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The educational system is aimed not only at providing young people with knowledge and skills in a certain field. It also creates the moral image of new generations. To attract students' attention to important issues and to form a healthy worldview, writing of academic papers on socially important topics is often included in the curriculum. In particular, this concerns the essays about honesty. If you received such an assignment, this article will definitely help you to cope with it perfectly.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 1

Basic definitions for an “Importance of honesty” essay

Explain in a “What is honesty?” essay that in many respects this concept is connected with truthfulness, sincerity, integrity. It means some exemplary order of Being and human relations which must be strictly followed to create the harmony between people on the earth. From this perspective, the content of the word "honesty" coincides with the concept of "justice". In this case, people say "we must live honestly" or "honesty will triumph". It is something like the highest force which ultimately passes its sentence.

The Supreme Truth expresses itself in a human fairness or Divine Court, in which evil and cruel people are punished, good and kind are rewarded. Honesty rises above the many-sided empiricism of life, over its filth and pettiness, injustice and senselessness. It is higher than rationalism. It is a deeper and more basic force than a simple observation of events. In this sense, honesty confronts the "truth of life" understood as a mechanically collected negative experience.

The honest person lives according to the moral law, God's commandments, human conscience and never says: "Everything around is nasty and bad. It's the truth of life. Why should I be honest, kind and generous?" It is important to stress in an essay on honesty that the truth does not boil down to the registry of horrors from the "yellow" newspapers. It appeals to the humanism in a human.

The honesty means the openness between people: they are sincere with each other, do not lie, do not betray and do not resort to hypocrisy. In interpersonal communication and in relations between groups, it is manifested in trust, attention, and responsiveness, involves mutual assistance, support, desire and the ability to understand the other person, to reveal own intentions and plans. Honesty and integrity exclude any exploitation, selfish and prudent use of another person as a tool for achieving own goals.

Also, you may mention in an honesty definition essay that this concept means the correspondence of our views to the objective state of affairs. Everyone knows from childhood that it is necessary "to tell the truth", that is, not to lie, not to distort the real picture of events, not to compose fairytales that are presented as facts. In this sense, the honest person follows the truth, does not lie and does not deceive.

It is believed that honesty is the basis of every virtue. Indeed, only an honest, truthful attitude towards other people is actually moral, because it involves the recognition of their dignity. No one wants to be deceived and should not act in this way in relation to others.

Honesty is closely connected with the dignity of a humanity. A Person who respects himself can't be a cunning liar. He seeks to avoid all pretense and dishonesty, is ashamed to be convicted of lies, does not want to mislead other people, because he respects and values ​​them. The person loses own dignity if he willingly lies, does not appreciate and respect others, puts them in a stupid position, prevents them from properly orienting in current events, ruthlessly confuses them.

However, there is another aspect of this issue which may be considered in an essay about honesty and lying. Do we always have to tell the truth? Is it necessary to loudly announce to a disabled person that he is an invalid, and to an ugly woman - that she is ugly? Is it possible to create something on the basis of honesty that hurts and kills? This is a purely moral problem which can be formulated as follows: why, in each specific case, do we speak the truth and how do we speak it?

Real honesty means that the information is reported as objectively as possible. It's necessary to provide the widest panorama of possible consequences, supporting the confidence and dignity of the interlocutor, no matter what truth we tell him. Philosophers of the East who believe that the unpleasant facts always should be told in a polite form are deeply correct. Emphasize in a “Should we always tell the truth?” essay that otherwise the honesty turns into a tool for causing suffering or even into a blatant lie.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 2

In practical terms honesty also means loyalty, dedication, devotion. An honest man is not a traitor. He will not deceive hopes and expectations of surrounding people. Such an individual will do exactly what he promised. Honesty as loyalty is expressed in the joint overcoming of obstacles. If two people go on a difficult trip, an honest man will not leave a friend in the middle of the road and will do his best if the companion should be rescued.

It’s also worth mentioning the consistent and persistent fulfillment of promises in an honesty and integrity essay. Parents should honestly take care of their children, even if kids do not meet their ambitions and fantasies. Growing children should honor their elderly parents. The person who started an important business honestly seeks to bring it to the end. In this sense, honesty may be understood as conscientiousness or reliability.

