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Emirates Airlines and SkyCargo

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 Emirates Airlines and SkyCargo


Emirates airline is a freight company that began its operation in 1985. The organization’s headquarters are located in Dubai and started with only two aircraft that were transporting consignment to Mumbai and Karachi. With more than 30 years of operation in the airline industry, the organization has grown to own more than 270 large aircraft. The management is committed to innovation that has enabled it to increase its capacity and meet the growing client’s needs and preferences. The company is one of the fastest-growing organizations in the freight industry with an aggressive network. Emirates airlines own a big number of large size machinery and are the prime operator of Airbus A380 type of aircraft. The company runs its business in Dubai International Airport, where it offers a wide network of facilities in the Middle East, South Pacific, Europe, South America, and North America. 

Emirates' core values are based on offering the best services to its customers. Therefore, the organization is committed to high standards. Further, Emirates meets the industry requirements by warranting that all the systems put up in place exceed the recommended standards. Besides, the company has more than three decades of serving its customers and earning accreditation in its line of trade. The management strives to ensure customer satisfaction that is beyond the users' expectations.

Emirates Airlines has positioned itself to promote corporate social responsibility by reaching out to diverse societies in the continent. For instance, it takes part in the building of schools in developing countries and fosters education to empower future generations. Moreover, the company engages in philanthropy acts to ensure that it is the continent leader in reduction  of carbon dioxide emissions by using the best fuels that are safer for the environment. The organization also takes part in cutting down illegal wildlife trade since the management understands that transport industry plays a significant role in the problem. They are aware of the species extinction that is fostered by the illegal market that leads to the destruction of the ecosystems of our planet, which is dangerous to humans as well. Therefore, the organization has formed a strategic partnership with the wildlife facilities and works with governments and other stakeholders to combat the prohibited trade by destroying its supply chain and charging the perpetrators.

Emirates airlines are also committed to offering an unparalleled travel experiences to its clients and the professional crew is one of key factors for that. Newly employed personnel undergo thorough preparation exercises that involve education on service delivery and safety. The tutors not only focus on theoretical aspects but also cover practical approaches while instructing the new team members. Besides, the cabin crew undergoes regular training to ensure that customers are offered excellent service while onboard. The organization is also keen on workers' diversity by ensuring that employees come from different nationalities so that they can speak different languages to facilitate communication with the customers. Moreover, the company employs professionals of various fields, including a team of doctors and lawyers. By paying so much attention to being client-oriented, they strive to make their services exceed customer’s expectations and strengthen their position on the market: more than 420 flights are made every day in over 135 destinations. The company’s contact center is manned by staff who speak 17 languages when the customers get in touch with them. The facility uses more than 50 country-specific telephone numbers; and live chat is always available. The check-in system at the airport is smooth and guided by the company’s friendly staff. The goal of the company is to ensure that travelers enjoy each experience with their team. While on board, customers are offered a wide variety of meals depending on their destination. Moreover, there are more than 4500 channels that they can watch from comfortable seats irrespective of class. Such advantages are meant to ensure that the client of  Emirates finds the journey inspiring and wishes to use the airline when traveling in the future.

Emirates airlines hire a team of experienced pilots that are offered initial training by more than 400 experts who make sure that the newly employed staff meets the company’s standards that are required by the organization’s regulators. There is a ground school at the facility that provides education in different forms, including technical classrooms and e-learning. Besides, there are simulation classes for pilots where they practice to navigate specific planes that they are expected to fly. Some experienced trainers conduct full supervision on the last stage of education. Simulation training takes three months, and a re-run is conducted after six months for all the pilots as a regulatory requirement for the company.

