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At a certain educational stage, students of high schools and colleges face the necessity to make a classification essay. Such assignments are often given to learners by teachers to check a students’ ability to categorize data. Generally, classification is a way of essay development by arranging objects, events, individuals or notions into certain types, classes or groups based on certain shared characteristics. It’s essential also to explain your reasoning.

When you come across such an assignment for the first time it may seem like a rather daunting prospect, but having learned the general approach to classification papers writing, you’ll definitely see, it’s not so bad all in all.

Look at some hints and tricks we’ve prepared. They will help you to properly organize your research paper on classification, which as a rule has a typical 5-paragraph structure.

As soon as you’ve made up your mind to the idea of your work, the following aspect to consider is your written work structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The introductory paragraph is always a starting point of any research work. You should define the subject you are going to speak about and clearly explain what will be categorized. A good idea is to provide also a description of the general purpose of your work and the reasons you’ve made up your mind to categorize the items under review. As with any other essay introductions, this part should be closely linked with the thesis, which identifies your groups and possibly gives a brief outlook on the criteria you followed.

The introduction is traditionally followed by the main body, where a good author continues to fulfil the expectations of his readers.  Each paragraph of 3 traditional ones in your essay body should touch upon a new category and provide the criteria used. You can also pay attention here to the strength and weaknesses of the class under review and offer the audience relevant examples. It’s important to remember that the transitions from one category to another one should be smooth, clear for the reader and may as well reveal your personal sympathies as a writer.

In the final part of your paper, which is a conclusion, pull together all the categories you dealt with and suggest your audience a brief summary of them. A short opinion on each category, summarizing its significance or its drawbacks can also be added here. You might also advise one category over the others, however, it’s essential to explain why you highlight this or that variant. To make your work seem complete, hook your conclusion back to the introduction, such links serve to unify the essay.

If you wish to create a really a coherent piece of writing, it’s not simply enough to choose one of the topics for classification essay and decide on the structure of it, you should also do some additional initial planning.

The next steps are essential in this process:

  1. Brainstorm your concepts. Classification essay topics list may be rather extensive and your main task is to identify a group of ideas or things, which are comparatively easy divided into categories and brought together into groups. Avoid subjects with too many categories, your aim should be something between 3 and 5 potential classes. It’s quite sufficient for proper comparison and at the same time, you do not need to go deep into your criteria argumentation.
  2. Choose the appropriate categories. Various classification and division essay topics might have manifold options of grouping, it’s essential to define the sets your material will be fragmented into and the angle to look at them from. It’s important to remember that each category should have a single base for classification.
  3. Get your ideas in order. It’s vital to define the order you are going to put the categories in your paper when describing them. A bullet point list may help you highlight similarities between the classes and then form some linking sentences or just phrases to make your text flow smooth with proper transitions from one category to the other.
  4. A good idea also to refer back to the paragraphs already discussed, but a usual and most common order in the written assignments of such kind is going from the most to the least important or vice versa.
  5. Put a thesis forward. The thesis is often a single sentence, but it shapes the approach to the whole research work, whatever the division and classification essay topics it concerns. Starting with a basic thesis at the beginning of your work, feel free to polish it later on, when your essay starts to take some shape.
  6. If you’ve already gone through all the above-mentioned steps, proceed to your writing. Don’t think it will come at once in just one sitting, most likely you’ll have to make several drafts and alter your initial plans a bit, but all these are just a working creative process, don’t even think to be afraid of or get upset with it.
  7. To help you with your choice what to write, classification essay topics in various categories are provided below.
  8. When selecting the one or creating your own idea of the research work, choose the theme, which will enable you to write about certain well-defined categories. Firstly, you will not get lost, and besides, your audience will not be confused. It’s essential to make your classification principle obvious from the very moment you just start your writing. Now it’s time to check the list.