Finally, it is not difficult to find an example of a definition essay on honesty where this word is used as a synonym for "justice". The phrase "They honestly shared what they earned together" means "shared fairly". In the framework of honest behavior, everyone who participates in a joint undertaking will get the reward or punishment that he deserves. There will be no subjectivism, arbitrariness, personal preferences, and collusion.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 3

Material for “What prevents honesty?” essay: examples of stumbling blocks

All the above definitions of honesty show that a man of honor has dignity and pride. He will never resort to immoral, vile, treacherous behavior. At the same time, for sure everyone has often met opposite concepts: people lie to themselves and others, conceal the truth, distort what exists in reality. You can consider this situation as a central problem of an essay about the meaning of honesty and explain it by several factors.

On the one hand, there are a number of stumbling blocks for the manifestation of honesty, both internal psychological phenomena and diverse social manifestations. On the other hand, there is a lot of insincerity in the modern world because the power of the influence of honesty on life (in particular, on the global evolutionary development of personality) is underestimated.


In many respects, internal qualities (such as arrogance, overestimated self-conceit, easily vulnerable ambition) are the first and most important stumbling block that prevents a person from looking at himself honestly. Often they do not allow us to admit own incompetence, ignorance, imperfection, to undertake something to fill the gaps in knowledge or skills and to really improve our lives.

Prohibition to know

A number of social and psychological phenomena of modern society support self-deception and make it difficult for a person to be honest with himself. For example, rejection of responsibility, censorship, projection, moral judgments and many other public manifestations contribute to self-deception. Shallow knowledge of own psyche and unconsciousness also do not allow a person to look at himself truthfully.

Secondary benefits

It’s also worth including secondary benefits in an outline for an essay on honesty and integrity, obstacles that impede them. This concept is widely used in psychology. A psychiatrist and neurologist Sigmund Freud introduced this term. It means the existence and manifestation of deliberately suppressed interests, significant needs which are achieved in the process of satisfying other intentions. For example, when buying a car, the person's positive intentions are speed of movement, convenience, and reliability. At the same time, need to emphasize own social status can be a secondary benefit.

When the secondary benefit contradicts the positive intentions which are consistent with the values and moral norms of the person, it may be forced out of his consciousness. Owing to unconscious secondary benefits, a person may misunderstand the essence of events, the motives of own behavior. Stress in a persuasive essay on why lying is bad that this is a serious stumbling block for change. To do that you need to know how to write a persuasive essay.

For example, the secondary benefits of illness (long absence of recovery) are often the care and attention of relatives or material rewards (insurance). Unwillingness to give up secondary benefits can significantly hamper and slow down the recovery process.

Denial of responsibility

Self-deception can also occur due to the unwillingness of a person to take responsibility for own actions and decisions (or their absence). The author of the book "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life" Marshall Rosenberg considered the rejection of responsibility as one of the types of life-alienating communication.

The author described a court session with war criminals. The subordinates of Nazi officer refused responsibility for their actions using a special official language (bureaucratic speech). For example, when criminals were asked why they did certain things, they answered "I had to do it". If the question "Why?" followed, the answer sounded like "an order from the authorities", "such is the policy of the organization" or "such is the law".

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 4

Advantages of honesty

There are many reasons to choose the path of honesty. List the most important of them in your “Why is it important to be honest?” essay:

  • Necessity to speak out. Even if you do not know about such a need and hide it from yourself, it still exists. It's just great to share feelings and emotions with someone else. It's very strange to experience everything inside yourself all the time. In the end, it turns out that you remain truly alone, no matter how many people are around. In such a case, it's hard to talk about a happy life.
  • Contact. Many people are familiar with the consequences of isolation: negativity, alienation, heaviness. In reality, everything is much simpler. All we need someone who may remind about it. But how could your friend know what's happening in your heart if you remain silent and do not answer his questions? It is very important to think what kind of interaction with a close environment you build.
  • Scale. It often happens that a person faces the above-mentioned problems. He calls a friend and expresses emotions without any control. Yes, such behavior is much better than a complete lack of communication. But what if you will be sincere always? Then you will not have to accumulate emotions and spill them onto the surrounding people in a form of an uncontrolled flow.
  • Also, it’s worth emphasizing in an honesty research paper that you can restore order in own soul and mind. Owing to honesty, you will find out what you really think about other persons, the world around and life as a whole. Such a move would eliminate many useless contacts, allow you to get closer to like-minded people. Maybe it will surprise you, but there are many such individuals around. Just be honest with yourself, and it will be easier to find them.
  • Honesty allows to conquer fear, to recognize own weaknesses, limitations, constraints exactly as they are. Moreover, by speaking out, it's possible to go through them and free yourself. After all, the talk about something is often the step through the line of fear.
  • Mention in your “Honesty is the best policy” essay that sincerity will change a lot of situations in your favor - wherever you show own desires, opinions, aspirations, if you did not do it before. Chances of getting what you want will grow significantly, even if not to 100%. But if you do nothing, the chances are equal to zero. Any chance other than zero is greater than zero, isn't it?
  • Harmony in the relationships. Honesty will lead to many situations where, if not a conflict, then, at least, clarifying the relationship had to happen a long time ago. This is not about scandals on an empty spot but about the actual establishment of contact with another person, whether it is a relative, a beloved one or just a friend. It's not easy to build a relationship in a close circle without honesty. If there is a misunderstanding, it must be solved, which is impossible without talking about the problem. If you are able to deal with such issues only through conflicts, then honesty is a good opportunity to master the wisdom of communication.
  • One more interesting detail for a being honest essay: sincerity will add charisma to your character. In the modern world, truthfulness and integrity are perceived as something original. New friends are often surprised if receive the honest answers to their questions.
  • Freedom. Honesty will give you the opportunity to notice, realize, speak out and release tons of discontent, resentment, disappointment and other negative memories associated with some people. You will free own perception from a heavy burden of the past. Of course, you should not concentrate on such reflections. Such reaction can be only a temporary consequence of the previous experience of restraint.

If the "sediment" is really strong, as a first step, it will be enough to honestly express all your thoughts on the paper. Only then, if the need has remained, it is reasonable to communicate, of course, already being calm. Otherwise, from a sincere and honest conversation, the dialog will turn to accusations, claims and will lead to the formation of a new "sediment".


  • It is also important to stress in an essay about truthfulness that your current level of honesty is only your choice. Not everyone is ready to approach the ultimate honesty without due moral preparation. Sometimes it takes a long time to get used to a new model of behavior. However, such communication really changes the individual and his life.
  • Conflicts. On the other hand, if long-term restraint has led to a considerable accumulation of the negative emotions, the sudden cancellation of boundaries can lead to an unexpected intensification of conflicts with the outside world. This does not mean that you should not open your heart. Just do it gradually. Again, every step should be done at your own discretion and rely solely on personal feelings. It's only possible to advise not to stop in the position of isolation. The rest is up to you.
  • In addition to the conflicts, there is also a high level of stress. Needless to say, it may be quite problematic to open up something that was hidden for a long time. So just remember that no one hurries you, and you can move at the speed you choose. However, emphasize in a “The value of honesty” essay that this movement is a path to freedom from shyness, fear, and other similar manifestations. The faster you pass it, the faster you can enjoy all the colors of life.

Information for a “Why is honesty important in a friendship?” essay

Sometimes we have to tell the truth to our friends and relatives. The information we have to report is not always good and pleasant. In your paper, you can describe how to present the truth in the mildest form. This problem interests many people, but not all apply existing methods in practice. Truth is always stronger and better than lies. But because of the fear of losing friends, we keep the lies inside ourselves and hide the real facts.

“People should not be afraid of telling the truth” is the perfect example of a thesis statement for an essay on honesty. Explain to the readers that, on the contrary, such behavior can improve relationships with loved ones. After all, not everyone likes to be deceived. But a bitter truth can also hurt a person. People begin to lie in order not to offend each other, and such an attitude to distortion of reality becomes a habit.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 5

The tips for people who want to build sincere relationships with the closest surroundings are listed below. You can use them as a call to action in an “Honesty in friendship” essay.

