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How to Write Papers About Bullying?

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Probably everyone is familiar with a definition of bullying. Unfortunately, this problem is still common these days, even though a lot of effort is put in fighting it. Bullying still affects thousands of students around the world, and as a result, many teens are afraid to go to school. Teachers and parents may not always notice this issue and do not think about the ways to prevent it. But the aggressive behavior should be stopped, and any writer can actually help by writing a persuasive essay on bullying. Even one essay can contribute to solving this problem. If you are the one who is ready for that, then you are in the right place – this article will help you to write a good argumentative essay on bullying!  

First thing first, it is important to look for ways of solving this problem. However, it is way more complex than you may think. Some students consider such a topic as an easy one because there is a lot of information that you can include in your paper, but it is actually quite challenging to write a perfect essay on this issue. The reason is that there are so many things to cover that you can get lost in numerous ideas even if you just want to know what is a good introduction for a bullying essay.

However, after reading this article, you will know how to write a perfect paper and get an excellent mark for it. Moreover, you will be able to cover a great amount of information in your text, making it a perfect example for the other authors who are just getting into the problem. However, be ready to spend a lot of time on the actual research as the issue requires a thorough examination. And now, after this short introduction to the problem, we are going to start with one specific thing that you must write about, which is the history of the issue under consideration.

History of Bullying

In order to research the problem, we will need to find out more about it. Historically, the word ‘bully’ had a totally different meaning, which was something like ‘sweetheart,’ but nowadays, the things have changed a lot, and in any bullying essay example, you will find the meaning which will denote a person, who is oppressing others for some specific reason or even without it. The first time this word was used in 1530, and just a couple centuries later, it has a totally different meaning than it had before. What is the reason for that?

The most likely, it happened when schools allowed students not to wear the uniform. Apparently, social inequality was more evident when children began to wear casual clothes. It may seem quite an unpersuasive fact, but any of the existing informative essays on bullying state that this issue has grown a lot from the 16th century. However, bullying existed not only because of different clothes. It even existed in adult society. Still, it was hard to identify as bullying. The reason was that people who had more privileges than others could easily mock the surrounding people for any reason they wanted. The same thing was happening with people who were bullying those with disabilities. It is something that is totally inappropriate in our world, but some centuries ago, specific disabilities were an object for mocking and laughing. After talking about history, it is crucial to think of a number of things such as bullying essay outline, title, and some more before moving on to the actual text writing.

how to prevent cyberbullying essay

An Interesting Title for Bullying Essay

The other thing you have to think about before writing the actual text is its name. Do not underestimate the importance of this part of work, as it is crucial to have the best title that you can create. Luckily, you will be able to find a lot of interesting ideas online.

The only thing you will need to know is that it should not be too long and boring. This is usually not mentioned in bullying essay ideas guides, and that is quite sad, as students tend to make this mistake quite often.

The Importance of Statistics

Have you ever had the feeling that the text is awesome and very well-written, but it lacks something? It feels like you are missing something important in your “how to prevent bullying essay.” This is the statistics which make the paper more interesting. To make your life a little easier, we will provide some actual examples that you can use in any of your essays about bullying:

  • More than 35% of kids have been threatened online.
  • Almost 77% of school-aged kids say that they were the victims of at least one type of bullying.
  • 1 out of 4 kids will most likely get bullied during their adolescence.

Probably, these statistics will be enough to prove that the problem of bullying is getting worse every year. By the way, it would be a great thing to do if you add some statistics to your introduction for bullying research paper because it is an awesome way of hooking your readers. Just one interesting fact will attract the audience to read the entire text. Just remember that any hook for essay on bullying will make your text much more interesting and engaging.

And now, as you know hot approach such parts as bullying paper outline and intro, it is time to move on to the actual text writing, where you can get a lot of interesting advice on how to make your text original and what topics are the best to write about.

