in an official style. Do not use such nursing resume objective examples as "I want to help people!" or "Together we will enable all our patients to live up to 100 years". There may appear impression that you want to become a superhero saving the world and not a serious medical worker. Let the achievements listed in the "Experience" section prove your enthusiasm and merits. Employers pay attention to the facts and not to loud allegations.

Literacy, uniform text formatting and adhering to the structure are clear signs of high level of intelligence and accuracy of the applicant. These qualities are very important for an employee of any profession.

A photograph is often attached to the finished resume examples for nursing students. But this is not at all an obligatory element of the self-presentation. Nevertheless, evaluating the external data is important in the selection of candidates for certain positions. A qualitative and correctly presented photo will be an indubitable plus.

Features of the profession

Such a specialist is subordinate to doctors, but he has the right to give orders to junior medical personnel. In general, a nurse's functions are:

  • assistance to a doctor and execution of his orders;
  • organization and direct management of a treatment process, implementation of medical measures and their documenting;
  • organization of work of junior medical staff.

All of the abovementioned groups of functions include a variety of diverse activities, which suggests that a nurse, despite a low position in the hierarchy of posts, is still the main figure of a treatment process. And this means that the ideal representative of this profession should have a variety of diverse qualities.

Depending on the specialization of the medical institution and the functions assigned to a nurse, this position can be called differently: an operating nurse, a procedural nurse, a midwife, a senior nurse, etc. But the difference is not only in the name. The set of functions for each of the listed posts is absolutely special. So, choosing the example of a nursing resume, make sure that it suits you.

Professional skills

For a senior nurse, the following skills and knowledge are basic:

  • the ability to work with people;
  • organizing the administrative and economic functioning of the institution and knowledge of the relevant legislation;
  • organizing the work of middle and junior medical staff: drawing up work schedules, training, reviewing complaints about personnel, etc.;
  • an employer may set forth the strict requirements for the level of education.

Examples of nursing skills for a resume of a specialist working in a hospital department or assigned to a ward:

  • to perform the doctor's orders for each patient;
  • to organize feeding of each patient in the department;
  • to care for patients;
  • to organize treatment outside the ward, to accompany and transport a patient to the procedures;
  • to document and maintain records on dispensing of medicines;
  • to fill in the medical history, journals, sheets and other documents which are used in the institution.

A procedural nurse, unlike a ward nurse, is not responsible for the general condition of a patient, but only for certain types of procedures that such a specialist performs with one’s own hands:

  • intramuscular and intravenous injections;
  • collection of blood and other materials for laboratory analyses;
  • bandaging;
  • other medical manipulations associated with the direction of the department or institution.

Nursing student resume examples for specialists who plan to work in an operating room include the following skills:

  • preparation of the patient for surgical intervention (treatment of skin and other measures for preparing the field for the operation);
  • preparation of surgical instruments;
  • awareness of the main stages and types of operations conducted in the department;
  • teamwork skill;
  • conducting postoperative actions.

A district nurse works in tandem with a doctor basically performs a "documentary" work:

  • filling in patients' cards;
  • registration of certificates, prescriptions, treatment instructions;
  • keeping records;
  • filling in various kinds of journals;
  • preliminary recording for reception.

If you want to increase your chances of success on the labor market, it is recommended to consider the nursing resume + Cover Letter examples. These papers are usually submitted to an employer in a single set of documents and indicate a serious attitude of the applicant.

Acquire the reading experience, bring self-presentation to perfection. Very soon, a prestigious position in a good clinic with favorable conditions and prospects of career growth will turn from a dream into reality. Good luck!


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