Division Classification Essay Topics for College Students

  • Types of social values
  • Social groups in the modern world
  • Youth groups in the US today
  • States with diverse population density and quantity
  • Types of churchgoers
  • Types of roommates
  • Sport fans groups in a modern world
  • Social network users classification
  • Types of friends
  • Tourists types

Top of classification essay topics about politics

top classification essay topics about politics

Political affairs and governmental matters are by right considered to be easy to write on. This field is broad and relatable, besides you can classify not only modern aspects but touch upon the historical ones in your essay.

  • Political debates
  • World’s dictators of the XX century
  • States taking part in World War II
  • Attitudes toward political parties
  • Voting system types
  • International organizations
  • Main motives to start a political career
  • Political activist
  • Politics and Ideologies
  • Forms of political philosophy

Good classification essay topics on education

good classification essay topics on education

When writing on education, you as a student should feel at ease with the subject and comfortable in the process of paper creation. Actually, your subject matter should come effortlessly and may touch upon any aspect of your educational life.

  • Contemporary forms of education
  • Types of lectures
  • Teaching techniques for high school
  • Learning techniques for college students
  • Written assignments at college
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Students performance at workshops
  • School leaders, what are they like?
  • Best college pets
  • Campus types in a modern world

Easy classification essay topics on entertainment

Life is not all serious aspects and problems, writing about entertainment you can open much new in this sphere. Just start!

  • Dance Styles
  • Video Games Classification
  • How different films end
  • Crafts and its forms
  • Styles of Arts
  • Carnival Costume Ideas
  • Why people become artists
  • Types of TV comedy shows
  • Traveling destinations
  • MP3 music

Division and classification essay topics on natural sciences

Natural sciences have in all times been a perfect field for research one can easily narrow down on various facts in this sphere.

  • The theories on how life emerged
  • Islands types
  • Earth climatic zones
  • Cat species
  • Tectonic movements classification
  • Dinosaurs: which do we know?
  • Types of sources of alternative energy
  • Sciences which study the universe
  • Physical laws
  • Social sciences

Good topics for a classification essay on technology

good topics for a classification essay on technology

Technology plays the leading role in our lives nowadays, and the educational assignments can’t leave out the themes connected with it.

  • Computer users main types
  • The stages in computer evolution
  • The main types of mobile applications
  • Online search engines of the present days
  • Smart devices and their classification
  • Computer versus tablet users
  • Online educational resources
  • Outstanding inventions
  • Portable music players types
  • Communication possibilities online

Classification essay ideas on business

Business is always a popular topic and a great subject to write on. There are plenty of controversial aspects and problems in this sphere, which require much attention.

Some of them are:

  • Strategies for making decisions in business
  • Legal entities types
  • Options for startup funding
  • Leadership and leader types
  • Skills vital for a manager
  • Assessment tests variants for job applicants
  • Various strategies of money saving
  • International cooperation pluses and minuses
  • Conflicts at job and ways to cope with them
  • Investors: the good and the bad

Types of classification essay topics on finances and accounting

types of classification essay topics on finances and accounting

Don’t assume that accounting and finances are hard to write about, it’s not necessarily so. The key secret to a successful work on this topic is to find a motivating subject, some issue or problem which will give you a stimulus to search for answers.

  • Contemporary business entities
  • Economic theories
  • Classification of goods from the economic viewpoint
  • Organic farming
  • Business monopolies
  • Consumer spending habits
  • Worldwide trading structures
  • Online shopping patterns
  • Main economic laws
  • Taxes and taxation

Nutrition and health classification essay topics

The theme of health, nutrition, and healthy diets can be considered quite a burning issue nowadays and consequently a great topic for an essay. Some ideas below will help you create a paper, standing out in the other writing works.

  • Methods of losing weight
  • Techniques of giving up smoking
  • Sources of different vitamins
  • Allergy types the most spread
  • The factors increasing the risk of heart attack
  • Natural components in cosmetics
  • Nutrients classification
  • Classification of diets
  • The motivation for doing sports
  • Daily skin routines

Classification essay topics in the psychology field

Psychology is extremely popular nowadays and provides a vast choice of subject matters on humans’ behavior and mind peculiarities, habits, traumas, phobias, etc.

