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There are many difficult types of essays, but a personal essay is considered to be one of the most interesting among them both for the reader and for the writer. What is the reason for such thoughts? Well, there are many reasons why some think so. And quite often people have different opinions on that because there are many things that one would think that they are hard to write about. To start things off right, it is important to remember that this is not a regular text where you can tell about something in detail. This means that you will have to write only about the college personal essay topics that are given to you and there will be no opportunity to move to some other topics that you might want to discuss or to tell readers about. Instead, try to focus on bringing the most info that you can about the person. The next part that often scares people is when they become aware of the fact that they will need to prepare longer for such type of text. Well, there is nothing difficult in this task actually. However, people are often afraid to do that because of their lack of experience. Just imagine that you would spend all this time writing any other type of text. Instead, you are just going to surf the Web, looking for some interesting personal essay topics that you will be able to use further in the text. The next scary part of writing such a text is that you will need to combine a lot of writing styles. Most people automatically think that such texts are the advanced ones and that you will need to have many years of experience in order to succeed in writing them. Well, that is not true. Even though the text will actually combine many styles, you can still write it quite easily if you have ever tried to write any text about a famous personality. It does not mean that you will need to do the double the amount of work just because of this. Especially, if you use one of the common personal essay topics, it will not be the difficult text for you, for sure. However, make sure that it is not a monotonous piece of text that will be hard to read. But this is a topic of the next paragraph.

How to write personal essays


This question is always popular among the new writers since they usually never encountered a problem when they needed to write a whole text about somebody. And yet there is nothing to worry about. Instead, try to find the most information about the person that you can on the Web. Try to go deeper and look for some interviews with this person. That will perform two tasks for you, find the most relevant info about them and also it will exclude the possibility that you have fake information. If you have one of the top personal essay topics, it will be quite easy to find such interviews with these people. You can also write on some topics that are more or less close to personal topics. You might choose to write about people that surround you or about some groups of people. The main thing is that you do not want to go away from the concept of writing about people. This is the first and the last thing you will want to follow throughout the whole text.

The next thing to talk about is the structure of the text. This is not the easiest part of writing such types of texts, but it is definitely not among the reasons to hate this situation. First of all, make sure that you have enough info. We will talk mainly about personal essay topics for college, so if you need to write such text for some other educational institution, you will need to adjust it to the requirements of that place. In the first paragraph you create a brief biography about the person or a group that you have selected. It should contain some info about their life, achievements and some of the other things that people usually look for at the beginning of the article. After that, try to think and find some information about the first years of a person’s life. That will allow you to create an interesting beginning which will make the reader want to read the text all the way to the end. If you have troubles with that, it is not a problem, and you can just pick one of the personal essay topics for high school students which are a little less difficult than the other ones. However, make sure not to start writing at the level that is usually required for such articles. After you are done with the first part, it is time to move on to the harder part of writing, which will be the main years and the analysis of the things that the object has ever done in their life. Do not get scared if you are assigned to write a text about yourself or someone you do not know. You may have good writing skills, but this is completely new to some authors.

Why choose personal persuasive essay topics for writing

After you have read almost all the information, a logical question arises. Why would a new writer pick such a difficult topic to write? There are a couple of reasons, actually. First of all, we all want to become better. This means that people need to do something new and harder all the time in order to become a better person in something. Therefore, picking such a topic will give a new writer so much experience that they will be able to switch to something new later. Also, this means that the writer will be able to write several types of texts, which will make them not just a better writer, but with some time they will reach a totally new level. Another great thing is if you pick one of the personal essay topics for college applications, you will be able to stand out from the crowd of those who are going to choose easier topics. And in this case, it does not mean that it will be better for them. However, it means that you will be more creative in the eyes of the professor, which will definitely get you some extras. After you are done with all the theoretical parts, it is the time to move on to the more difficult part that will not be that easy for some of your classmates, but at the same time with our list of personal essay topics, you will write an awesome text easily.

College level personal essay topics


These topics are way more difficult to write than the school level ones, but at the same time they definitely pay off, as you can work with some of the more interesting topics than those who write school texts. Make sure that you take them seriously as some of the topics might have an interesting twist that you will need to find and describe in the text. Among such topics are personal experience essay topics, as these ones are harder to write because you have to think a lot over them. You can also examine how to write a personal essay for college application examples to prepare yourself.

