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Teacher resume examples

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A teacher is one of the most revered figures of society, the sincerest, humane and kindest profession. At least, this is the way a teacher is imagined by the parents and school authorities. At a first glance, everything is very simple. A job-seeker should have a vocation to transfer knowledge and educate children. But in reality, the candidate’s application should consist not only of personal qualities. To get this job, it’s worth using the resume examples for teacher and the recommendations of experts.

General principles of resume writing

Despite the fact that there is no officially established form of a resume, in practice, a "classical" structure of this document, the principles of formatting, the rules for including information in it have long been developed. And if it is permissible for the representatives of creative professions not to adhere to these rules and to show creativity, then teachers, serious and responsible people, are strongly recommended to follow a generally accepted structure.

Resume contents

Let's consider the classical scheme which is used in each duly structured teacher resume example.

1. The title of the document consists of the word "Resume" and the applicant's name.

2. The purpose of the document: which job you want to receive ("The purpose of the resume - the competition for the post of a primary school teacher").

3. Applicant's personal data:

  • age (in the format of the date of birth or the number of full years);
  • place of residence (only the name of the settlement is enough);
  • general information on the marital status and the number of children (detailed information about them is not necessary);
  • contact details (phone number and e-mail address).

4. Information on education - the list of all institutions where you studied (except for secondary school) in chronological order. As a subsection, an example of a teacher resume can contain information about the upgrading of the skills: the courses and seminars the specialist has attended, additional training.

5. Information about the work experience - the list of all or the main places of work in order from the last one to the first. For those positions that are related to the job being sought, it is necessary to describe in detail the duties which coincide. As a subsection, you can include the information about your professional achievements (awards and certificates) reached at previous places of work.

6. Professional skills - a list of knowledge and abilities relevant for the desired position.

7. Personal qualities - a list of character traits of the applicant. They should be relevant for the representative of a profession to which the post belongs.

8. Additional information not indicated in the requirements for candidates. Under all other equal conditions, it can serve as an advantage over contenders (presence of a driver's license and a personal car, hobby - needlework or other kinds of creativity, etc.)

9. Best teacher resume examples contain recommendations from previous jobs in the form of characteristics or contacts of former bosses attached to the document.

10. You can attach your photo to resume. For a teacher's self-presentation, a quality image that portrays the applicant as a neat, business-like person can be a significant advantage over other candidates. After all, a pedagogue is an example for students in everything, even in appearance, the manner of dressing, the ability to look good.

Formatting of the text

Features of good high school teacher resume examples do not boil down to a clear adherence to the generally accepted structure of the document. Text of a professional, and especially a teacher, should meet the following general principles:

  • Competent presentation of the information: the absence of grammatical, punctuation, spelling errors, typos.
  • Uniform formatting: division of the text into paragraphs, observance of the one type of indentation, font (both in style and size), highlighting the headings of the resume sections.
  • Conciseness: the absence of facts which are meaningless from the point of view of functions of the job being sought, compliance with the rule about the ideal volume (no more than 1,5 pages, ideally, just 1).
  • Determination of candidate's wishes for the workplace: a mandatory indication of a reasonable minimum wage and precise post you are applying for.

It is better to compile several documents for different positions. This will allow you to place individual accents in each paper, not to let a potential employer find clues about your job search in several spheres at once (sometimes this may serve as a sign of disinterest, lack of professionalism or purposefulness of the candidate).

Teacher's skills which make a resume attractive

Employers treat self-presentations of specialists working with the youngest kids with special attention. Therefore, you should consider good elementary teacher resume examples to write a perfect paper. The indication of the following skills makes such documents truly attractive:

  • comprehensive assistance in the adaptation of pupils to school (after all, a teacher is the first one to meet the children in class; his image forms the first associations with an educational institution and education in the minds of the pupils);
  • ensuring the safety of life and health of students during the learning process;
  • organization of cultural class life;
  • evoking the personal initiative of pupils;
  • presentation of the educational material as it is prescribed by a curriculum;
  • interaction with parents on the issues of education and upbringing of their children;
  • maintaining school documentation.

As you can see, the terms of reference and responsibility of a teacher of junior classes are great. Therefore, employers prefer to appoint the most qualified and experienced pedagogues to this position.

Reading the preschool teacher resume examples, you will also meet the following character traits of the applicants:

  • love for children and the ability to communicate with them;
  • high level of self-discipline;
  • modesty;
  • organizational skills;
  • competent, literate speech;
  • humanism;
  • honesty;
  • diligence;
  • sociability;
  • optimism;
  • stress resistance;
  • punctuality;
  • fast learner;
  • openness;
  • moral balance.

Of course, you should not use all these characteristics if they have nothing to do with your experience and personality. The school administration knows perfectly well that there are no perfect people. The irreproachable resume for a teacher example looks too suspiciously. Probably, you will be asked about the reason for leaving a previous workplace (for sure, someone was to blame: you or the employer). Answer such questions honestly, because sincerity is the guarantee of fruitful cooperation. Good luck!


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