Bullying Research Paper Thesis

It is generally believed that the bullying essay thesis is one of the most difficult things to write in the whole text. And that is true in many cases. The reason for this idea is that in some cases, it is almost impossible to find the needed information; for example, the origin of the word ‘bully.’ However, with our topic, there is enough information on the Web, making it a really interesting work to find the right information for your first paragraph. Therefore, let us move on to the essence of thesis, and after that, we will move to the actual examples.

This part of the article might be different for certain cases and may contain a different number of words. However, generally, the thesis statement is a single sentence that gives the reader a topic to think about. All you need from your thesis is a hook that will catch the reader’s attention. It is quite hard, and if you want to compare it to something else in the text, we can probably draw some parallels with the title for bullying research paper where we had to find that perfect balance between the size and the meaning. The problem of texts nowadays is that some of them have a lot of useless information at the beginning. Therefore, it is quite hard for people to read the paper till the end. However, with all of these tips, you will be able to have the highest grade possible. So, what can we write about in our thesis statement for bullying essay? It’s probably one the most important parts, so let’s consider it in detail.

Well, it is really up to the author writing a persuasive essay on bullying as they need to find the balance and get that sentence that will hook the reader.

Next, it has been proven practically that the quality is what really matters in thesis about bullying, not the quantity. Some authors manage to put just a couple of words with a slight statistical fact, and they still get a perfect thesis that attracts readers. Indeed, you can use those statistical facts that have been mentioned in the previous text, and they will most likely work, but you also need some other facts in order to engage the reader. Indeed, it will take a lot of time, but if you get everything perfect, it will bring you a lot of success. Also, the advice for the future is to think of how your thesis statement about bullying will be applied to the following text, as you do not want to have a sophisticated thesis that is not linked to the rest of the article.

In your text, you may ask your reader why the number of incidents of bullying is growing in numbers all around the world, or you can think of some ways of dealing with the problem. What dangers bullying brings to the modern world, and how can we try to fight those dangers? Those are just simple examples, but you can still use one opening statement for bullying essay that has been included here. It is awesome to have these as a backup, but you can always think of your own examples that might make more sense in your own well-thought text.

After you have your first part of the text ready, make sure to check it for mistakes, as the young authors tend to concentrate on quantity but not on quality. For some, this process is quite easy as they do not make many mistakes during the writing, but for others, it is crucial, and they will require a lot of time, just like picking one of the titles for a bullying essay for the first time. However, young authors can always find help online. There are various services offering assistance with writing. Now it is time to move on to the most interesting, yet the most difficult to write section of our essay, which is the main part.

Moving On to The Body of Bullying Essay

First thing first, while writing a convincing bullying essay, make sure that your thesis is not contradicting the next part. The next problem you might face with that is the number of words required in the text. The nice fact about our topic is that we can divide the main part into two smaller topics. It will be even better if you are writing a cause and effect essay on bullying, which allows you to cover many interesting subtopics.

Causes of Bullying

If you need to write an essay on bullying prevention, you will need to analyze the causes of the phenomenon. If you fail to explain this topic to the reader, it is almost useless to continue working on the paper, as you will not be able to show the reader that you are competent in the question you are writing about. Therefore, try to put as much energy in this part as you can. And that will be the biggest step to your success in writing any of your research papers on bullying.

There are so many reasons why people become bullies that some of them might not even be on this list. Therefore, we will need to look at many of them to show the whole case to the readers and give them as much info as we can. Let us start.

Cultural Bullying

This issue is considered to be the oldest and the most topical even today, so you will have enough information for your discrimination and bullying essay. For example, there was a terrible period in history when slavery occurred because of cultural dominance. That is the worst example of people being bullied and humiliated just because they are of a different race. You might have faced something like that when reading one of those racist jokes. State in a research topic on bullying that it would be great if everybody put their effort into fighting this kind of bullying.

