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Writing an Essay on Poverty

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It is crucial to understand what the poverty is before even writing about it. And also there are so many other things that you have to take care of that you will need a lot of skill to be able to describe all of them in one text. However, do not get scared ahead of time, we are here to help you with this difficult task. And there are actually many things that you have to take care of before even starting to write your thesis statement about poverty. So, let’s move on to the actual discussion of what you have to do before jumping into the text itself.

Making yourself comfortable

Before you even start thinking of the text, you have to make sure that you are in the best condition for writing it. That means that you will have to get yourself ready for the productive time. For different people that might mean different things. Some only need to turn on some music on low level for the background and they will be ready to go. At the same time, you might know people who are really bad at getting themselves ready for work. A great thing to do for such people is to remove everything that they will not need during the work from the table. However, keep in mind that some things that worked out for you might not work for others. Some people prefer working in the morning, while others do all of the important work in the evening. It all depends on you! Also, remember to keep a bottle of water near to you and some snacks. It’s necessary to make breaks whenever you need them to free your mind and get some new ideas. And don’t starve yourself if you are hungry — that’s fine to have a snack, but make sure it’s healthy and only benefits you.

Research questions about poverty

As you may know, the easiest way of writing a text is having it structured. So, it also applies to this type of a text. You will definitely need to know what type of a structure you are going to use in your text. For example, something like a research will have a totally different structure than a normal school essay. So, keep that in mind before moving on to the next thing in our to-do list. And that is the list of topic that you will want to discuss in your essay. There are two ways that you can actually go in this situation. First one is the most common one. That is a list where you write down your main parts of the text, like poverty introduction paragraph, main part and so on. That is an awesome thing to do if you are writing a normal text for school. It will help you keep the essay structured and easy to read. That will also prevent you from overdosing one of the parts with information. The second way is to write down bullet points of what you want to write about in the text. And that means the main discussion topics of the text. That will help when you have a task to write a creative essay with your personal opinions on the topic or something like an article for the magazine. That will help you when working on the next part of the preparation to the actual text writing.

Getting the needed information

Still it is not the time to move on to the poverty essay introduction. Depending on the previous part of the preparation, you will have two ways to go. If you chose the first one it will be more difficult to find the needed info for your text, as you will have to look for everything in general and then think about how to apply all of that to the text itself and to the individual part of it. And that is one of the reasons to pick the second way of writing the text. It will provide you with the easy way to search the needed information. This means that while searching, you will be able to look for the exact topic and after that you will be able to apply it according to the plan you have created previously. That is already a lot of hints on the information searching and preparation to the text, but it is still not the time to start talking about how to begin an essay on poverty.

The next thing you will need to do is check whether the information is true or if it is actually fake. You might have heard that hint before. But it is crucial for anybody who is just starting to write. Sites like Instagram or Facebook should not even be considered as the sources for your text. Of course, you might want to use a quote of one of the famous people in your text to make it sound better. However, watch out not to copy some fake quote or something like that. Moreover, when writing a research paper on crime and poverty you must not use any kind of a source without checking its credibility. These are two most important advice on such thing as information. Trust us, it will help you a lot when writing the actual text in the future. The last smaller hint on it is to get as much as you can. The info on the Web is, of course, free, so why not take advantage of that and get as much as you can for yourself. When writing about something you will save yourself from getting back online to find more pieces of info to make the text more interesting. So, just do that ahead of time. Also, there are some other things that you will have to take care of before moving on to the discussion of how to write a research paper on poverty.

In order to make time spent working more efficient you will have to do some preparation before the beginning of writing. That means that you will need to remove anything that might be disrupting you during your time working. For example, the loud program on TV will not make your working time easier. If you are one of those coffee drinkers you will definitely want to get yourself a cup of coffee before even moving on to the actual text writing not in order to save yourself 5 minutes, but to prevent yourself from getting lost in the text and forgetting about what you were writing previously. Also, remind yourself to get all of the needed stuff before even writing. That might be a notebook in case you will need to write some info down to use in the class later on. After all of this preparation you are most likely ready to move on to the poverty essay thesis.

The introduction

You might think that this part of the text is the easiest one judging from the experiences that you have had in the past with all of the school texts. However, it is actually more difficult than some might think. So, the first thing you have to realize is that the first paragraph of your text will dictate the following content of the essay. Therefore, take some time and think about the perfect beginning to your essay. That is a crucial thing on your way to an A+ text. Let us help you to think about everything and get the best thesis statement for poverty research paper. Just remember that it will not be the easy task.

As you might remember, before starting of the text there was an advice to look for some information that you will be able to use in the future in your text. Well, the first paragraph already requires you to make a lot of research in order to have the best one out of everybody else. So, why would you need some information to have a nice thesis paragraph. Well, first of all, you will have to be well-educated about the thing you are writing about. That is probably a big enough reason to look for the info. However, there are some other crucial things that you will need your found information for. And this information is crucial in something like a poverty and education essay, as it is a topic that is searched by many and many people all around the world. However, this fact also gives you some advantage as you are now able to find a lot of interesting articles on this topic that will allow you to get into the topic and by reading them you will increase the level of knowledge about the problem, making your text way more interesting than it would have been without that knowledge.

So, what it the actual way of making the best first paragraph for your text? Well, it kind of depends on the type of your text. You will see these words again later on in the text, as with the topic of poverty depends a lot on the type of the text that you need to write. For example, a research paper on generational poverty will require you not to mess with any creativity as the genre of the text is very scientific making it hard for you to put in any of your own thoughts. However, in general, it is the best not to put in too much personal thoughts into the first paragraph. It will only be essential in something like one of the how to essays where it is impossible to get a high grade without writing your own thoughts one everything. For example, in a how to reduce poverty essay you will have to put in some thesis with ‘I think’ words in order to fit the frames of the genre that you have and to be able to keep up writing about this topic in the following parts of the text.

