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Peer review example

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Peer review is a document with a description of the official, public activities of a particular person. Such a characteristic highlights the labor or academic path of the author's co-worker (fellow student), his business and moral qualities, achievements and social activities. Any specialist can claim a highly paid competitive job if he has a competently composed description written by colleagues from a previous workplace.

Official peer review from a workplace

The official characteristic is signed by the head of the enterprise and certified with a seal. The signatory is responsible for its reliability. Such peer review examples mainly consist of the following information:

  • name and surname of the employee;
  • date of birth;
  • information on educational institutions, where and when the employee graduated from them;
  • name of the author, the place of work from which the characteristic is provided;
  • positions that the employee occupied during his work in the organization and the duties he performed;
  • positive qualities of the reviewed individual (business and personal);
  • information on rewards and incentives;
  • refresher courses that the employee attended, his participation in the company's projects;
  • it is necessary to indicate for what purposes and for what organization the characteristic is written.

It should be noted that, depending on the purpose of compilation and use, the co-worker peer review examples are divided into:

  • internal characteristics - intended for use within the organization;
  • external characteristics which are compiled at the request of third-party entities (relative to the organization) and intended for use outside the company.

Internal peer review

The internal characteristic is compiled in special cases. At the official level, the grounds for drawing up such documents must be defined in local regulatory enactments.

In most cases, writing a peer review example takes place under the following circumstances:

  • when resolving questions about transfers to vacant posts, applications of incentive or disciplinary measures;
  • determination of the employee's compliance with the position held and work performed (in the course of attestation);
  • assigning new responsibilities to the employee (for example, managing a new project);
  • before a long and responsible business trip, etc.

A good peer review paper example is always drawn up based on general rules and recommendations. However, in the internal characteristic, a greater emphasis should be placed on the work activity of the co-worker. Depending on the purpose of the document, it can provide an assessment of the creative potential of the person, conclusions about his expectations, and aspirations (for example, career growth), recommendations on the use of his qualities, etc.

Often, the internal characteristic of the employee is an integral part of other documents. Since each example of a peer review of this type is compiled exclusively for internal use, the place of its granting is usually not indicated. In some cases, it is necessary to mention the name of the official, on the request (requirement) of which the characteristic is made.

Looking through the examples of peer review feedback, you will see that such papers, as a rule, contain a personal appeal to the person in question. You can give an employee the valuable advice on improving the efficiency of the work. Make sure that the paper does not hurt the feelings of your colleague. Avoid excessive criticism. Even if your main task is to tell that he does something badly, do not forget to mention about the peer's strengths, because there is something good in absolutely all people. Observance of the balance gives more guarantees that your words will be really heard and taken into account.

External peer review

External characteristic is drawn up at the request of the employee himself, state and other bodies, third-party organizations. It is necessary mainly in the following cases:

for the solution of domestic issues: enrollment of an employee to an educational institution, the receipt of a loan, and so on;
taking the authoritative decisions on the issue of various permits, the application of measures of state influence;
the most difficult thing is the composition of the external characteristic requested by lawyers, bodies (officials) in the production of which there is a case of an offense related to the employee and processed by the courts (judges).

Peer review of an academic paper

Also, you may face a peer review article example focused not on the person but on his academic paper. Such a document should include an assessment of the relevance of the topic covered in the scientific work. The expert defines the extent to which the central idea is disclosed, how thoroughly and deeply the most important issues are elaborated. The structure of the paper and the contents of the chapters are briefly described. It is necessary to give an assessment of the study of existing literature on the topic, the level of grounding of the author.

Conclusions should be drawn about the competent knowledge of the terms, application of practical skills in the process of writing, the author's ability to apply theoretical material and make generalizations based on the reliable informational sources. It is worth mentioning whether the methodology of calculations or research is used competently, emphasizing the availability of necessary illustrations and tables.

A reviewer adds comments about the design of the work, if any. Or it should be indicated that the paper is written in accordance with all the relevant rules. The correctness of the formatting of the list of literature and its correspondence to the footnotes in the middle of the text are also assessed. Grammatical and stylistic errors are indicated.

The significance of the results obtained, the scope of the further application of the scientific work or its parts are highlighted. The main advantages and shortcomings of the peer-reviewed academic paper are outlined. There is no limit to perfection, and therefore, any research can have flaws. It is very important that they should be insignificant and not spoil the opinions about the academic paper.

At the end of the review, a mark is indicated: "excellent", "good", "satisfactory", "unsatisfactory". Recommendations are given on assigning the author of the paper a degree for which he strives or on admission to a postgraduate study.

A mandatory attribute of such a characteristic is a block with the academic degree and title of the reviewer, as well as the date of writing. The document should be certified by the seal of the institution which the author represents.

If you want to understand better how to write a peer review, the examples presented on our website will definitely help you. Studying a rich collection of other people's texts, you will develop analytical skills and be able to compile convincing characteristics by your own. Good luck!


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