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Data Informed Leadership Discussion Prompt

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Data Informed Leadership Discussion Prompt


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Data-Informed Leadership Discussion Prompt

            For this project, the issue of an increasing rate of student loan involvement will be addressed in compliance with the selected systemic issue in the frameworks of the Data-Based Decision-making model. This approach is related to the specific plan chosen by the team, training of experts, data collection, assessing the data quality, and effective presentation to the stakeholders. The implementation of the plan on the minimization of the credit financial assets usage will be based on the shared decision-making and problem-solving by the team of experts. The Financial Aid Advisor is the project leader assigned to coordinate the process. The initial purpose of the planning is to highlight the actionable knowledge on the systemic issue and find out the solution to the given problem.  

            In compliance with the systemic issue, the financial burden of the loans taken by the students will be analyzed through the lens of the different groups of stakeholders’ interests, i.e., students, parents, family members, educators, and representatives of the financial institutions responsible for loans. The data sources used for the project are Statista (online platform), local community websites, the data of the financial analytical organizations, and governmental online platforms. The data will be checked for quality and consistency and presented to the stakeholders during online presentations using the PowerPoint software and Prezi online tool.

            The issues of diversity and cultural competence may arise in the sets of prejudices and stereotypes that may affect the perception of the data by the groups of stakeholders. On this account, the leadership accounts may be addressed through the establishment of productive communication. In the process of delivering the plan, the following traps of decision-making will be selected for the implementation as the most appropriate: the overconfidence trap and the framing trap. The former is related to forecasting, while the latter is focused on framing-up the question from different perspectives.  Based on the data on the rates of student loan usage in different years, the frameworks of the gaps and issues will be focused on the comprehensive background of the qualitative and quantitative data presented to the target audience.

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