So, is there something that would be general for all types of texts on this topic? Well, there is even a better thing that you will for sure like. That thing is used by professional writers in their top texts in order to keep the reader with them. That is something that will be quite difficult for a starter writer in the beginning, but it will definitely pay off if you try hard enough to get the best one that you can. That thing is called a hook and it does exactly that. It hooks the reader to stay with you throughout the whole text. And that is where you will need the information that you have searched for previously in the preparation part. Some of those facts might be more interesting than the others. They are called the attention grabbers for essay on poverty. The great thing about them is that if you look good enough you will be able to find them easily. They just stay out of all of the other facts that you have seen. That is actually a reason why many statistical facts are the great hooks. The simple reason for this is that not everybody has seen the numbers on the Web, but the general facts are often spread through some other sources, including the live conversations.

However, there is a thing that you will have to remember when writing any type of a hook paragraph. Do not put too many facts in the text at once. If that is not a huge text that you are working on for over a year than you will most likely not need more than one or two facts in the first paragraph. If that is something like an essay on poverty illiteracy and unemployment than you will not need more than just one. The other thing is check whether the information is true. You definitely do not want your research to be laughed at by the professors because you have used the 100% fake facts to support your thoughts in the text and without that fact the whole text is simply unreadable. That also brings us to the tip, which says that you should not make the whole text depend on a couple quotes. If that is possible, make sure that you have as many personal opinions as you can and that none of your facts have too much weight in the text. The last thing that you will need to think of when choosing the best hook fact for your text, is whether it fits the following text. To be exact, you have to make sure that all of the text that you have after your thesis paragraph follows the same topic as the hook which you used previously. For example, if you have used some interesting fact about the poverty in Africa, you do not want to end up talking about the poverty in Europe in your poverty essay conclusion.

We know that all of this might sound too difficult for you if you are writing such a type of text for the first time. However, it is understandable, so we are here to provide you with some great examples of statistics and interesting facts that you can and even should use in your essay!

More than 1.4 billion of people live in extreme poverty, spending and earning as much as $1.25 a day.

About a quarter of people on Earth, live without any electricity at all.

Over 2 million of children suffer from terrible diseases every year, because they are not able to afford the needed treatment.

That are some interesting numbers and facts that you might want to use in your first paragraph of anything like an essay on poverty and hunger. After you have chosen one statement, make sure that you know what to do with the rest of the text that you have. Add some personal thoughts, and do not forget that you will have to keep these thoughts in the following text, so make sure that they are the best ones that you can possibly get. Double-check everything after you are done with writing this part. Now, it is time to move on to the next part of the text, which also will be the most important one. But before doing that make sure that you have done the last thing after writing the introduction. That thing is the transition between the parts. You might have seen texts that offer a lot of useful and moreover interesting info, but are pretty much unreadable due to the fact that they lack something. That often happens to the essays on poverty research paper topics. Those are the texts that require a lot of transitional text in order to keep the text nice and easy to read.

So, to have a nice transition you will want to keep talking about the things that you have mentioned previously in the first part of the text. Do not use any strong thoughts in the transitional part as you do not want the reader to miss it. Yes, most of the readers will actually skip the transitional part because they will not notice anything too useful in it. Therefore, do not spend too much time creating a great transition if you do not have the top quality first part and the following paragraphs. In the end of this part, you will want to start talking a little about the things that you will have in the main part to prepare the reader to something like that.

essay on poverty is the parent of revolution and crime

The main part of the poverty essay outline

So, when you are done with the transition part and you have checked everything in the previous parts it is time to start thinking about the main part of the essay. It totally depends on the type of the task that you have. It simply dictates what kind of information you are going to write in your text. However, if you look up any type of an essay on the Web you might notice something similar among all of them. And that would be the ‘general information’. Not only it is suitable for all types of poverty texts and different articles, but also this info will be useful at all types of persuasive speeches on poverty, making it a valuable thing for any writer that has a task to write about the poverty.

Probably the thing which will always be neutral and you will not be able to somehow change it in order to fit only one of those types of the texts. That thing is history. Yes, anything has a history. So does the poverty. In addition, we are going to provide you with all of the needed historical information on this topic. Moreover, we are going to give away a free topic for you to use. Let us jump into it right away!

History of poverty

Starting from the early years of humans, we have all been extremely poor. Let us start from the year 1 and talk about all of the conveniences that people had. Throughout the next 1000 years nothing has changed actually, people remained poor and in bad living conditions. Of course, you will not be able to use this in the smaller topics essays like an essay on poverty and malnutrition, but you will be able to use that in anything more general than that. Therefore, after over 1500 years of pure poverty the things began to change in just one country. That was Italy, which was probably the richest country at that time. And it all began to take off later in the 18th and 19th century when most of the European countries and the USA started to grow their national reserves. Throughout the next 100 years, the things got even better with most of the European and some Asian countries getting out of poverty. That was a great sign that the things are getting better with time. However, in the last couple of decades we can see that the old tempo is not being held, and only several countries are successfully fighting the poverty with China leading the list. Historically, most of the Chinese people were living below the poverty line, but nowadays way over a half of them are above that line. Moreover, this topic is actually something that you would want to use in something like an essay on poverty in third world countries.