If you cannot keep a lie inside, it's better to tell the truth

No matter how bitter the truth is, it is better than hiding a burden of lies and deceit in own soul throughout life. Tell your friends what you wanted to say for a long time. Do not be afraid of the truth. Speak sincerely. Those people who really love you will be able to forgive. But this does not mean that you can continue to deceive your friends and then apologize.

It is necessary to realize own mistake and to correct it. Only in such case, you can become wiser and tell your friends the truth, whatever it is. Even if all friends will leave you after this step, it will be easier to go through life without feeling the pain of deceit. Those who are afraid of losing friends carry this load within themselves and significantly worsen own mental state.

It’s reasonable to advice in an essay about honesty: “Do not be afraid if all friends will leave you”. If you will really correct and realize your mistakes and will not deceive again, new friends will come into your life. But if you have not realized own fault and continue to deceive surrounding people, then you will suffer again without a chance to make something useful in your life.

Tell the truth sincerely

When you deceive someone, this is evident even for an unprepared person due to your behavior and expressions. Therefore, learn to tell the truth sincerely, just as it is. Then, even after a bitter truth, friends will respect you. But there is no guaranty that all of them will want to continue the communication with you (depending on what you hid from them).

There are many different situations in life. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to judge everyone equally. But in any case, try to tell the truth, because the worst thing that can happen is your inner suffering and a load of deception that will never let you feel happiness and joy. Speak sincerely with all people. Then they will begin to respect you. There will be new friends who also will be sincere because the best way to gather decent people around you is to become one of them.

Try not to deceive and immediately tell the truth

To tell the truth without losing friends, try not to deceive them. Then there will be no problems. But if you unintentionally deceived someone, it is necessary to understand and fix this mistake as soon as possible. Learn not to keep a deceit within yourself. It destroys the soul, which leads to bad consequences.

If you deceive people, they will deceive you too

This is an important lesson which may be described in essays on honesty. Remember, there is nothing accidental, and nothing is done without the reason. If you have deceived someone, then in the future, you will be deceived too, since you give what you want to receive.

If a person donates part of his income to charity, then in the future, he will have even more money according to the laws of nature. Similarly, if you deceive, insult and humiliate people, you give them negative emotions and, in the future, you will have even more problems. These patterns need to be understood in order to live more consciously and not to make mistakes hoping that everything will be fine.

Arguments for an academic honesty essay

It's not difficult to find a good sample essay on honesty at the university. This topic is quite popular. Teachers draw the attention of students to the importance of independent, conscientious study. So, why is it so important to do all the assignments on your own? What arguments can you offer the reader?

Any education, whether at school, college or university, always requires the student's attention and diligence. But it's not always easy for young people to realize that the study of different disciplines and reading books can be very useful in the future. And, of course, almost every student will easily find arguments against the need for diligent training.

It is even more difficult to talk about the importance of learning and high grades when children see that wealth and career advancement are often achieved by people who were not successful in the educational sphere, did not expand their horizons by reading books and even have no signs of intelligence. Everyone can recall the example of an educated person with brilliant grades, who, however, could not find a job in the specialty, does not receive a decent salary at work or still did not find himself.

Another key argument which is used by children of all generations may have the form of the following phrases: "I will never be a mathematician", "Why do I need physics and chemistry if I will dance/sing/declare poetry all my life?", "What for is literature needed if I already know how to read?", "Who should study history at the time of Google and Wikipedia?" and so on. These are questions that can and should be answered. But here is the main question for the essay on academic honesty: "What is the point of diligent study at school/university?"

Each of us can have own understanding and perception of success. Whether it is money, fame, power or universal recognition, each person has one universal goal - to go through his life to the end. On this road, we can understand why, in fact, good and diligent education, erudition, broad outlook and wide knowledge in various spheres are important to children and adults.

Imagine that you are standing at the very beginning of the road which leads to a huge cave. As soon as you enter it, darkness will instantly envelop you. That road diverges in many different directions. In some areas, it turns into a narrow path, in others - expands to a multi-lane highway. It can lead you to a swamp or to a cliff.