Social Issues

This type of bullying might be found in any workplace. There might be various reasons for this type of bullying; for example, personal issues between two or more sides. However, this only happens when the workers are equal or almost equal at work positions. If you have faced such type of bullying and you have your own solution to this problem, then it would be awesome to include this experience in your stand up against bullying essay.

More Power

This problem often occurs in big companies. The trickiest in this case is that it is rather hard to find evidence of bullying since the victim can assess the situation subjectively, and the negative intent is not always recognizable. You can include this paragraph in your bullying research paper, as this is a great example of modern bullying.


Almost in any school, there is a student from a family, where the children do not get enough attention. They are left exploring the world on their own, and the streets become their home. But what can you learn from living on the street? Perhaps, the knowledge of how to not get bullied. Moreover, having all that experience makes somebody a perfect bully, and not even knowing that people, especially kids, are becoming dangerous if they think they are not treated right. This kind of bullying is a perfect topic for discussion in your essay on bullying in schools. Therefore, it is crucial for adults to take care of such children to help them overcome their fear of the world.

Well, now you have most of your text finished with some nice examples of what causes people to become bullies. But there is actually the other side, which is people who make bullies who they are. They are those who are the easiest targeted by bullies.

Kids from Loving Families

These kids are a total opposite of the bullies who have a tough time. This type of children is almost always nice to others, that is why they become a perfect aim for those who like to make fun of others. These kids often get so much attention and care from their parents that they have no idea about the things they might face in the future. This is a perfect example to use in your verbal bullying persuasive essay, as in some other cases, people do not get just verbally bullied but also get physically threatened. Quite often, children may call other kids names and force them to do things that they don’t want to do. It would also be a good idea to put this topic in your short essay about child abuse and bullying.

Not only weak people suffer from being bullied. Our society is so sick that everybody might get bullied even without any reason. State in your essay that there should be something that could lead to positive changes in our society; this tip is one of the most important among the other bullying persuasive essay prompts. Moreover, using the next part of our advice you will be able to write even more on this topic as the causes of this problem is just a part of the problem, while the main reason is not even the person who is bullying, but the outcomes of all of this phenomenon.

So now, we will discuss how to help those people who suffer or have suffered from bullies throughout their childhood and adolescence. This is a really important thing to talk about, as it often does not get the needed attention. It would be great to add this to your bullying research paper outline as this topic has not yet been researched much, so you will be able to deliver interesting unknown information to your readers, making yourself a reputation of a good writer. So, what is that topic that we will discuss before moving on to the conclusion paragraph for bullying essay?

Effects of Bullying

The question of consequences of bullying is the one that is often forgotten, as people tend to only think about the cause of the phenomenon. Most people hope to have all of their problems to be solved by someone else. The same with the situation when we are so passionate about solving the causes of bullying that we simply forget about those who have already suffered bullying or are suffering from it right now. This is not something that you would like to talk about in your bullying essay introduction (because it is rather sad and pessimistic), but having this info in your essay will make it unique. And let us move on straight to the examples of what bullying can bring to someone’s life.

Bad Academic Achievements

Being bullied, kids are left without any psychological help. Therefore, all they care about is getting back on track from all the bad things that happened in their life. However, one thing that is worth attention is grades and GPA. That is an issue that somebody who is being bullied has to take into consideration. You can include this topic in your college admission essay on bullying, as it actually is one of the factors that affect the transition from high school to college. Moreover, that would be an awesome topic to write about when applying to the university you like.

paper on bullying

Depression and Anxiety

Some people still think that depression is something that happens to sad teens when they are 14-16 years old. However, it has been proven that depression is a dangerous psychological state that might lead to terrible consequences if you do not cure it. Therefore, it is crucial to realize that kids who suffer from depression or anxiety might not be sad about one certain thing. If you know such a person, have a conversation with them. You might be the one who will save a victim of a bully. This example is the best to use in how bullying affects victims essay, as it shows one of the worst cases that a person can face and how valuable your help might be for these people.