The history has seen some interesting, but mostly failing strategies to fight the poverty. One of them has been proven to be just a sick dream of some. However, it still exists at two countries. That sick dream is communism. Due to two men Marx and Engels who believed that if you give people equal pay for everything and if they have equal privileges, the life will become easier and those who have too much money will need to share them with others while the poor will be able to get out of poverty. However, something went wrong. Probably everything was just not right from the beginning. The rich would never have less money and that exactly happened at the USSR, the biggest country ever to apply communism. This story would be the best to use in one of the gap between rich and poor essays, but it will also illustrate that there is no way for everybody to be equally paid and for everybody to be happy. So, use this example in your history paragraph of the essay you are writing. However, before doing that, check whether your type of essay will allow you to do so.

What is poverty?

The next thing that you might want to use in your essay is the definition of poverty. Well, everybody knows that poor is bad and poverty is a thing all around the world. But how bad is poverty and what would you consider poor? Well, this question would be quite different for different types of essays, as the location of the author simply dictates the definition of poverty. You will ask how that is true. Well, there is one thing that explains all of that. The tip is actually to use it in your wealth and poverty essay. That is info graphics, and they show us how poor each country is. If you look up the definition on the Web it will tell you that the poverty is the state of being extremely poor. So, if you look at the interesting facts about the poverty you will see something like ‘25% of people live on less than $1 a day’. But what if in some country those are not the bad numbers actually. If you take the world poverty line, it is $1.25, but if you will take the USA as an example, less than $40 a day will consider you poor. Therefore, try to look at that when writing about the poverty. Because you do not want somebody from Pakistan to read your text and dream of that $40 a day. However, in some types of essays you will be required to include this info. For example, war on poverty essay will require you to be able to give out all of the information about the third world countries that need the outside help in order to save the countries’ economics. Still, there will be something that you can write about in any type of a text. For example, something like writing about the world lowest line of poverty would be OK in most of the poverty essays.

The other thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that the world is getting richer. Yes, that is a slow process, and some countries even do not follow the tendency due to the reasons like wars or natural disasters, but in general, humans are getting richer. That actually has a lot to do with the history of poverty. As you already know, throughout the years, people have been getting more and more rich, allowing themselves to use the high-end things. This is something to mention in your speech about poverty, as it will be a great explanation to some African countries slowly getting out of the economical pit and getting their statistics higher. You can also mention the countries that are falling down to the lowest levels of poverty due to the wars on their territories or due to some natural disasters that require the governments to spend millions to restore everything at the damaged places. Usually, the rich countries help those countries to restore their economic systems, but still that does not save the poor countries from suffering from the effects of the poverty. And it is well-known that the wars are always having two losers and no winners. Therefore, try to explain that in the text. Since there are so many wars in the world nowadays, there are dozens of countries suffering from that. This is a topic that you will want to use in your essay on poverty in developing countries. Why exactly developing countries? Well, because the biggest number of countries that are in war is among of the developing countries. That simply puts them back to the position where the development of the economics is impossible and the resources are only spent towards the battles.

The last topic that you might want to have on the general topics is the fact that we have to take initiative to fight the poverty. That means that nothing is done without the action. And if the rich countries like the USA or some European countries do not take actions in order to prevent the poverty than people will be running away from those countries to try to find a better life in the rich one. However, having no skills, they often make the criminal statistics full of new records. Therefore, it is in their interests to prevent the other countries from getting on the edge of the economical defaults. You can easily include this info in your sample essay on poverty, as those who will be checking your text will most likely respect your initiative to make the world a better place for everybody.

After you are done with this part you will again have to think of a transitional part between the general topics and the more specific ones. Generally, it would be the best to divide the text on two smaller topics. The best is when they will be showing two sides of the coin. And that does not always mean that you will have to show two sides that are facing each other. They might be complementary. That happens when you pick the first one to be the causes of the problem and the second one to be the effects. And that is something that we are going to do with the essay on poverty and unemployment and every other type of an essay about the problem of poverty. Let us jump to the actual main part.

So, in general, poverty includes such things as: constant hunger and illness, discriminative relationship in a society, no permanent place to live in security and isolation in places that are marginalized and insufficient, weak social networks, lack of any skills and capabilities, gender discrimination and many others. If you take some of these points separately that won’t necessarily mean that the person they are applied to is extremely poor, but all of these means the help is needed. All of these could be include as indicators and reasons why poverty exists, and humans still have to come up with ideas how to fight it. Use these indicators of poverty in an essay on measures to eradicate poverty and think of ways how to fight it as a society.

Causes of poverty

There might be a lot of talks on this topic, as different people have different theories on why the poverty is caused. And they are not always similar to each other. Meaning that we will have to look at all of them. However, there is a need to say that most of them have a piece of true info in them. Therefore, making it less difficult for us in terms of looking for the information, but at the same time making it almost impossible to find just one theory that will combine all of them together. This means that in your causes of poverty essay you will need to describe as many of them as you possibly can. Even though it seems to be a really difficult task for you, do not worry, just like always we are here to back you up and give some practical advice, as well as provide you with some outlines that you will be free to use in your essay! So, first of all, like mentioned before, the best is to start with describing all of the existing causes of poverty that people usually tend to believe in.

essay on poverty is the root cause of all evils

Poverty is a state of mind essay

As you may know, if you think of something too much that might eventually come true. That eventually happens to those who take too much care of their money. They literally only think of how to get more of them. Well, even though it seems as everybody is doing that, those people actually forget about anything but money, making themselves really vulnerable to the other things that might happen to them over time. For example, if you forget about your social life, you might be cut off from the society erasing any business links that you might have had. And even though it seems as something that is not likely to happen to you, think again, as there are many examples of people losing their mind for money and then losing all of them at one moment. The other thing is that people who are just relatively poor. For example, they just make a little less than their neighbors start to think bad of themselves getting in the psychological pit. And that is a way to bring yourself to the bigger problems and to the situation where you will actually become somebody behind the poverty line. That is actually a really interesting research topic on poverty for those who need something to write about. The effect of these negative thoughts is generally devastating, making you a zombie that only cares about how to get more money than somebody, while they should care of not to lose all that they have currently. However, even though this topic sounds scary and you might have already started believing that this might happen to you, relax. If you just think of what you are doing and what is the point of that, you will be just fine. Still, the next causes are way more likely to happen to somebody you know or even worse, you.

