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Disputes about the necessity of school uniform are as eternal as the history of such clothing itself. Supporters insist that it accustoms children to order and removes signs of social inequality from school. Opponents try to fight equalization and extra expenses. During its existence, the uniform was repeatedly introduced and removed from educational institutions in different countries. Somewhere its usage reminds of the most terrible epochs in the life of states.

This topic is much more complex and multifaceted than may seem at the first glance. If you have to write a school uniforms opinion essay, start by tracking the history of such costumes and understand what they were needed for at various stages of the educational sphere formation.

Historical background for school uniforms essays

First schools (institutions where children and adolescents came to learn reading and writing) appeared in ancient Sumer, about 4,5 thousand years ago. Already in those days, the appearance of the pupils was subject to certain requirements.

Clay tablets describing the everyday life of the Sumerian school were created about 2000 BC. It is mentioned there, among other things, that young people were punished for unkempt clothes. Excerpts from ancient records and their translation were presented by Samuel Kramer, the great specialist in Sumerian history. Of course, the uniform appeared much later, but anyway long ago.

Tudor chic for little orphans

Historians agree that special student costumes originated in the 16th century at English charity schools for orphans and children from poor families. The inhabitants of London brought clothes to such organizations. Most often among the donated garment there were long coats of blue color. In the end, the name "bluecoat schools" was fixed for charitable educational institutions.

One of them was Christ's Hospital founded in 1552. It exists to this day. The uniform worn by its pupils has not changed much since the reign of Tudors. A few years ago, the administration of Christ's Hospital conducted a survey among its students to find out whether they want to abandon the special clothing. 95% of polled young people spoke in favor of preserving the tradition. It is a good example for a persuasive essay on why school uniforms are good.

According to the legend carefully stored in the walls of Christ's Hospital, in 1552, King Edward VI (the son of Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour, the younger brother of the future Queen Elizabeth I) heard the passionate preaching of the London bishop about the needs of poor people and was so touched that decided to engage in charity.

By the decision of Edward, who himself was almost a child (only 14 years old), several old buildings in London were allocated for orphans and children from needy families. Owing to donations and funds gathered in the city, pupils were fed, dressed, taught and got professions for the future.

Originally, 380 children were admitted to the school named Christ's Hospital. A year later there were already 500 students. A century and a half later, in 1666, the school burned down. Incredibly, none of the kids died. Part of them was sent to live in the county of Hertfordshire where the school later acquired its own building.

300 years after several relocations and reorganizations, Christ's Hospital finally settled in Horsham, West Sussex. Now it still operates as a boarding school. About 900 people study at this institution. Most of them live here permanently. It is noteworthy that throughout the history of Christ's Hospital, it accepted both boys and girls.

The school is extremely proud of its uniform which is probably the oldest in the world. A set of Christ's Hospital student clothes includes a long dark blue coat with a belt, breeches or a skirt, yellow knee socks and a white collar. The costume is issued to young people free of charge.

School Uniforms Essays 1

Approximately, 200 years ago, innovation was introduced: buttons on the coat were decorated with a portrait of the founder, King Edward VI. High school students who have shown outstanding results in several subjects are allowed to decorate their clothes with large silver buttons and velvet cuffs. This is an excellent incentive for successful study which can be mentioned among reasons why students should wear uniforms.

In Liverpool, there is an old educational institution which got its name in honor of the special garment - Blue Coat School. It was founded in 1708 for orphans and poor children. After 11 years, a new magnificent building was created for it, which now is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The art center Blue Coat functions there.

The institution was relocated at the beginning of the XX century. In 1984, the city council of Liverpool tried to stop funding Blue Coat School, but the city's residents organized a large-scale campaign and managed to defend it.

School Uniforms Essays 2

Initially, Blue Coat School did not have its own uniform. It was introduced in the late 18th century. The costume included a blue coat in a Tudor style, a white collar and yellow knee socks. The pupils wore such a kit until 1948. Now the Blue Coat School uniform includes a blue blazer with a school badge, a white shirt, a tie, a school coat with a gray V-neck pullover, gray pants for boys and a skirt for girls, gray socks or pantyhose, black shoes.

In Britain, there are other old schools in which the uniform does not change for centuries. For example, the students of Harrow continue to wear straw hats. The rules are more indulgent in our time: this hat can be not worn on especially windy days. However, most British children use modern clothes the design of which depends on the specific school.

All the above emphasize the advantages of school uniform. But every coin has two sides.

Contradictory points of view to include in argumentative essay on school uniforms

The above mentioned "blue coats" were worn by German schoolchildren until the end of the 18th century. Later, a strict uniform was preserved only in monastic and boarding schools. In the second half of the 19th century, German hats called Schülermützen became extremely popular among German students. When the Nazis came to power, they banned these headpieces as an attribute of class society.