One more serious consequence that may be described in bullying and harassment essay is the issue of suicide. Indeed, nobody should say that every single person who is bullied is going to end up committing suicide, but we can definitely see that in the worst cases, teens and kids are willing to do anything to stop others from bullying them. In situations like this, professional help is required, and a lot of work has to be done to save a child with dangerous thoughts. In your effects of bullying essay conclusion, you can actually give some advice for parents or teachers to prevent kids from this problem. It is actually quite hard to approach this topic as it might be a little too much to write in some informational essays, but at the same time, by writing about this problem in your text, you are spreading the information among the public. However, you can use this in something like an essay about bullying and violence because those are two reasons that get people to the state when they are so weak that they are likely to end their lives.

So we are finally finished with our main part, and now we have to start thinking about how to end our text. The last section of texts about bullying might be written in various ways, and there might not be any advice on your topic on the Web in general. For example, if you are writing a workplace bullying essay, it will be quite hard to conclude because of the lack of information online. However, you can just try to summarize the text and make an interesting conclusion of what you had learned from all of that information and describe some actions that people can take to fight the existing problem. So, what should you do to have the best conclusion possible?


Finally, it’s time to think about the conclusion for your essay about physical bullying. In the end, you should summarize your vision of the issue. Remember that your final part should not contain any new information. This advice will make your research paper about bullying easy to read and will give it a professional look.

And now, we will give a recipe for a perfect conclusion. First of all, you will need to re-read everything that you have written previously in your text, and depending on the type of your text, you will be able to make some conclusions at the end. For example, when writing a research article on bullying, you will most likely have no chance to give the reader your own thoughts on the matter, so you have to think how to briefly analyze and systematize the info presented in previous parts of the paper.

The situation is getting totally different when you are writing another type of paper on bullying. For example, if you are writing an essay where you have to show your attitude towards the topic, you can get creative in the last part of the text. For example, you may offer some ways of solving the existing problems in the text.

Modern Type Of Bullying

There is one more important thing to discuss when talking about bullying, and that is cyberbullying. It is actually a pretty common issue on the Internet, and, unfortunately, it’s spreading quickly. Cyberbullying ranges from regular texts and messages to online games and platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even more! Even though this problem is too widespread to ignore, unfortunately, not much was done to fight it. Therefore, there is really a need to write a cyberbullying research paper to spread awareness of this issue. It’s important to mention that cyberbullying includes sending mean, cruel, and negative messages, posting or sharing any harmful and false content about the person that is being bullied, sharing any personal information without permission that could cause harm and embarrassment, and even threatening them. There are different cyberbullying essay topics you can choose from, and most of them will be covered in this article. You can also come up with your own topic if you have witnessed cases of bullying. You can also find cyberbullying essay example to see how others handled this task.

How Cyberbullying Impacts Others?

Some people treat cyberbullying as something that is not as bad as offline bullying, but the truth is that cyberbullying can go on for a long time, and some bullies can stay undetected for a long time. While writing your cyberbullying argumentative essay, try to include all of the points that state why this issue is an important one and why we should find the solution as quickly as possible.

Cyberbullying makes those who are bullied feel less safe and more depressed; they face such problems as anxiety, stress, and even suicidal mood. There have been cases of teenage suicide that were caused by constant cyberbullying. Victims often feel like there is no escape from bullying. 

Unfortunately, over the last decade, the number of victims who experienced cyberbullying has doubled, and most of them are teenagers. When writing the effects of cyberbullying essay, conduct research on the points that were mentioned and feel free to add something else and try to be as clear as possible.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying?

While writing how to prevent cyberbullying essay, remember to include some key points to help people prevent and stop cyberbullying. It’s also necessary to refer to credible sources to support your opinion. Therefore, use some plausible scholarly articles on cyberbullying.