Sanctions from other counties

If you follow the news at least a little, you must have heard this word before. Many countries nowadays have to face something like that. The biggest examples of countries suffering from international sanctions are Russia, Iraq and, of course, North Korea. All of them have done something that caused the other countries to enforce all types of punishments on them. And just the government’s bad decisions will eventually bring to something like impact of poverty on child development essay which will be described later on in the text. The countries face all types of punishments. For example, Russia has just got the new wave of sanctions and many of their biggest businessmen are now disallowed to visit countries like the UK or the USA. Therefore, making it impossible to keep working on their business projects outside of Russia. It might sound as an OK thing to the other citizens, but eventually the corrupt government is starting to higher the taxes in order to help the businessmen to get the lost money, except now sponsored by the local people. And you can mention this cause when writing something like a poverty impacts on families essay, because it definitely does impact many people all around the country. So, the sanctions as well as the wars where Russia has been involved actually start bringing the country back to the state where it was at the early 2000’s. Back than almost 30% of Russians lived beyond the poverty line, but by the year 2012 everything has changed to a better, but definitely not the best state of 10% of people beyond the poverty line. However, with everything stated above, the economics are on the edge of failing with almost 15% of citizens living on $1.25 a day or less. And, sadly, the numbers are not going to decline any soon due to the new waves of sanctions and the going war with Ukraine.

The next country that you can mention in your essay on poverty and starvation will be the North Korea which is a well-known sanctioned country. The state of economics there is way worse than in Russia mostly due to the sanctions. Due to the internal sources, most North Koreans earn less than $2-3 a month making the country probably the worst place to live with the highest percentage of citizens beyond the poverty line. That also brings up the fact that due to the lack of land and import, the country is suffering from starvation, because the local factories are not able to produce enough food, while due to the international veto, the country is unable to get the food from countries like Japan or South Korea, hoping only on the help of those countries that do not obey the international conventions, like China and Russia. However, with problems in its own economic system, Russia is probably not able to help much. While China at the same time has their own problems solved at the moment. However, the Chinese problem would probably fit something like a child poverty essay as well as the child labor essay. So, if you think all of this is bad and that nothing can cause more problems than international sanctions than you are definitely not right. You will be shocked by some of the causes of poverty. And you will, for sure, want to use them in your text, so we will be ready to provide you with the best quality text.

Lack of education

You might not think of this reason as of a major cause for poverty. However, it is a huge problem nowadays, causing people to get the lowest pay that they can possibly get. For example, many people in the USA have been suffering from getting the lowest wage because they failed to find a well-paid job due to the lack of skill or most likely due to the lack of a diploma. This problem is something to use in your lack of education and poverty essay, as there are many problems that you will face due to the lack of education, but still the poverty is most likely the worst of all. For sure, you might have heard many stories of the success from all types of people. For example, your neighbor might have been the one who dropped out of college during his first year and managed to get himself a career of a businessperson. Or we have all read about the success of people like Zuckerberg and Gates and they motivate some young people to also drop out of college early. However, nobody hears from those who have dropped out of college or were unable to even get in there due to a lack of money. That is again a topic for a poverty and education research paper. What you have to mention is the words of those who did fail to get out of poverty due to a lack of the college diploma. They all say that the education might not even be that important for one, but the diploma will at least allow you to expect a higher wage than that minimal wage that you will be having without it. And the stories of people who have failed are always way more motivating than of those who have succeeded.

Lack of natural resources

We all know that many Eastern countries totally depend on their natural resources. And that is definitely not a bad thing. We can see how countries like the United Arab Emirates are becoming really wealthy due to the fact that by selling resources like gas they are making the country’s budget bigger. Moreover, they do not just spend that money on making the country better, but also on their citizens, making them one of the most powerful and rich people in the world. This wonderful story would be a great plot for a poverty solution essay. Still something sounds weird about all of this. Yet nobody understands what and Europeans and Americans keep thinking that the Eastern people will always be that rich and that their governments are just way better than the existing ones in their countries. However, there is a trick to this story. Have you seen how many stuff Arabs buy and invest in in Europe? That might sound like they are just really good in making money and that they are simply looking for the ways to get even more money not just from the gas, but from their own businesses. Well, there is some true to it, they are trying to set up the additional sources of money. What that means is that the smartest of the Arabs take all of the gas money and invest them in something else that will be able to bring some profit in the future. We all know that the resources are often getting short and after that it is quite difficult to get money as easily as it was before. That is something that the Eastern people are thinking of ahead of time. This great example of future thinking should be included in your essay on reducing poverty. In the future, when the gas will be something from the past, the smartest Arabs will remain rich and ruling everything around. That is because they understood that in the future the gas will get short, meaning that the country will have no endless money sources anymore, making those sources closed for the citizens too. So, these businessmen actually made an investment in the future, so after the extinction of the gas money they will still have a nice and ready source of money that they will be able to invest once again. And that is how they will survive from getting into something known as poverty.