  • Schoolchildren behaviors in the classroom
  • Workplace behaviors in various age groups
  • Strategies to fight depression
  • Changing of the men and women roles
  • Methods of therapy
  • Methods to reduce stress
  • How people treat conflicts
  • Parenting styles and their consequences
  • Character equals destiny
  • Outstanding psychologists

Funny classification essay topics

funny classification essay topics

It’s no good to be always serious, it works for earning process, that’s why tutors sometimes offer humorous classification essay topics for college students as well.

Here are some examples of such:

  • Most faithful Wikipedia readers
  • Ways to a man’s heart
  • Parents’ myth about Santa Claus
  • How to make your parents go mad?
  • Fitness freaks classification
  • Facebook friends classification
  • Ways to bore people
  • Jobs like panda hugger
  • People to avoid

There are actually plenty of ideas what to write about in your classification research paper. For those who likes or wants to travel, it’s always interesting to speak about the traveling destinations and purposes. You can pay attention just to the aspect of vacation destinations, which the travelers choose and look at it from various angles.

Relationships are an eternal topic so to say. What people look for in the relations? What are the main values people share? Do they change somehow in the course of the time? Remember, however, that this topic may be dangerous.

First dates, for instance, can be an attention-grabbing topic, to investigate what they can be like and the reasons and factors, which make the first dates go wonderful, terrible or disastrous.

It’s fun to classify individuals on social media networks, you can find there trolls, lonely ones, photography and selfie lovers, even “social animals”. All these are personalities you can meet today in social media networks. It’s interesting to find out and investigate the motivation folks have for using social media.

It is interesting to observe people not only in social media. You can also tell about personalities of real life and follow this topic in various directions: in society, in the professional sphere, in the family, just find the right focus and review them from any angle you wish.

Neighbors can become a separate theme for your written assignment as these are the people able to warp your whole life, you’ve probably heard plenty of stories about the worst neighbors one ever had.

Working out is a popular issue today and you may take it as a topic, devoting either a lighthearted paper on athlete classification or creating a serious work dealing with the contemporary body issues.

As opposed to a healthy lifestyle you can turn to the hot-button problem of marijuana legalization. The supporters and opponents of the issue can be classified into the narrower groups.

Generally speaking, some of classification and division essay topics ideas can become an ideal source of self-reflection. Write what you are personally passionate about, categorize yourself from some angle and you’ll see that written college assignments can be made easy and be a great fun. You can share and classify your sources of inspiration, your ways to spend leisure time, your personal goals in the long run, your favorite teachers, the inspiring motivation quotes you often turn to etc.

Now you can see it with your own eyes how classification and division essay ideas deal with the subjects which comprise the whole concept. You may apply various methods and explore it through classification from different angles, however, it’s always essential to clearly identify your classification principle and carefully consider all the similarities and differences of the categories under review.

Some subjects may seem endless and the writing process of such essays can become really messy. You may seem to have plenty of ideas at first and narrow them down, but during the research process it might turn out, that there are tons of information, which should also be included, more ideas will also come in the process of work on the paper, but finally you’ll still get a clear view of the subject and fix the mess through a careful revision.

Keep in mind that the essay of such kind requires clear message and accurate structure. It even may take more time compared to the work on the other essay types. It’s even worth to consider a special ambiance to work on it.

It’s important to remember that peaceful atmosphere plays a great role when you aim to provide a successful essay or any other piece of creative writing. Try to find a silent space to work on your paper, you need to concentrate and take into consideration all the relevant facts and data, so it’s vital to find a place where you’ll avoid the unwanted disturbance and will be able to distract your mind. A brilliant paper is sure to be a result of working in a calm peaceful place where you can write, think and innovate.

Rarely the work on the research papers go smoothly without any confusion, you may come to a standstill at some point or feel tension due to the time limitations set. However, there is always a way out and you can always ask for professional college homework help and expert opinion of the specialists in the field you study.

One more important key to success is not to submit a paper without revision. Check it for the grammatical errors and slips of the pen, contextual flaws, and clear categorization along with in-depth specifications of information.

Nevertheless, it provides plenty of space for your creativity and can be a real fun with a right topic.



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