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Thesis statement examples

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Students often have to write academic papers pushing forward some important ideas, introducing novelty into the popular research areas, proposing unusual ways of solving relevant problems. It is not always easy for the novice writers to formulate their thoughts in a concise and attractive form. If you do not know how to write a thesis statement, an example will help you to realize many important aspects. It is also worth studying the theoretical provisions and recommendations.

What is a thesis?

A thesis statement is an assertion that is put forward by an author as a problem or the main idea, after which it is revealed and proved by specific arguments in the course of reasoning. Simply put, a thesis is a purpose of your essay.

Rules of a perfect thesis

There are a number of signs of a good statement. By adhering to them, you can easily create a successful wording.

Briefness and clarity

Each good example of a thesis statement is expressed in one, maximum 2-3 sentences. It should be as specific and clear as possible, so that there cannot be any discrepancies. What does this requirement mean?

Firstly, when starting to work, you have to concretize the subject. Remember, the more specific the theme is, the easier it will be to choose suitable facts, and the more convincing the conclusion of the paper will be.

The clarity of the central statement determines the originality of the text. We recommend conducting an easy check. For example, you formulated a thesis, wrote an essay on it, came to the certain conclusions in the end. Declare the key points (that is, only the main part without introduction and conclusion) to your acquaintances and ask them to formulate the central statement. Then compare what your friend said with what you wrote in the introduction.

Ideally, your versions should match. If they don't, it means that there are no links between the thesis and the argumentation in your paper. Thus, you compiled one thesis and wrote an essay on an absolutely different topic. There may be other problems. For example, your thesis is too abstract, and with the help of reliable facts, you disclosed only one aspect of the issue. To fix the situation, the thesis should be clarified.

Controversy issue

Another important point: good examples of thesis statements include some problems. That is, the thesis is not a topic, but a thought touching upon a certain issue. Usually, it indicates the polar points of view that exist around the issue. At the same time, you should accept one of the sides or offer a completely new vision.

1 paper - 1 thesis

It is important to remember that properly compiled examples of a thesis statement can reflect the meaning of extensive scientific research. Do not write a work that consists of several essays with independent ideas. Better stop on one thought but work on it qualitatively. If the study will lose focus, reaching the end of the text, the reader will simply forget what you were trying to prove. He will learn a lot, but it will be difficult to draw a concrete conclusion.

How to compile a thesis?

In order to somehow simplify your work, let us consider a thesis statement example. Suppose the topic "The impact of video games on the human psyche" is set. Recall that this is not a thesis, but a topic that, nevertheless, can serve as the header of your paper. The simplest way to formulate the right thesis is to ask a question: "How do video games affect the psyche?" Your answer is your thesis.

You should divide the thesis into two parts - competing opinions. Some experts argue that video games cause cruelty, make a person an isolated hostage to a computer. Others believe that they develop attention, a faster reaction, help to get rid of stress and enjoy vivid impressions. Undoubtedly, these are pluses. You have to think long about the arguments put forward by both sides and to agree with one of them. The rightness of this side should be proved in your essay.

So, let's say, you defend video games. It's worth indicating this thought in the thesis (not only in the conclusion). It is not necessary to debunk the intrigue at the end. The good thesis statements examples are usually presented at the very beginning in order to prove them in the main part.

When your paper is ready, it is desirable to return to the thesis and recheck it. There should be not a single superfluous word. If the formulation seems too vague or inconsistent, change it, eliminate unnecessary phrases. The beginning of the paper is the most important part, as it is designed to attract the attention of a reader and make him get acquainted with your work. If the thesis is boring, he will simply pass by. So a double-check always will be useful.

Reading and writing experience

The art of argumentation is not in vain regarded as a kind of science. Few people have an innate talent for writing good essays. Most of us have to go a long way to learn to do something really well. But it is not at all difficult to set foot on the path of self-improvement. Fortunately, all the necessary information is freely available. You can study as many research paper thesis statement examples as you want. The appearance of the Internet has made the educational process much easier.

It will not be difficult to find samples written on the disciplines you need, an essay of a certain genre (argumentative, critical, cause and effect, etc.) You will not only learn a lot of interesting information but also see how the experienced authors formulate theses. Some of them make a brief review of the controversial opinions on the phenomenon in question and put forward a thesis, others begin directly with own statement. Study the different writing manners and choose the style you like.

In parallel, start writing own papers. The theory brings little benefit without practice. Evaluate each text objectively, compare it with the samples, mark those details that need to be corrected.

Over time, your collection will be supplemented by papers capable to impress even the most demanding critic. When you know what is a thesis statement example, its purpose and content, it becomes much easier to relax and enjoy the creativity. We wish you inspiration and high marks. Good luck!


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