 One of Emirates' core values is safety, which is the critical element of the organization’s operations and practices. The company is committed to the wellbeing of its clients and staff by adopting the necessary standards. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to play his or her role in improving airline safety. Another core value for the company is financial transparency that is strengthened by its business model. Emirates airlines embrace competition and oppose state aid to maintain inefficient airlines and other forms of subsidies that can distort the market. Consequently, the company’s business success is attributed to its profitability fostered by international aviation protocols and agreements. Moreover, the organization has a strong operating model that is customer-centered. Emirates airlines are also committed to conducting responsible business by following ethical practices, including anti-slavery policies. Moreover, it opposes bribery, human trafficking, and cybercrime. The business is built on a solid foundation of fairness, honesty, and an outstanding delivery of its services.

Emirates SkyCargo

One of the services provided by Emirates is luggage transfer. The procedures are conducted by SkyCargo, the airfreight department works on several destinations. The company is an airfreight branch of the Emirates and a global leader in cargo handling. SkyCargo connects the world through a supply chain of more than 300 endpoints in over 80 countries across the world. The branch started its operation in 1985 and has more than three decades of experience in the transportation of luggage. The aircraft owned by SkyCargo is modern and comfortable and is operated by a diverse team of workers who deliver excellent services to the customers. They operate through an integrated network of air and road. Moreover, they partner with multiple stakeholders to offer exceptional services to gain reputation across the world.

The road services enable the organization to extend its international network by connecting with its destination stations that are incorporated with the flight schedules to ensure connectivity. Emirates SkyCentral Multihub facility is joined by a 24/7 trucking corridor to ensure that it is easy to conduct a seamless and secure transmission of luggage between the main branches. Moreover, the road facilities are meant to warrant that the company can offer services in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and, most specifically, the areas that are not connected by the freight network. Besides, it eases expedited customs and border transactions in the USA, Asia, and Europe. The company’s management ensures that the schedules are regularly updated in the Emirates SkyCargo online portal. Moreover, the corporation safeguards two-way communication with the clients so that they can always call the customer care representatives to help them when they need to transport their luggage. The organization boasts of offering freight solutions that are efficient, fast, and convenient for their customers. Moreover, clients enjoy the privilege of low cost and high speed.

Emirates SkyCargo offers transportation of sensitive drugs, complex pharmaceuticals, and hospital equipment that contribute to global health. Such products require temperature stability and a high level of protection while on transit. Therefore, the company is well-equipped to ensure there is no compromise on the quality of sensitive pharmaceuticals. The organization’s operational processes are well-aligned to prevent damages to transported items. Besides, clients enjoy the advantage of choosing their preferred cargo handling options to suit their shipping requirements. Emirates Skypharma is certified by SkyCentral to offer critical infrastructure for transporting cold chain products. Other products transported by the company include foodstuff, clothing, flowers, and high-value consumer goods.

Looking at the carriage of pharmaceutical products, the company transported over 75,000 tonnes in the last financial year across the globe. Emirates SkyCargo is one of the major companies that offer such services. The company’s capabilities to transport cold chain goods are strengthened by improving its infrastructure to ensure that temperature-sensitive goods get to the required destination in a safe state. They own a pharma corridor that holds the required temperature for delivery and storage of medical equipment. The company stands out among the competitors by having cold stores that are located in between the destination of goods. The organization has obtained the required certification that has enabled it to open a facility in Chicago, which is partnered with Maestro, a ground transporting company that can ferry tons of pharmaceutical products each year. Moreover, the company also expanded its drug handling services in Copenhagen. The facility is effective and is equipped with a environment control tools that enable it to handle pharma cargo at the recommended temperature. The move is part of the company’s efforts to enhance the protection of pharmaceutical products that are sensitive to temperatures on their way from country of origin to the chosen destination. The warehouse is also certified by the European Union since it complies with the EU standards.

All in all, SkyCargo is one of the world leaders in transportation of luggage and transfer of pharmaceuticals is one of its key areas of operation. The management ensures that the company staff pays attention to adhering to strict procedures for dealing with medical goods. High standards of customer service and transportation itself, use of technical innovations, and expanding of the network ensure that the company strengthens its positions on the market and continuously attracts new customers.

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