  1. The biggest fear in your life
  2. If you had to become an animal, who would you be?
  3. A story about a difficult decision
  4. Who is your favorite singer?
  5. Who do you think is the most similar to you from movies?
  6. When did you have the biggest argument with one of your siblings?
  7. Describe your most interesting dream that you have ever had
  8. What technologies have been integrated into your life so that you cannot live without them?
  9. The best childhood memory associated with your parents and grandparents
  10. Music that inspires you and makes you feel good
  11. Perfect family vacation
  12. The day you met your best friend at college
  13. An awkward moment you had in college
  14. Your fears and phobias
  15. Something that motivates you to study hard and pursue your dreams
  16. Things your parents taught you
  17. The time you spoke out about something important to you
  18. How would you spend your gap year?

Personal essay topics for education

These topics are slightly different from the previous ones. The main difference is that educational topics are usually a bit more school-based, which means that you will need to have at least some knowledge about the topic of the text. These texts can describe many things, but the most important among them will be is the fact how much info you are going to include in your text and if it all looks nice. By the way, if they are written in a good way, these topics are considered the best personal essay topics among all. Therefore, let us move on to the actual examples.

  1. How can a professor motivate you to become better?
  2. What is the best way to decorate your room?
  3. What did you do when a close person betrayed you?
  4. What is your perfect home and how will you create it?
  5. What ways do you use in order to stop conflicts?
  6. What technologies do you think have a better future?
  7. What hints do you use to speak with people?
  8. What are the best methods to deliver your speech?
  9. Describe your personal growth while you were studying in school or college
  10. Do you like doing homework or is it a waste of time for you?
  11. What was the best lesson you had in college or high school?
  12. Is it hard for you to prepare for school exams and how do you deal with stress during exam week?
  13. Which second language did you learn?
  14. Right and wrong choices you have made regarding study and education
  15. What is the bravest moment in your life?
  16. The most important lesson in your life
  17. Describe the biggest failure in your life and what it has taught you

Easy topics for personal essay

These topics are quite often used by scholars because they are not that hard to write and at the same time you can add as much info as you want, because topics are usually pretty wide, which means that anyone can make them look nice even if the info will not really match topics. Also, there are no real frames that limit the author by the amount of words that they used in their text. Therefore, if you do not mind writing a short easy text, this is right where you should be, but make sure you know how to write the best texts using these great personal essay topics.

  1. How to relax after a hard day?
  2. A story about the greatest fear that you have
  3. The best place in your house
  4. A story about your favorite TV show from the time you were younger
  5. The best part of the history of your country
  6. A story about your favorite movie
  7. What would you buy right now if you had a lot of money?
  8. The work of art which you adore the most
  9. What relationship you have with your pet
  10. The best period of your life
  11. The secret talent you have
  12. The unexplained event that happened to you
  13. Your favorite season
  14. Your best birthday party
  15. Your favorite type of food
  16. Your favorite color and why
  17. Your actions if you would have won a lottery
  18. Your favorite holiday
  19. Your favorite type of exercise
  20. Your favorite piece of clothing

Other good personal essay topics


You can use these topics if you are out of other ideas for your personal essay. They are surely no worse than the other topics which you have seen previously in this text. However, you may have a situation where you need another topic, which is not as easy as the previous ones, and not as complex as the college topics. Make sure that you have tried to find a perfect one in the previous parts of this article, and as soon as you are out of the ideas for personal essay topics, you can move on to these topics that are listed below.

  1. The last act of kindness that you have made
  2. A story about the job which you dream to get
  3. The most beautiful place in the world that you have ever seen
  4. The best music band that helps you to fall asleep
  5. The most irritating thing that you have met recently
  6. The last thing that you read on the social media websites
  7. A thing that reminds you of the childhood
  8. A story about the role of money in your life
  9. What would you do if you had a chance to live in another country
  10. The ways you help the world
  11. The best words you have heard in your life
  12. Something you have witnessed that you will remember for your whole life
  13. The best morning of your life
  14. Describe the most beautiful landscape you have seen
  15. Something that makes you feel guilty
  16. Your shopping habits
  17. A place you would go if you could time travel



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