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Management Essay Examples

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Comparison Between Leadership in IB Organisation and an International School in the Middle East Region

Leadership refers to the art of motivating a team towards achieving a common goal. It entails the development of practical skills necessary to guide an individual, team, or an organization as a whole. Leadership is quintessential to the success of educational institutions. Concerning education, it is crucial for teachers to be analytic in their work. Teachers should discuss students’ curriculum as we as how to replicate it to achieve the intended learning outcomes (Dantas 2007).

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Stress Management

Stress is a normal psychological and physical reaction to life challenges, and sometimes, it can be useful for one’s motivation and work (Mayo Clinic Staff). However, undergoing constant stressful situations may lead to various problems with health. That is why stress management is an essential element of a healthy lifestyle.

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Risk Tolerance

As an advisor, I would recommend the Gronkowskis to apply risk tolerance by time frame as an approach to investment. The latter takes into account the rate of inflation and helps provide solutions to that issue. For example, one can focus on being ahead of the inflation with the risk of a larger swing portfolio.

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Today, organizations face a wide range of issues that affect their everyday operations and effectiveness (Blenko, Mankins, & Rogers, 2010). However, attempts are always made to address the problems so that the enterprise can gain a competitive advantage in the market. A review of my organization shows that it is highly effective.

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Emergency Management

Construct a causal chain of events using an influence chart starting with a natural hazard affecting an organization or a locality such as a neighborhood, city, state, country, region, or a continent - you may think of the question as broad or as narrow as you wish) and the cascading consequences with suggested risk mitigation measures to break the chain.

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Unethical Leadership

Informed consent constitutes one of the major ethical issues in the nursing profession. Bjorklund and Lund (2017) defined informed consent as the legal prerequisite in healthcare practice requiring patients and their surrogates to be informed of the benefits, risks, and available treatment alternatives.

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The contemporary business environment has become quite competitive due to a wide range of factors, such as advancement in technology and entry of new players into the industry. Consequently, companies operating in various sectors have been forced to develop and implement innovative strategies that will enable them to remain competitive and achieve the desired business sustainability.

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