In 1936, a law was issued, according to which all German boys aged 10-18 years were required to be members of Hitlerjugend and to wear its uniform. Girls had their own organizations and clothing rules. You may write in your argumentative essay against school uniforms that special costumes for children were abandoned in the postwar years.

But in recent decades, German society has returned to discussion of this issue. In particular, the uniform is mentioned when deciding whether girls should be allowed into schools in Muslim apparels of varying degrees of covering the body. Among the supporters of special costumes, there are also those who are outraged by schoolgirls dressed in revealing mini-skirts and shorts.

Angela Merkel, even before becoming a chancellor, expressed a support of the uniform: in her opinion, such clothes relieve children of the pressure associated with the need to wear fashionable and expensive attires in order to be no worse than classmates and also gives a sense of community.

In 2015, at the end of the school year in Germany, there was an abnormal heat. The weather influenced the wardrobe of German teenagers. The educational institutions began a discussion about what clothes are permissible and unacceptable in class. A direct ban on shorts was introduced at one school. Students who were dressed too revealing in the opinion of teachers wore wide T-shirts over their clothes until the end of the classes.

The headmaster explained the taken measures by a "provocative" appearance of schoolgirls. All this caused heated discussions. Even a hashtag #hotpantsverbot was introduced in the German segment of the Twitter. Literally, it means "hot pants are prohibited". This is a fun fact for your school uniform debate essay.

Nevertheless, schools with strict dress code are rather an exception in Germany. Opponents of the uniform believe that unification in clothing is associated with militarism and disrespect for the child's personality. This opinion is popular not only among kids and their parents but also among teachers.

The idea that special clothing may help to solve the problem of cultural integration or obsession with fashion trends was called completely wrong. Statistics on school uniforms and bullying proves: simplification of rules in the post-war period had all reasonable grounds because such clothes are associated with the Nazi regime.

For similar reasons, a dress code is not popular in Italy: under the Mussolini government, children were required to wear the uniform of youth fascist organizations. After the war, the Italians abandoned strict rules regarding the appearance of the pupils.

However, for several decades, girls had to wear a grembiule over their clothes. It’s a loose robe which was needed to hide the feminine figure. This rule caused a lot of controversy during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and was eventually canceled. In our time, Italian schoolchildren can dress how they want.

The legacy of the colonial era

In the colonial era, European school rules have spread throughout the world in a bizarre mix with local traditions. Multiple transformations and the passage of time contributed to the formation of quite interesting school uniform statistics and facts:

For example, in Hong Kong, most educational institutions use the uniform similar to British, but in several schools for girls preference is given to Chinese native attires. The special traditions are strictly observed by Catholic schools which are on all continents. In India, pupils wear white shirts and dark pants or skirts.

However, using the clothes prescribed by religion is not prohibited. For example, Sikhi boys can complement the image with turbans. Moslem girls use headscarves and even niqabs covering their faces. In some states, children go to school in shalwar kameez - a traditional Indian suit which consists of pants and a long shirt.

School Uniforms Essays 3

In Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore, schoolgirls wear a uniform developed on the basis of British sailors' clothes.

The design of the garment can be influenced not only by traditions but also by climate. For example, in Australia, students are allowed to wear shorts instead of trousers. The Australian school costume often includes wide-brimmed hats (protection against the ruthless local sun).

The Land of the Rising Sun is closer than it seems

Japan is still perceived as a closed country in which foreign influences are not welcome, but this is not entirely fair. According to research papers on school uniforms, western influence on the Japanese mass culture is very tangible. A striking example of this is the garment for schoolchildren created according to European standards a century and a half ago.

At the end of the XIX century, Japan sought to reform the education system and began to adopt some customs of Great Britain, France, and Germany. Among other things, the school dress code was borrowed.

The Japanese uniform for boys is called gakuran. It consists of a dark jacket with a straight collar and dark trousers. The kit was modeled on the basis of the Prussian army garment. The costume for girls, sailor fuku, consists of a blouse and a pleated skirt (colors and details of the style may vary in different schools). This outfit is based on the clothes of the British sailors. It is well known to fans of anime and whole modern Japanese culture.

School Uniforms Essays 4

The Japanese themselves are very fond of this costume. They arrange special events to show new trends in school fashion. This is a useful data for your why students should wear uniforms essay.

Initially, the sailor suit was used in Japan, just like in Europe, as a popular children's clothing. In 1920 and 1921, two private female colleges first approved it as a mandatory uniform: Heian Jogakuin (St. Agnes' University) in Kyoto and Jo Gakuin University in Fukuoka.

