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Thesis examples

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Thesis Proposal

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Preparation of theses for a research paper is a very important process for any student or experienced scientist. Novice authors make the first steps when writing essays and at conferences, where they can perform and listen to other participants. Receiving the first assignment, many of them experience difficulties, because they do not know how to choose a convincing statement. Are you one of such people? To simplify your work, study some good thesis examples and use the recommendations below.

What is a thesis?

According to the general definition, a thesis is a brief formulation of the main provisions, thoughts of scientific work, article, report, course or diploma paper. A set of interconnected and logically arranged central points should be proved and justified in a full-text research.

The main purpose of writing theses is to present a brief affirmative generalization, to reveal the essence, basic ideas and results of a more comprehensive scientific work. A distinctive feature of a good thesis example is a small volume (1-3 sentences). They reflect the meaning of a certain part of the text or the whole paper.

Correctly written theses are very important. Unsuccessfully selected statements can distort the idea of the work, push the listener or the reader away, present the author himself in a bad light. Well-designed essay thesis examples allow to disclose the full potential of scientific work, to draw attention to it or to attract funding, to present the author as a competent scientist.

The statements for a conference, marked by a committee as significant, can be published for free in various journals or collections of conference articles. Each scientist seeks to convey the results of his work to the world community and other specialists. To prepare high-quality theses and to publish them means to make one’s own work worthy of scientific recognition and application by other researchers in their writings.

Classification of the theses

Examples of a thesis may be divided into categories according to the following parameters:

  1. The authorship of the thoughts. Statements may be compiled using the publications of another author or on the basis of one’s own research.
  2. Place of presentation (international conferences, journals, seminars, student papers).
  3. The form of presentation (oral, written).
  4. The order of writing (before the compilation of the main scientific work or when the scientific work has already been prepared).
  5. The main content (the statement of the problem, the result of the research, description of a new method of work).
  6. Complexity (simple, general, complex).

Considering the thesis examples for essays based on the publication of another author, you will see that writers conduct a careful study of a work of some famous figure. It is necessary to highlight the main ideas and essence of his reasoning. Further, on the basis of the prepared material, certain provisions are formulated, which are then documented in a report.

Theses compiled on the basis of one’s own scientific works imply a clear understanding of the issue under consideration. The main task is a brief and pithy expression of the problem in question in a written form.

When it comes to a form of presentation, a distinctive feature is the need for public speech or submitting a paper to an expert council. In any case, statements are usually brief, substantial and informative, prepared with a view of fuller disclosure in the main presentation.

Preparation of statements based on a ready research is aimed to correctly identify the central points and maintain the integrity of the work. Compiling the theses before writing the main scientific work is a more common situation. The difficulty lies in the fact that the author did not fully understand the material and almost does not know what he wants to write about.

After the emergence and formulation of the main idea, a short plan should be prepared, on the basis of which the text will be written. It’s worth considering a thesis outline example in order to understand how to build the structure of a research paper.

Simple theses contain the essence of the separate parts of the work, reveal their main points. The general theses indicate the fundamentally important ideas and positions of the whole paper, may be placed at the beginning of the text. Consider a thesis paragraph example to understand what they look like. Each general thesis is explained by several simple statements. Complex theses include simple and general statements, reveal the meaning of the scientific work in the most complete form.

Algorithm for work with the theses

If you have considered enough research paper thesis examples and want to come up with own statements, stick to the following work plan:

  1. Determination of the type of scientific paper and the choice of its structure.
  2. Setting goals and necessary results of the research.
  3. Drawing up the outline of theses. For convenience, it is recommended to prepare one sentence for each block. It should convey its basic idea. If the section contains several ideas, it will consist of several paragraphs.
  4. Analysis of the obtained plan, if necessary, the addition of new points and refinement. It is important to logically build a proof of the main idea of ​the work and to distinguish a way to achieve the goal.
  5. Composing the text based on the current plan.
  6. Checking the written text. If there are new ideas on the issue under consideration, they must also be included. To do it, repeat the previous steps.
  7. Completion of the writing, verification of compliance with the teacher’s prescriptions or the requirements of the conference.
  8. Final formatting of the text of the article, its presentation to the scientific adviser or acquaintances.

General recommendations for theses writing:

  • The statements should be brief and informative.
  • The logical link should be traced throughout the text.
  • The style of writing should be scientific (if you do not compose a creative essay involving a revelation of the author's emotions and feelings).
  • Even an unprepared reader should understand the text.

Accumulate a reading and writing experience. After a while, you will learn how to push forward the interesting ideas and to convincingly prove them. We hope that the study of thesis definition and examples will allow you to create the text that may deeply impress a teacher or the scientific community. Good luck!


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