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Recommendation report example

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While working in an organization or on a specific scientific project, you might find yourself needing to follow the certain course of actions. In order to propose a strategy that you see as the best for your group to follow, you could write a recommendation report including your suggestions in a reliable and reasonable format. An example of recommendation report made by experts in your field of study is a good enough guideline for you to find out how to convince your specific audience and prove that your idea is worth considering. Analyze a problem, process, or a product by carefully deploying your thought process on the problem that you want to solve within your organization in order to move forward. Having said that, you might need some professional help in delivering your message, even if you consider yourself a seasoned professional regarding things that you were working on for the most of your academic career until now.

Just like any business report, a recommendation report should be crafted in a professional fashion meaning the use of an appropriate literary style as well as academic formatting that is common in your specific field of knowledge. While you might be a great technician, chemist or an engineer, there is usually little or no time to become an expert in literary styles. Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! Just check out a latest example of recommendation report in technical writing, and you will be ready to write your own report of any difficulty level no matter your previous experience in writing documentation like this. You will know the details like should you use the third person or collective first-person narrative for your theme, should you use the APA, MLA, AMA, or ACS style formatting for your current subject. Details like these appear to be highly important for your overall success whereas it is not always clear which choice to make. Using our recommendation report examples, you will have no problem regarding professional emphasizing of your recommendations in a formal report style. The best thing? You need no money and time to learn. Just check out a good example and follow its structure using your own research results.

Recommendation report examples

Recommendation reports include quite a few specific sections that you won’t find anywhere else. With that said, when you encounter the need to write those parts, you might be left questioning how to make them right because this is not a common thing to do. However, it turns out that they all have one thing in common - and that is, a clear, logical, and easy to understand structure that can easily be found in any example of a recommendation report. Usually, you need to make an overview of an executive summary, after which it is appropriate to make a problem statement. However, you need to be careful after this section because most of the professionals skip a section with describing the evaluation criteria, which is highly important for considering of your recommendation by peers and bosses. If you are unsure what to write on that, just check out our how to write a recommendation report example and everything will become clear at once.