The first Christian missionaries appeared in Japan in the first half of the 16th century and began to baptize the local population actively. The Japanese authorities did not like it. Christianity was officially banned. The priests and their followers were persecuted and executed.

Officially, the ban on professing the Christian religion was eliminated only in 1873 when a large number of European and American missionaries came into Japan. One of the directions of their activity was the establishment of the Western model schools, especially female, since education for girls was poorly developed in Japan. Then the above-mentioned institutions were opened in Kyoto (1875) and Fukuoka (1885). They still exist in the form of women's colleges.

A new state and a new uniform

In Russia, the history of the school uniform began in 1834 when Nicholas I signed the document which, among other things, regulated the gymnasium pupils' costume. The clothes for girls were approved much later - in 1896. Until the fall of the Russian Empire, boys wore dark trousers, a gymnastyorka, a cap and an overcoat, and girls - brown dresses with a black apron (or white on holidays).

School Uniforms Essays 5

After the revolution, the uniform was canceled. But it returned in 1949. The costume of the Soviet schoolchildren was not very differed from the pre-revolutionary. Only in 1962, boys changed their gymnastyorka and cap to gray (later blue) suit. The girls continued wearing brown dresses with a black apron, white collar, and cuffs. The obligatory component of the Soviet pupil’s image was a red Pioneer tie. In 1992, the school uniform was abolished in Russia. It again became mandatory in 2013.

When the uniform does not eliminate but emphasizes the differences

Supporters of the strict dress code argue that it accustoms children to order and removes signs of social inequality from school. But the truth is exactly opposite in poor countries of Africa: the lack of money to buy a uniform often prevents children from needy families from going to school. Do not underestimate the seriousness of this problem. Once, the high cost of school costumes led to the death of hundreds of people and a coup d'état.

In 1979, Bokassa, the dictator of the Central African Republic (at that time, he called himself an emperor and his state - the empire), issued a decree according to which all schoolchildren of the country had to wear special clothes. The ruler's motives were obvious: all uniforms were sewed at a factory owned by Bokassa himself. But for most of the population of very poor Central African Republic, the price of such costumes was prohibitive.

Street protests began and turned into mass arrests, murders of students. When the atrocities of Bokassa reached such proportions that it was no longer possible to ignore them, France intervened in the situation and dictator was overthrown in course of a coup d'état. It’s worth writing this story in an essay against school uniforms.

Infinite dispute

In the US, the school uniform appeared relatively late, in the 1980s. Initially, it was introduced in some disadvantaged urban areas to solve the problem of "teenagers shooting at each other because of designer sneakers".

The special costumes became more widespread after President Bill Clinton spoke in their favor in 1996. Over the next 10 years, the dress code came into force in a quarter of primary and approximately 12% of secondary educational institutions of US.

Among reasons against school uniforms, you can mention that during many years of sociological research, no positive influence of such clothes on schoolchildren, their behavior or self-perception was detected. Now, most American schools still do not have standardized costumes, but there are often rules that do not allow to visit the school, for example, with open abdomen or shoulders.

Anyway, the uniform is worn in most countries of the world. The tradition is preserved despite the fact that standards of clothing for pupils are not regulated by the government of many states and remain at the discretion of schools themselves. The dispute about the need for a dress code also does not seem to cease. So there are no problems with finding material for a school uniform debate article.

School Uniforms Essays 6

How to write good school uniform research papers?

Questions about how to write a quality academic paper are asked from the school time. A question about where to buy research papers is asked also. During the course of training within the walls of any educational institution, students face various types of written work. One of them is an essay that has its own characteristics, construction and requirements.

An essay means a narrative of a prosaic form with small volume and a free composition. The author is required to express personal impressions and judgments relating to a particular phenomenon, subject or topic. It is not necessary to consider the subject in a definitive or exhaustive form.

Essays are akin to a special kind of literary creativity. A student should focus both on content and on such aspects as simplicity, imagery, and attractiveness of the presentation.

The presence of a certain structure and parts, that is, introduction, conclusion, theses, and arguments, greatly facilitates the process of performing the work. We bring to your attention some useful recommendations on how to write and format a quality essay on school uniforms.

1. Study the topic

In order to begin an effective process of writing an academic paper, one must have a good knowledge about the topic to understand its subtleties and features. Deep consideration of available facts contributes to the disclosure of a problem without borrowing and a literary theft.

Sources of information are not only books or other printed publications but also the Internet and diverse electronic databases. The conducted research will become an excellent foundation for a correct and interesting narrative.

2. Sort the information collected

If the topic is familiar, and the information is extensive and accurate, you can proceed with the analysis of the available evidence. An exact formulation of a thesis statement for school uniforms, a fixation of the arguments and ideas that are to be considered in the work are needed from the author.

