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It is clear that if you are looking for a job or thinking of changing an existing one, you should write your resume correctly. Given the fact that, almost always, a large number of candidates apply for one position, the ability to represent yourself properly is critically important. Good resume examples will help you achieve this goal.

Requirements of employers

In general, the situation with a preliminary assessment of candidates for work is very different and depends on the policy of a specific company. A large number of employers use special application forms which you need to fill in on their websites.

Sometimes these are long enough questionnaires containing cross questions aimed to reveal the persistence of the candidate's views / knowledge. You also may be asked to write something in a free form, for example, to answer the question "Why do you consider yourself the most suitable candidate for this position?"

At the same time, many companies use a more traditional approach: they ask a candidate to send a resume and a Cover Letter. It is worthwhile to draw your attention to the fact that, if you are asked or recommended to provide Cover Letter, then it must be done.

According to professional consultants, in about 30% of cases, your resume will immediately get to the trash bin if you did not attach a Cover Letter. This happens due to several reasons:

  • HR managers believe that if the candidate does not follow their instructions already at the preliminary stage, then they do not need such an employee.
  • Cover Letter is a kind of a litmus test, and often after reading it, an HR worker decides to drop some candidates and does not even read their resumes. Accordingly, if there is no Cover Letter, then the person automatically drops out of the number of applicants.

As for the job resume, first, you need to learn a common template, which can be rewritten when preparing a document for a specific company. The easiest way to study all significant details is to use professional resume examples.

What should you pay attention to?

It is worth taking into account the following aspects if you want to impress employers with a qualitative paper:

  • Include a so-called Summary Statement in your resume, in which you should briefly describe previous experience, education, and also your career goals. Good resume summary examples include information about the author’s strengths, areas where he is considered an expert. It is necessary to attract the attention of an HR manager to these details. All this will force a potential employer to allocate a candidate from a general mass and to practice a more serious approach to reading the resume itself.
  • Do not confuse a Summary Statement and a Cover Letter. The first is a part of a resume, not a separate document. Looking for resume profile examples, you will also find the necessary result. This term is synonymous with a summary.
  • Emphasize the compliance of information in a resume with those requirements that are set out in a description of a position you are trying to occupy, as well as with the values ​​of a potential employer. If an HR officer will see that the resume fits the standards of a company, your chances of getting to an interview will increase.
  • Describing your successes at a previous workplace, use as much qualitative and quantitative data as possible. Here are several phrases from persuasive job resume examples: "Supply engineer. For four years, I managed to reduce the cost of spare parts by 7%, which allowed the company to reduce the cost of production by 5%." or "As a result of the introduction of my proposal for automation of production processes, the company will save $ 10 million in the next five years."
  • Show your strongest sides on the top of the paper. In a duly structured resume example of a person who does not have an impressive track record, but graduated from Harvard University, the "Education" section should be placed right after the Summary Statement. It’s worth writing about the work experience at the very end. If you graduated from an unknown university, even abroad, then start by describing your progress in a practical sphere.
  • Employees of HR services are well aware that a significant number of candidates report untrue information about themselves trying to increase their chances for success. Therefore, be careful when embellishing your advantages and professional abilities. Let your basic resume examples be modest, but true and qualitative.
  • More and more employers search for information about potential candidates in the Internet, paying special attention to their behavior in social networks. So before you post photos from a friendly booze with the corresponding comments, think what impression this content can have on an HR manager. Even the best example of a resume in the world may not help you to restore the reputation of a disciplined and decent person.
  • The size of your resume should not exceed two pages. If employers will want you to provide additional information, you will be asked to do so. An example of a resume with three pages or more is likely to automatically get to a trash bin.

Importance of practice

Do not be discouraged if you have sent out a hundred resumes and received only one invitation to an interview. This is a good result for a beginner specialist. No wonder experts say that a quality presentation provides half of the success. It is quite natural that your first attempts in writing are unconfident.

But thanks to the acquisition of reading and writing experience, you will be able to compile a perfect document and get a job of your dream. Begin with consideration of short, simple resume examples and gradually move on to papers with a complex structure.

Write out the phrases you like, use the ideas of other authors. However, remember that the paper must convey features of your personality, be unique, not copied from publicly available templates. Being sincere and honest is the best way to win the sympathy of an employer, because all people value decency and integrity.


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