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Samsung Marketing Strategy

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Samsung Marketing Strategy


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Samsung Marketing Strategy

Perceptual Understanding and Brand Positioning

What is Samsung doing better than its closest competitors?

Samsung started its operations as a small export enterprise operating from Teague, Korea. Today, however, it has become one of the leading electronic companies that deal in a wide range of products, including Televisions, music systems, and refrigerators. The company is known for its specialty in mass media, semiconductor production, and digital equipment manufacturing (Ferrell & Hartline, 2007). It is also worth stating that Samsung's executives and employees are determined to position that company as the producer and seller of unique and high-quality brands that can stand out in the market. Furthermore, the design-oriented approach that the company has embraced continues to open up new doors for increasing profits and attracting more customers around the world. In the global market, Samsung competes with several electronic companies such as Sony, HTC, Lenovo, ASUS, and Huawei.

Samsung uses a strategy that is centered on producing better designs for targeted users. The organization has invested significantly in research and design. Furthermore, it has created a conducive environment that allows designers to interact freely and learn from each other. The designers usually work in a group of three to five people with members coming from different specialty areas and holding diverse positions in the organizational structure. As the closest rivals like Sony focus on lowering their cost of production, Samsung designers are more oriented towards developing products that capture the imaginations of consumers globally. The innovative designs, coupled with the egalitarian approach, have enabled Samsung to become one of the bestselling electronic brands in the world today. 

Why Are Samsung and Its Competitors Using This Positioning?

Positioning is very critical to the success of an organization as it helps in the production of items and brands that are in line with the perceptions of the targeted consumers. Companies strive to understand the perceptions of its consumers by identifying the product attributes that are valued by users, rating the ideal features, and understanding how a brand fares in comparison to the alternatives in the market (Yumusak, Yilmaz, & Gungordu, 2016). Samsung has been positioned as a company and a brand that embodies innovation and style. By working with a team of dedicated designers and engineers, the company continues to produce cutting edge designs and items with superior connectivity features. The approach has helped the company to differentiate its products in a market where a myriad of alternatives is available. Furthermore, the focus on innovation and creativity allows the company to create and maintain a sharp brand image in the local and global market.

What Would You Recommend as Marketing Manager for Samsung?

Samsung has evolved to become one of the leading brands around the world. In addition, the company continues to count on its design prowess and marketing to attract and retain customers. It is worth stating that Samsung has also been at the forefront of the electronic market by developing technologies and devices that capture the imagination of the users. As the marketing manager, I would recommend that the company should use taglines and adverts that appeal to customers while also highlighting the constant innovations that have facilitated the development of high-end technologies. Furthermore, there is a need to seek customer insights through continuous market research to ensure that the final products are not only unique but also capable of creating a great customer experience.

What Are the Benefits of Your Recommendation?

The recommendation will improve the performance of the Samsung brand in the global market by increasing its market share. In addition, it will help customers to understand the specifications and the software that the company has incorporated into its design to develop unique and innovative products.

The Market Leader Defense Strategy

Identify Samsung Marketing Defence Strategy and Discuss It

Samsung marketing defense strategy involves a set of activities that are performed to help the company remain competitive and produce innovative and high-quality products. At the core of marketing, the defense strategy is the creation of a team of innovative designers who can understand the needs of customers and come up with unique products. Samsung allows its designers to interact freely with the rest of the workforce and give ideas that must be implemented by the engineers. Furthermore, it exposes its designers to different environments and allows them to learn from experts in diverse sectors such as furniture making so that they can come up with innovative designs. Since the company targets more than one market segment at the same time by offering diverse product packages, there is a need to have designers who can develop devices of various sizes, with different functionalities and screen resolutions. It is imperative to state that Samsung executives believe that the only way for the company to remain competitive, attract more customers, and increase its market share is by staying ahead of its rivals in terms of the development of creative and unique products. Therefore, the organization’s managers strive to improve the design aspect of business operation while also investing in research and development initiatives.

What Do You Recommend as Marketing Manager for Samsung?

I would recommend that Samsung concentrates on developing and strengthening a customer-driven marketing strategy. In this approach, the main aim is to create an organizational culture where shared values and beliefs are primarily defined by the focus on the customers in the company's operations and strategies. In other words, it is crucial for the organization and its employees to put the consumer as the pivot around which every marketing activity is developed and implemented.  In the case of Samsung, the process will entail gathering information on the values, beliefs, and expectations of the customers and using it as the basis for making different business decisions, including those related to design and marketing.

What Are the Benefits of This Strategy?

The consumer-centered marketing approach will help Samsung to place customers at the center of the business decisions that the executives and employees make from time to time. Second, it can help in moving the company in the right direction by ensuring that its products are developed in a manner that is in line with the expectations of the customers. Finally, the understanding of customer needs, beliefs, and values can help in developing the right resources, skills, and capabilities for success in the global market (Viardot, 2004). In other words, Samsung executives will know who to employ, the resources to acquire, and the capabilities to develop in order to meet the needs of their customers in the market. These efforts will go a long way in driving the enterprise forward and strengthening its position as one of the leading companies in the electronics sector.

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