However, for some people the shortage of a natural resource might become a huge failure in terms of the budget. We have all heard of the gold diggers who are trying to get money from working hard. You will be surprised, but a lot of those who seek for gold, marble or diamonds succeed. So, you will start to think something along the lines ‘Why is there this outline among the normal poverty essay examples?’. Well, there is one thing about the diggers, they often get what they want, but at the same time they have no idea what to do with the money they just got for free. There have been many historical examples of people who had huge fortunes were able to blow them in just a few years. Moreover, the new, richer, lifestyle made them live new lives, spending more money on the usual things like clothing, cigarettes and food. And not realizing this, they were simply getting more poor than they were before that. Therefore, it is crucial to understand that the resources have a tendency to end, making it hard for some to find alternatives for the usual job.

There is actually another situation including the natural resources shortage. It is different, because there is no way of changing something. You will not be able to invest in the future and win in this situation. All you have is poverty which will be running for you even before the actual shortage, but you will simply have enough speed to run away. However, without the resources, some will be just falling down, letting the poverty take them. This is an actual situation in the third world countries. You must include this example in your essay on causes of poverty in Africa, as it will be key to show the time that you have spent researching the topic. If you include something as deep in thinking as this example above, you will probably be able to get a really high grade on the text that you have to write. People in Africa depend a lot on the natural resources. Due to the lack of a progressive production factories, people need resources to keep making things that their ancestor where doing. And even though they work, people are still living on a real low level of life. Just imagine what would happen if they lost all of this. Yes, a loss of a small part of what the African tribes do with the natural resources will most likely cause the tribes to either die or to get used to the modern life. And if you look around the world, many tribes have chosen the path of working on the alternatives. Because nobody wants to be that dependent on the nature.

Therefore, in order to prevent some countries from going into bankruptcy, the more developed countries have to start working on giving some help to those in need. You can actually use these words in your essay on preventing poverty, as that is an actual way of fighting the poverty. However, we have to realize that without the help of the locals and their governments there is no way of fixing the existing poverty. That is a huge problem for many African countries, as they tend to get into corruption and things like that, making it almost impossible for the developed countries to help in any possible way. That is the other thing that countries like America has to think of before actually giving loans. Yes, if you want to change something in the country, start from the government, it works exactly right in this case.

Personal choice

You might not believe it, but some people actually choose to remain poor rather than making their wallet bigger. You might have seen the examples of a behavior like this. It is becoming quite popular in the rich countries. People simply get bored of a rich life and start investing into the emotions and communication with others. They donate their personal belongings to the shelters, making great stories for something like an essay on helping the poor and needy. But not just the shelter benefit from this choice. The people who decided to give up most of the usual things are actually quite happy too. They are now way closer to the world as they do not have anything ‘more important’. All they have is the real life communication with others. And that is the only type of poverty that does not need to be fought. That is a typical story of poverty as a state of mind. And by trying to fix things here you are just most likely going to break everything.

There is yet another situation when people give up their belonging in order to become poor. That is the religion. And in this case you are also not going to be able to do anything. However, in some specific cases you should try really hard in order to persuade your close relatives or friends that they are on the wrong way. And since most of these cases happen with the elderly people you can surely use this story in your essay on poverty and the elederly. So, when is it good to give up your personal things for the religion, and when is it bad? Well, the answer is quite simple, if the religion requires you to get rid of the things to give them to the church, it is a bad religion. However, if the religion requires you to give up some normal things in order to rich something than you are on the right track. A great example of the second type would be Buddhism. That is a religion that wants you to simply give up all of the things that you might be so used to in the modern world. But it will not require you to donate all of that to make the new campus of the church. You will surely keep the things in your belonging, but for the full meditation and for the feeling of freedom inside you, you will have to get yourself cut off the rest of the world, and that is probably the only way. It all gets sad when we talk about some sects that will want you to donate more and more money every time you come in. Well, that is most likely not something that will get you out of the poverty. And that is not the poverty you will like or enjoy. Since we all know the country with the biggest number of sects and other types of scam religions, you will probably want to use this topic in your poverty in America essay, as nothing is more American than this.

Physical disability or/and no family support

If you think of somebody who has disabilities, you most likely imagine a picture of a person in a wheelchair. Well, that is probably not the best picture that you can get. Definitely not all of the people with disabilities cannot move. However, they often have troubles with living the lives that we are all so used to. And when it comes to the topic of work, people with disabilities are becoming without any chance to prove that they are good workers or anything. Of course, there are some specific companies that hire people with disabilities, but generally it is ridiculously difficult to find a job that will not just let you do something, but will also pay you off nicely. Actually, you should include this topic in your essay on poverty and health if you wish to let people know more about what is going on right now with all of this. So, the disabled people are not able to find a nice paying job, meaning that they are often left on their own to not get into the poverty. And in the Europe the problem has been solved quite easily, the government provides enough money and opportunities for the disabled not just to stay away from the poverty, but also to prove the world that they are worth a lot. The situation gets totally different when you look at the less developed countries. For sure, the governments are trying to do something about the existing problem, but generally, the disabled are left on their own to fight the poverty, and in most of the cases the poverty wins. If you want a creative topic for your cause and effect of poverty essay, than this is the one you want to end up using.