There are many ways to prevent cyberbullying or at least help the victims of it:

  • First of all, never share any of your passwords, private photos, and information online, even if the people you’re talking to are your friends and relatives. You never know what is going to happen to you; someone might hack your accounts and steal all your personal data.
  • Do not post anything without thinking about the content you are about to share. Remember that some words and actions are never going to be taken back.
  • If you want to make a comment on somebody’s page, think how you would have felt about the same words directed to you. Share your opinion only if you are sure that the comment is not going to hurt anybody.
  • If someone has already bullied you online, don’t wait and save everything, every single comment and photo, so you can have some evidence to prove that it actually happened.
  • Report fake profiles, inappropriate and harmful photos, and violent content on any social media. You have a right to feel safe and secured, and it is okay to report anything that violates your safety and privacy. You could write a cyberbullying on social media essay to talk more about this issue and particularly discuss how it is happening on different platforms.
  • If you see cyberbullying actually happening, do not hesitate to report the person that is doing it and show support for the victim even if you don’t know them. No one deserves to be bullied offline and online, and everybody needs support. 

There are also many other useful resources on the Internet about this issue. Google some scholarly articles and cyberbullying case studies to find out more about it. Keep in mind that the sources you are choosing have to be reliable so that the reader will not be confused with the false information. Reliable sources will make your persuasive essay on cyber bullying more powerful and worthwhile.

So that was the most important information for your prevention essay. Hopefully, most of this data will help you get an excellent grade. But sometimes you have to write a less specific essay. It may be so generalized that you will be surprised by how hard it is to explain the topic. So, let’s consider how we write the cyberbullying research paper outline. That is a process, which requires an ability to concentrate on your task and put as much information in one sentence as you possibly can. For example, in a facebook cyber bullying essay, all you had to do was just tell the readers the real situation about cyberbullying. However, you did not have to include any factual information and look for data about various countries.

Let’s move to the other type of paper you may get as a task. For example, how are we going to start our informative essay on cyberbullying? Well, that is actually quite similar to what you would expect from any type of essay. You will need to create a nice hook that will engage the reader in getting acquainted with your paper. In order to do so, you will need to look for some interesting facts to shock the reader in your cyber bullying essay introduction. However, do not expect your beginning to save the whole essay. You still need to work on the main part of your discursive essay on cyberbullying. And just like always, we are going to give you a number of examples that you can use to hook your reader:

  • Over 70% of students admit that they have faced bullying online at least once.
  • 67% of students say that cyberbullying is a serious problem that needs to be solved immediately.
  • Only 10% of kids are likely to tell their parents about bullying online.

Hopefully, with this advice, your beginning of the essay will be interesting and engaging. After you are finished writing the first part of facebook bullying essay, start thinking about your next part, which is the main paragraph.

Body of such paper will vary from some other types of essay. For example, in a cyberbullying solution essay, you will not be able to give your reader the full perspective on the problem, as your main task is to find the answers to existing questions. Moreover, this topic is quite narrow so you may have some problems while looking for information. However, you have to think of this as of an important task, so make sure that your main part is informative, and most importantly, it fits the given topic. 

On the other hand, when writing a simple cyberbullying research essay, you will get less chance to give your own opinion on what you are writing about, but at the same time, you will be able to cover the whole problem easily. For you, that will mean a good chance to include some interesting facts or show both sides of the problem.

After you are done with your cyberbullying essay hook, the introduction part in general, the body, and all the transitions between them, you will have to check if everything that you have done is on the right topic and fits the task. If you notice some inconsistencies or mistakes, you can always go online and look for some other information to replace the wrong part of the text. And that brings you to the final part of writing. Your cyberbullying essay conclusion is the most important among all three main sections. Hopefully, all of these pieces of advice will help you to get the highest grade and, maybe, even some popularity among those who are experts in the field you are writing about. After reading this article, nobody will have a question of how to write a persuasive essay on cyberbullying. Good luck in covering such an important topic!


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