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Short essay examples

My interviewee is a 67-year-old African American male who suffers from type 2 diabetes. He is satisfied with his Medicare benefits, noting that the…

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Elected leaders should not listen to the majority of their constituents or the people they represent when making…

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The fact that you were asked to write a short paper does not mean that you will have to work less. The main feature of concise researches is their informativeness. Each phrase must be of high quality. Each word must be in the right place. At a first glance, a task may seem simple, but with time, unobvious complications come to the surface. If you do not know how to write a short essay, an example composed by an experienced author can become an excellent supporting tool.

Structure of a short essay

You will need to express all the important ideas in a laconic text, justify the central thesis using only the most important and relevant arguments. To avoid confusion, chaos in the mind, overloading with unnecessary information, it is worth sticking to the classical structure. As a rule, all short essay examples for students consist of 5 paragraphs: 1 for an introduction, 3 for a main part and 1 for a conclusion.


The first impression plays an extremely important role for the success of academic work. Even if you are writing a short paper, if the first paragraph is boring, a reader may not want to reach the end. Your task is to create an intrigue and attract attention using no more than 3 sentences. All wordings should be catchy, clear and informative.

It is recommended to use a hook - a vivid phrase capable of impressing an audience. Often it is presented in an interrogative form. Consider the short essay questions examples to come up with your own interesting formulation.

The thesis should describe the purpose of a research and the point of view you want to prove. If a teacher has offered topic that is too broad, it is worthwhile to choose a narrower concept. It is recommended to consider a controversial issue that has several opposing interpretations.

Main part

The main part should reveal the author's ideas, contain mini-theses and convincing arguments. One paragraph is allocated for each statement. Thus, a classic short essay example has 3 mini-theses. Consider them in the order of descending importance. Statistical data, quotations, information from scientific literature and fiction can be used as arguments. Do not forget to add references to used sources.

Take care of the smooth transitions between paragraphs to turn the text into a holistic composition. Thoughts should change each other in a logical sequence so that the reader can follow the progress of your research.


It's time to put the final point in your work. By this moment, the audience should receive enough evidence to be persuaded by several concise sentences. Paraphrase the thesis from the introduction and stress that your argumentation proves its correctness.

Do not confuse a conclusion with a brief summary of the paper. You should not simply retell the material of the main part. It is necessary to formulate the final thought that will be imprinted in the memory of the reader. It should change his worldview or strengthen the opinion on the topic if it coincides with yours.

If the goal of an introduction is to draw attention of an audience, a correctly drawn conclusion allows a reader to feel satisfaction from what he has read. There should be no doubt that the text is really persuasive and useful.


If you think that the short essay examples for college which are published on the Internet were perfect in the first editorial version, this is a big mistake. Any masterpiece requires careful work and multiple revisions. Therefore, experts recommend using drafts. Do not worry if your text is not perfect after the first attempt. Have patience, and you will improve your essay beyond recognition.

Pay special attention to grammatical and spelling mistakes (even authors with many years of experience make them). If some wordings seem too complicated or awkward, rephrase them, get rid of unnecessary information. Over time, your "precious stone" will shine with new colors.

If you will follow all the abovementioned recommendations and study quality examples, your paper is guaranteed to be highly appreciated. Good luck!


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