The thing which is quite connected with the last topic is the support of your family. We have all seen those heartbreaking stories when the children are left on their own when their parents died in the accident. Those are the worst stories of poverty that you can get, because from a happy child that used to have fun in the yard and play with friends, there is nothing left. The child becomes older quite fast. And they have to think of so many things at once that they have no chance to have a nice childhood. Moreover, in most of the cases they are not able to fight the poverty on their own, making it just another sad topic for a lasting effect of poverty on children essay. The same actually happens in a slightly different situation, when the family is present, but for some reason they do not support you in any way. That often happens with the elderly people whose families are not too kind. And the worst happens when you think about the disabled people who were left alone by their families. Those are the types of situations where people have almost no chance to live a normal life, since they have no resources to fight the poverty. Therefore, with time all they get is the worse level of life. So, never forget about such situations that bring people to poverty. You could add some of your personal opinions in the end of your text, and to be exact, in the conclusion for essay on poverty.

Moving on

So, when you have picked a couple topics to write about in your causes part of the text it is time to move on to the next part of your main paragraph. And as you might remember, it is the effects part of the essay. You should also remember that those are not two opposing sides that you will have to compare. They are actually complementary, making it impossible for you to compare them in any terms. What is the best to do is to choose one of the causes of the poverty and also pick a close effect that this cause might have on the society? That would definitely make a great text. You can pick the causes and effects by the geographical principle. For example, your poverty in the United States essay would not be full without some of the topics that we have mentioned previously in this article. It’s okay if you are still wondering how to write an essay on poverty in America — read all of the recommendation we give and google other articles too if you feel like you need to. Also, there are many other ways to sort the causes and effects for your text. Remember that you want your main part to be the most interesting among all of the part of the article, so pay attention to what you write about.

After you have picked a pair of paragraphs, it is time to start moving towards the effects part of the main paragraph. What you want to make sure before that though, is whether you have a nice transition between the two sides. It might not seem as a big deal, because you do not often see a transitional part in the middle of a paragraph. However, you will need that in order for the reader to understand how the cause and the effect correlate. Or you will also want to keep your global poverty essay nicely structured, and that would be a reason for you to add that small number of sentences.

What you want to tell about in this paragraph also is some of your personal opinion. And the great thing to add to that would be a quote of your favourite author. It will get the text diluted from the strong concentrate of the information to an interesting article that will be easy to read and nice to tell to somebody. Yes, you actually have to remember that somebody might want to tell the story to one of their friends, so you will like to make it a little bit more simple. Alright, let us move straight to the effects of the poverty — you need to know all of them in order to write a great essay on overcoming poverty.

Effects of poverty on education essay

Have you ever wondered why those who work at the lower paid jobs do not have an opportunity to get a better job somewhere else that they will at least enjoy doing. What is the thing that limits them from getting that nice job? Well, the answer might come a little weird for some at first that is the poverty. And that is where the questions start. How does the poverty affect them if they have a job? It is quite simple actually. The answer is in the previous years of their lives. The years when they could not afford to go to a nice high school due to the fact that they literally had no money to do so, and they decided to work somewhere to help the family with the money and just to do some stuff that you could not while at school. When you mention this in your growing up poor essay, do not forget that there is actually the next step which will also be blocked to these people after the high school. It is easy to guess. Yes, they could not go to college. Well, that might not sound as a big of a deal, but in the real world, the absence of the diploma does not bring anything good to you. What it brings you instead is a low paid job that you hate. Yes, the results of poverty might be devastating. You could have also seen another effect that the poverty has, but is does not always come out like the rest of these. You will actually want to use this one in your essay on poverty leads to child labour.

Child labour as a thing is not something that you do not ever see in the modern world. Countries like China use the child labour as one of their main forces to provide the world with some of the things that only grow or are made in the country. What many do not think of is the fact that it is all the poverty that makes people hire children to do the tough jobs. First of all, the kids labour is way cheaper, making it a perfect choice for a good businessman. But at the same time, kids need money to help their families and that is the reasons why the make such tough decisions. You probably will not use this in your essay on poverty in America, but telling about this sad trend of nowadays is crucial in order for the rest of the world to find out about the existing problem. Also, the other poor countries are required to use child labour even in the jobs other than the production lines like that is done in China. In some African countries all members of the family that are over the age limit, which is about 6-8 years are made to do the work. Sadly, that is not the ‘work’ that the European and American kids are used to. You will not be granted amazing amounts of money for doing nothing. So, this should definitely be shared all around the globe in order for the countries with the stronger economics to try to help kids like that. Your way to share all of this is quite easy. You will just have to pick this topic as your main effect topic in the essay on poverty in the world you will be writing for your English class. If you think that this effect that the poverty has on people is quite bad than you are mistaking. The next effects that we are going to talk about are actually even worse, as you will not be able to simply pass a law to disallow people from doing that. All of these actions are already illegal and the new laws will never help to fight this. However, by spreading the word and punishing some of the people who are related to this, we have a chance to win the fight. And there should be no excuse of ‘life in the poverty’, as these actions would only benefit you from getting into the worse poverty, while another person or even the whole country will have to suffer from the actions.

Poverty and crime essay

Those are the two words that often go along with each other. Yes, poverty causes crime. And nobody should say anything against this, as we can just look at the lower developed countries where the amount of crimes is way higher than the amount of them in the countries like Sweden or Norway. Judging from their experience, it is quite easy to say that if the country is poor and many citizens live below the line of poverty, then the number of crimes is most likely to get higher with every cent down that the citizens lose on average. And even though crime is not always a cause of poverty, you should mention it in your essay about poverty causes and effects.

For example, in US crime is often associated with more poor areas of the city. If facts are true, in US people that live in poverty are more likely to commit any crime than those who do not. Of course, very often poverty may actually lead to crime. People try to find their own way to survive in our world and sometimes the easiest way is to steal from others, especially those who are richer. When someone can’t obtain a thing they want, people in a hopeless position start thinking about committing a crime. It’s also proven that a high level of stress, that the poor might suffer from, can lead to theft, robbery and even murder. But even though urban poverty increased the risk of violence and crime in US, it did not make any changes to racial risk factors. White people are at the most at risk to experience crime at a rate of approximately 5.60%, while African-American people have a risk of experiencing crime in poverty at a rate of approximately 5.13%.

