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Review paper example

About 1,253 tornadoes sweep the USA each year (, 2016) causing devastation, destruction, chaos, damage and even death. According to the…

Article Review

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A music rehearsal space refers to a room or several rooms reserved for music-making and practice (Fitzpatrick 2013, 63). In a typical case, it is a…

Literature Review

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Critically ill patients commonly face coagulation abnormalities. A number of parameters involved in such abnormalities are easily measurable and…


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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the main causes of disability and mortality worldwide. In the USA, instances of TBI comprise approximately 4.8…


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It has been proven that drinking alcohol can lead to severe morbidity and mortality in cases of consumption and abuse by minors. In the case of…

Article Review

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The level of violence has skyrocketed in the recent past with incidents of rape, murder, bombing, homicide, shootings among others becoming everyday…

Article Review

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 I chose the study conducted by Mock and Arai (2011) for this analysis because it is focused on evaluating linking psychology. The authors examine…

Article Review

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The qualitative research article by Delara (2018) was selected due to the extensive study of childhood bullying provided by the author. Nowadays,…

Article Review

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Compiling of scientific reviews is an art that requires not only a certain amount of knowledge in the chosen field but also creative talents and writing skills. It is important to compose not just an article which would contain some general data from various sources. Your task is to make a scientific analysis which would be useful for readers. If you do not know how to write a review paper, an example created by an experienced author can provide answers to many questions. Also, it is worth studying the general rules of work with this genre.

Subject and audience of the review

The topic should be relevant and interesting not only to you but also to a wide range of readers. It should clearly indicate the problem. There is no sense in writing a broad-based paper. You simply cannot disclose all important issues in one article.


A text that is too long can tire the reader. There is no scientific achievement in copying the extensive list of facts from Wikipedia or rewriting the chapters from an encyclopedia. Professional paper review examples are appreciated by the audience for the opportunity to learn the most important information quickly.

If the reader will want to deepen into the topic, he will study the sources you indicated. But right now it is important for him to find out the very essence. The scientific style does not provide for the use of "decorations" characteristic of the artistic works. Thus, there should not be a single superfluous word in your paper.

Literature search

You have to study a lot of sources to select the most interesting and important data. Please note that not all information provided on Internet resources is reliable. It is worth using official search services that provide the access to scientific articles. Read both classic works on the topic of interest and new researches. The information is constantly updated, but it is important to rely only on the verified data.

Observe a clear structure

Each good example of a review paper is consistent. It does not "jump" from one micro topic to another. It is convenient to think over what questions you have to answer before writing a review. There is a universal model that can be used as a basis:

  1. Essence and main characteristics of the problem.
  2. What are the latest achievements in this area?
  3. What are the main contentious issues?
  4. Prospects and ways to solve the problem.

Each scientific article must have several sections:

  1. The purpose in which the main questions are described.
  2. Introduction, which formulates the problem.
  3. Methodology (approaches used in original works).
  4. Conclusions.

Writing style

Each well-composed example of review paper corresponds to a number of rules accepted by the scientific community. Let's pay attention to the most important postulates:

  • It is necessary to give references to key original sources right in the text of the article. Number them consistently in the order of the first mention in the text.
  • Tables and diagrams will simplify the presentation of information, allow to avoid the unnecessary overloading of text, make the article more understandable to the reader. The graphical presentation is useful not only when the author considers statistical data, technical characteristics or describes the dynamics of GDP growth. Even if the task is to review a literary work, you can list the names of the characters in one column, and in the next - describe their roles in the story.
  • Use only standard abbreviations to avoid misleading the reader.
  • Link your findings with the research purposes. Sometimes it happens that novice authors indicate a certain task in the introduction and then simply list interesting facts about the subject of the study, even those that do not contribute to solving the set problem.
  • Avoid unreasonable conclusions that are not fully supported by facts. Your argumentation should be really strong.
  • Each qualitative paper review example has a properly written summary. After all, the summary is the only part of the paper that is hosted by most electronic libraries and resources. It should reflect the prerequisites for writing the work, its main results. Specify the main keywords that will allow the reader to pay attention to your article.


Writing a competent scientific review is not an easy task that requires intellectual efforts. Therefore, our main advice is to practice! Do not be afraid to make mistakes, because the path of a real scientist is difficult and thorny. Start from studying the review paper examples and proceed to writing your own papers. Over time, you will notice that the quality of texts has greatly improved. In your collection, there will be articles worth of the warmest praise of the reader. Good luck!


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