So, our life is a road with a huge number of options for movement, with a great variety of obstacles, problems, and disappointments that a person can encounter. And at the same time, it grants great joy and happiness. None of us knows what waits after the turn and how quickly our way will lead to the finish.

We have the opportunity to pass through this cave with the least losses, avoiding cliffs, marshes and dangerous creatures, being armed with an incredibly powerful arsenal - knowledge.

Ask the reader of an honesty essay for students who will have more chances to overcome all the dangers and difficulties that life prepares for us, to reach own goals on this way: a person who has to wander blindly or someone who took a map, a flashlight, and the necessary tools? Here is the answer you should provide: learning and reading give the person all the necessary resources that make his way safer and more interesting.

And the wider and deeper the knowledge is, the more confident you will feel. The fact is that the school and university program is just a minimum of what an educated person should know today. To know less means to condemn yourself to a life in which there will always be doubts and complexes. After all, you will not be able to maintain a conversation with an interlocutor or write a letter without the help of an editor.

The school gives a person only the first contact with various sciences and disciplines. How can you be sure that you will find your vocation or an interesting job at 20 years old if already at 10 you have closed for yourself the whole spectrum of professions related to mathematics (it is difficult to find an example of a sphere in which basic knowledge of mathematics is not required) or history?

And yes, returning to comparison with the road in the dark, why should we deprive ourselves of a conditional flashlight, map, and compass? Brilliant academic reputation and excellent grades do not guarantee a wonderful career, a happy life or fantastic riches. This is true for Europe, the United States and any other place on earth. But it is quite reasonable to write in a “My academic honesty in college” essay that a person with knowledge has much more opportunities to achieve success. Well, most importantly, knowledge will always remain with you and will illuminate your path.

Honesty Essay Writing Guide 6

Useful tips for essay writing about honesty

Having gathered enough information on the chosen topic, you also need to figure out how to work with it, how to format the text correctly. The essay genre has some standard rules that should be observed.

First of all, a structure always remains unchanged, whether you’re going to write a short essay on honesty or a long study consisting of several pages:

  1. In the introduction, you should make some statement, ask a question or simply describe the problem. The first sentences should attract the attention of the reader. So choose the words carefully.
  2. The main part consists of theses that support the basic idea and arguments. You can use any number of theses, but experts recommend to stop at 3 statements.
  3. In the conclusion of an honesty essay, you must summarize your thoughts, once again mention the problem described in the beginning, provide its solution in a short and clear form.

It is also important to remember that the central feature of the essay is the author's worldview, his unique style, impressions, and emotions. Even if your academic paper has many quotes from literary sources, statistics, it does not mean that you can simply leave the reader alone with this data. Tell him what you think about the issue under consideration.

For example, it is not enough to provide definitions from dictionaries in a “What does integrity mean to you?” essay. Write about how you understand this concept and how you implement it every day. Remember that teachers and other students also can take a dictionary from the library. They do not need to read your work to find standard definitions. But paper with examples from the life of the author will be really interesting and useful.

Do not try to write a work of art at the first attempt. Use drafts to train. First, formulate the central problem. Then compile the structure of the main part (which include writing theses and arguments), write a conclusion and an introduction. This sequence may seem unusual to you, but it is really better to write the introduction at the end. So it will be easier for you to pick up short phrases revealing the meaning of the work. According to the same principle, you can select a good title for an essay about honesty.

Having done all this work, do not forget to carefully check the text. Eliminate syntactic, lexical, punctuation and other errors. Despite the fact that the essay is a free genre, illiteracy, poorly constructed sentences, negligence are unacceptable.

As you can see, this kind of work does not involve any complexities or strict rules. So you can use the opportunity to do creativity. After some time, most students start to enjoy reflecting on philosophical and socially important topics.

In addition, an essay is a perfect way to become a more confident person, because you will learn to substantiate own point of view using convincing arguments. This quality is very useful in business and everyday life. So, perceive essay writing as an instrument for developing own personality.

We hope that this information was useful and your paper will be really great. Good luck!


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