 If you decided to pick this effect as your main second part of the main part of your essay on crime and poverty than it is crucial to understand that this will never be about your opinion, so do not try to somehow persuade the reader that you are against the facts and that they need to believe you. What is the best to do instead s use some actual statistics that will be able to show the real picture of what is going on in the world. But make sure to follow the advice on the information that has been given previously. Also, do not try to somehow change up the facts so that they will be better for your text. Instead, try looking for the actual fitting facts that you will not need to adjust to your poverty causes crime essay or any other essays that you are going to be writing. You surely do not want somebody to read your text, copy the data and then blame you for the disinformation.

Poverty and corruption

Some might say that this is just a theory, but that is probably not true. If you look at the graphs of the most corrupt governments in the world and at the same time you will take a graph of the most poor countries in the world, you will be surprised by how many ‘coincidences’ there are. Well, they are not the coincidences actually; they are just what should happen. Therefore, once again, when writing an essay on poverty breeds corruption, it is crucial to understand that you have a big mission of bringing this information to the other countries’ citizens that have never heard of such a problem. The more people know about this, the bigger are the chances of a success.

Corruption has awful impact on others’ lives. Even if you haven’t done anything bad, your life can still be destroyed by it. Small kids are left without parents, people are left without food, security and homes, but still corruption continues to destroy nations. Death rate in more corrupt countries goes higher and higher every year. Corruption makes other people live their countries and search for a better luck in other places, but many on their way experience bad conditions and survival becomes even a harder challenge.

Just imagine a situation where you are working as a police officer in some poor country. And you see a criminal do his thing. However, when you arrest him, he offers you something like your annual salary. Well, it sounds weird to accept that in the countries like the USA. The thing is, you will still earn your money there. However, in the third world countries there are almost no chances of getting that much money at once for doing nothing. Therefore, it is something that needs to be worked on for a lot of time. However, in your essay on poverty is the parent of revolution and crime you can now also add that poverty causes corruption, and that is why we can’t beat only one thing and turn a blind eye on another.

Still there is enough to talk about. For example, some people consider poverty to be the mother of terrorism and that is one of the effects where you might argue. The thing is, nowadays most terrorist attack is not due to the lack of money or starvation, etc. Sometimes, the actual reason for terrorism is the religion. Therefore, in an essay on poverty is the root cause of all evils it would make a point to actually give some counter arguments that the poverty is not the only reason why the world is bad. For sure, bad economics might bring bad government decisions and all that kind of things, but generally, there are some other thing that cause bad stuff to happen. Nowadays, that is most likely a person’s personality and also the acceptance and religion topic are on the talks everywhere.

However, there is some truth to these words too. If you look at the map of Africa, you will find a country, which is called Somalia. Well, that country is considered to be the home of boat terrorism. And that would be a positive argument in your essay on terrorism is a product of poverty. What you should know about that country too, is that there is no real government. The country is ruled by the gangs, making it the only anarchist place in the world. And the next fact about it is that it is extremely poor. When you look at the numbers, you will be shocked that over 70% of the people live below the line of poverty, meaning that when they saw the international ships full of worthy things, and people that could not oppose, it was the only right decision in the heads of the future pirates. That was the story of how the poverty actually caused pirates to appear once again. Still, that is not exactly the terrorism, which once again approves our theory. We can’t actually blame only one thing to cause either poverty or corruption; more often, it’s a combination of corrupt politicians, terrorism and poor economics and infrastructure that lead to corruption and poverty. Let us move on to the next effect that the poverty has had on the humanity and also look at the decisions that the Western countries have talked about.

essay on poverty and starvation

Opinion essay on poverty and famine

Have you ever heard that the famine is one of the things that the modern kids would be scared of the most. Well, the reason for that is that nobody actually knows at least something about this effect of poverty. There is no doubt that the poverty is the one to cause famine. For sure, massive poverty does not always mean massive famine, but at the same time if a family does not have enough money to buy food, the only thing they can do is just starve or ask for the money or food. Unfortunately, poor people can’t afford even the most basic foods for survival, and sometimes they have to search food on the street, in the garbage can and even ask strangers to give them something to eat. There are different poverty essay topics, but this one is definitely one of the hardest, because sometimes we don’t even realize that so many people like us live in such bad conditions.

But, while others don’t have anything to eat, richer nations have some problems with food consumption. More than 9 million people worldwide die each year because of the hunger, and approximately 5 million of them are children. According to statistics, in countries like USA or United Kingdom around 35% of food is never eaten. About 15% of food is thrown away to the garbage in almost every house. About $40 billion US dollars worth of food is thrown away every year, and the amount of it increases. Many restaurants and cafes add up to the waste of food. Sometimes food goes bad even before it gets eaten. It happens due to the poor technology and infrastructure or the lack of it. Moreover, all of this things cause a huge damage to the environment: more fuel is used for transportation, more dangerous chemicals such as pesticides are used, more rotting food that creates more methane (the gas that is one of the most dangerous greenhouse gases that influence climate change). If we could reduce wastage at least by half, we could have a great change in our environment. It’s time to understand that everything we eat and throw away will make a change and it won’t a good change. We have to stop damaging our planet too much. You may not understand it, but your unfinished dinner from last night is actually harmful — it creates more waste. And more waste causes poverty. Take this topic serious — it’s definitely worth mentioning, especially if you are writing a college essay on poverty around the world.