It is recommended to rely on examples of similar works created by other researchers. Both strengths and weaknesses of the expressed point of view will be obvious after reading them. A comparison will allow you to find the best option for compiling your own essay about school uniform.

3. Reflections

In order to lay the rational thoughts in a foundation for work, it is necessary to compose several thematic questions and give the detailed answers. In the first part of the article, many historical examples and points of view were set forth. Ask yourself whether you agree with each of them. What policy for the school dress code seems the wisest to you? Eventually, a should students wear uniforms essay will become a well thought out mix of world experience and your own thoughts.

4. Clarity of the wording of thoughts

Before you start writing, it is necessary to isolate and emphasize the leading and colorful thesis. It should express the basic idea of ​​the essay. Thanks to it, the reader will understand motives that prompted the author to choose a particular topic and to disclose it.

5. Writing a draft

It is necessary to compile a school uniforms essay outline in small sketches of a draft plan. Formulating short sentences, it will be possible to fully express the main idea of ​​each part. As an option, lists of the marked type will help to write the complete version of the work.

6. A school uniform essay introduction

The beginning of an academic paper should be an introduction that meets characteristics of attractiveness. Such an approach should become the basis for the reader to continue "acquaintance" with an argumentative essay on school uniforms.

7. Paragraphs

With a presence of a basic thesis, the structure of paragraphs should be arranged in a circle. It is recommended to start each new part with the main sentence in which it is necessary to indicate the essence. Then you have to expound available thoughts, to prove them and to convince the examiner with the help of strong arguments.

While writing an essay, it’s worth turning to each reader personally. For greater persuasiveness and faithfulness of emotional perception, experts recommend pronouncing the text during the writing process.

8. A school uniform essay conclusion

Even if you have to prepare a short 5 paragraph persuasive essay on school uniforms, this part is mandatory as well as the introduction. The conclusion should contain a clear and informative answer revealing the essence of thoughts that the author sought to convey to readers.

9. Editing

This process involves the proofreading and formatting of borrowings that can be presented in the form of thoughts, ideas or phrases. Their correct presentation will guarantee that the author will not be convicted of plagiarism.

10. Final check

During the final proofreading of the persuasive essay about school uniforms, it is necessary to pay attention to inaccuracies, grammatical, syntactic and lexical mistakes. It is advisable to read a paper several times turning the text into a kind of finished and ideal literary work.

11. Features

Among the most important features that determine the specificity of the essay genre, experts indicate the title which can be partly independent of the topic of the paper. It should be understood that the heading is sometimes presented as a vivid beginning of subsequent reflections. As an option, it is possible to disclose some part of the main content in the title offering readers an intrigue of the subsequent narrative.

12. It is important

Expert assessments convince that such academic papers should have a strongly marked authorial position and an individual style of presentation. If you write an against school uniforms essay, it is necessary to make a loud statement about negative effects of the dress code and to present arguments in own unique manner.

13. Like nobody else

In order for the school uniforms argumentative essay to be impressively inspired and written interestingly, it is recommended to think about the unexpectedness of conclusions and development of events, the use of special forms of expressions.

14. In the framework of formal requirements

In most cases, only the title, introduction and conclusion are mandatory. As for the structure, it can be completely arbitrary. It is noteworthy that arguments can precede the thesis. You can use the wording of problems as a conclusion.

15. Only honest look and innovation

The essay should reflect the truth presented via really close, familiar and interesting material. Do not retell other people's thoughts. Do not use subtleties that can tire the reader. It is better to choose a simple topic and offer its consideration under the prism of your own vision even if it is quite different from the generally accepted opinion.

Criteria for evaluation

Much depends on the educational institution and the examiner's understanding of a quality essay. However, most often the following factors are taken into account:

  • Profound knowledge of a topic.
  • Analysis and evaluation of information. Historical and statistical sources on which the work is based can be very different. All used documents should be carefully commented and critically analyzed. Also, the jury will undoubtedly note the new valuable historical data found by you and the ability to express own thoughts.
  • Erudition: knowledge and logical presentation of factual material, familiarity with the names of famous personalities and important events.
  • Trustworthy judgments: clarity of presentation, the logic of evidence. The theses put forward should be accompanied by competent arguments.

You need to make a lot of effort and gain strong knowledge to write a persuasive essay on school uniforms properly. But if someone thinks that time will be wasted in vain, he is very mistaken. The essay, as a form of literary creativity, offers the opportunity to express thoughts beautifully, correctly and accurately, to defend own point of view on problems of a different kind. Ability to write such papers allows structuring information, tracing causes and consequences of phenomena, arguing, giving examples and much more. It is much more easy to get papers written for you from professional custom service but it's so nice when you are praised for the work you did yourself.



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