Food should not be a privilege — it should be a human right. Food production rates these days are actually higher than population growth, but still so many people have to starve to death over the world. And problem lies in the inefficient distribution of products, inadequate land use of land, and, of course, politics. Some politician doesn’t see a benefit in solving world hunger, so they decide to speculate on this issue and deceive people. This problem as to be addressed directly without hesitations, and this is why your poverty research paper has to be done carefully and every topic should be researched, including famine.

In order to fix the problems with the poverty, people sell the last shelters that they have had in order to have enough food to at least stay alive. You might include this sad fact in your poverty and homelessness essay. So, let us talk about the decisions that the Western countries have had, and why all of them will be difficult to do in the real life. First of all, the European countries have already tried to send the raised money straight to the governments of the countries that needed help the most. However, as you know from the previous part of this text, the corruption is still a thing in Africa and the money did not reach the normal people.

The second try is going to be more likely to be helpful, with ships from the West delivering the actual things to the Africans, like canned food, water and clothing. Even though this sounds like a good idea, it will be hard to do once again, as most likely the corruption will take over again with the richest taking the best things and leaving all of the worst to those suffering from the actual poverty. This is another story to use in your essay on poverty and corruption.

The corruption will take over again with the richest taking the best things and leaving all of the worst to those suffering from the actual poverty. This is another story to use in your essay on poverty and corruption.

And that is pretty much all about the main piece of text. After this part it is the turn for one of the most important parts of any essay, the conclusion. However, before going into writing that one, it will be the best to create the last transitional paragraph to let the reader take their time and think of everything that you have mentioned in your essay on poverty and violence. Use something like a quote or some interesting fact to let the reader take a rest from all of the given information. After that you are ready to take on the conclusion.

Poverty and inequality essay

Even though there’s been some progress in reducing poverty, still many countries are suffering from it. And the truth is that there is more to that. It may not seem obvious at first, but inequality and poverty are closely connected to each other, and sometimes one thing can result into another. Use some of the information below to write an essay on poverty and inequality.

 If you need to find any ways to help reduce poverty and inequality, you have to know the cause of both. While reading the information below, start thinking about how all of these problems can be fought and mention all of your ideas in your essay on poverty solutions.

Before talking about inequality, we have to understand what the equality is. There are several types of equality. Here are some of them:

  1. Political Equality. It means that all men are equal before the law and have equal rights to political participation. Of course, it wasn’t always like that. Until 1930, women didn’t have a right to vote. Since then things have change thanks to constant discussions and struggles to help everyone get equal political right to speak up.
  2. Equality of outcome/result. It means that all people have approximately the same level of wealth and income. In other words, it’s and equality of condition. To achieve it, for example, as a nation, government has to eliminate any factors that cause inequality for either individuals or households. Often the wealthy have to agree on sharing their wealth with poor. So, in general, equality of outcome is a condition where no matter what one does they will get the same income as others.
  3. Equality of opportunity (sometimes equality of access and equality of life chances). It means that people are going to be able to compete on equal terms no matter where and when. For example, anybody is going to have an equal right to apply for any position in an office no matter what age or gender they are if they have the needed skills and they will get an equal pay either. It’s not the same as equality of outcome though — these two ideas are actually opposite.
  4. Equality of treatment. It means that everybody can get access to such things as education, health, housing and other necessities for well-being. Unfortunately, many people have felt like the government gives more access to even such basic things to those who have more money. Education and healthcare are not affordable to a lot of citizens and many complain about that. Not that many people have power to control what’s happening in their lives and in case of the emergence they might not always get a treatment they deserve. So, basically the equality of treatment is about everyone getting the most important things equally no matter who they are.
  5. Equality of membership. It means that all people within any group have equal rights with other, including freedom of speech, property rights, health equality etc. It also means equal opportunities and obligations, and the absence of any kind of social classes or caste. Gender, religion, language, nationality, and race are not going to be a reason for getting an unequal treatment or being discriminated.

Of course, none of these conditions in their perfect forms exist in our society, even though we strive to achieve it. Also, it’s an actual cause of inequality. Don’t forget to mention all of it in your informative essay on poverty.

There is a huge gap between rich and poor, and, unfortunately, sometimes entrepreneurs discriminate their workers and make their conditions even worse. And sometimes big manufactories and companies will hire people from poor countries for keeping their salaries low. There are several ways big companies actually cause poverty:  

  1. Many companies keep the salary of their workers as low as possible. This means that they will spend less money on their employees and get more profits. This means that that the salaries of business executives is paid from the pocket of the workers of the company.
  2. Think about property owners and developers. Unfortunately, many of the increase the price of their land and speculate on its costs. Land owners are becoming even richer at the expense of others, and, on the other hand, not that many people can afford to buy or rent land because of that.
  3. Also, some companies increase the demand for more consumers’ goods. They advertise the product on the TV and billboards and make products easy to break so they require replacement. As result, the salaries of firm owners and the producer go even higher, while the consumers have to spend more money on the product.

Of course, there are way more ways how the wealth actually cause poverty. Do some research to find out about others and use them in a background on poverty essay.

Final Word

Well, the thing is that we should not only think about direct ways of helping the poor but also about how to make the wealthy stop using these different ways of getting more of dirty money by lowering workers’ salaries and stealing from others without anybody noticing it. The world shouldn’t be divided into the rich and the poor. Keep that in mind when writing your essay on preventing poverty — there are always various sides of one story. It does not matter which type of papers on poverty you choose to write about, it’s about quality, true facts, and a helpful piece of advice.


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