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Unemployment Essay Writing Guide

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Employment is one of the major forces that bring on the economic growth of each country. In addition, unemployment rates can show how economic state of a country changes with time. That is why, it is crucially important to study the causes and effects of unemployment on the economy, social issues, and the life of every individual. Every student can do that by working on a research paper or essay about unemployment.

Luckily, you have come across this article, in which we collected the tips and ideas on how to write the best essay or research paper on unemployment. Stay tuned and read on to know all the intricacies of writing the best academic paper on this topic from scratch, even if you know little or nothing in this field. 

Purpose of writing an unemployment research paper

Let’s start with a discussion on how to write a research paper. Conducting unemployment research, you are encouraged to explore and identify issues that arise when willing workers can’t find a well-paid job or lose jobs as a result of their employers’ inability to maintain the growing rate of production.

Of course, this process affects the economy in general as well as the lives of each and every one of us. Having said that, when you look at this problem analytically and study it from different points of view, using recent data, it allows you to either find solutions to it or encourage other students, activists, or even scholars to further this research and propose their solutions.


Unemployment research paper topics

Here are some interesting research topics on unemployment for your consideration: 

  • Karl Marx’s theory of unemployment
  • To what extent can automation be helpful or harmful in the workforce?
  • What are the long-term consequences of unemployment?
  • What is a link between inflation and unemployment?
  • Why is unemployment particularly bad for women?
  • How does the unemployment rate affect the phycological state of people?
  • Unemployment during the Big Depression
  • Unemployment rate during COVID-19 pandemics
  • Automation of labor and unemployment
  • The effects of unemployment on students
  • The unemployment rate in the country of choice
  • Which population is the most vulnerable to unemployment?
  • The link between unemployment and crime rate
  • Ways of reducing unemployment

Unemployment research questions

When you have chosen the topic, it is important to formulate a few unemployment research questions and choose one or a few that you are going to focus on in your work. If your topic is broad, narrow it down to something more specific that you would be able to cover within the given word count. Make sure it is not too narrow to be researchable but specific enough for you to understand what kind of information to look for specifically.

The questions you formulate can be focused on the:

  • Comparison between certain aspects of unemployment.
  • Relationships between variables of your choice.
  • Advantages/disadvantages of certain aspects.
  • Causal relationships between specific variables.
  • Factors contributing to the problem or its solution.

There are a lot of ways to formulate a research question for an unemployment paper, and we suggest that you run the question of your choice by your professor before starting to write.



Unemployment research paper outline

While your outline should include as many details as possible, the main sections it will cover are:

  • Introduction
  1. Introductory phrase
  2. Background information
  3. Statement of hypothesis/thesis statement
  • Body sections:
  1. Literature review
  2. Methodology
  3. Results
  4. Discussion
  • Conclusion
  1. Restated hypothesis/thesis
  2. Main points of research.
  3. Further application/Significance of research.

Tips for writing an essay on unemployment

Writing an academic essay on unemployment might appear like quite a difficult task. In order to make your life easier, we have decided to provide with the best writing tips:

  • Choose the topic which you are genuinely interested in. This way, the writing process will be exciting and productive.
  • Make an outline. This is an essential part of employment essay writing, which helps you to keep your ideas in order and write a well-structured text.
  • Write the first draft. It will help you understand how to present your arguments and evidence as well as frame your essay.
  • Look for well-written examples. There are a lot of sample essays on unemployment on the Web. Therefore, if you are not sure what to focus yours on or how to put your ideas on paper, reading a few examples might help.
  • Proofread your essay. It’s a good idea to revise your paper the next day after you finish writing it. This way, you will notice more grammatical errors and common structural and stylistic mistakes.

Topics for writing an essay on unemployment

  • Essay on educated unemployment
  • Essay on unemployment among graduates
  • Essay on unemployment and poverty
  • Essay on rural unemployment
  • Essay on the evils of unemployment
  • Essay on poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment
  • Essay on poverty and unemployment in specific countries/states
  • Essay on unemployment and underemployment after wars
  • Essay on effects of unemployment (psychological, sociological, financial, etc.)
  • Causes of unemployment essay
  • Essay on reasons for unemployment
  • Essay on the impact of unemployment
  • Causes and effects of unemployment essay
  • Cause and effect of unemployment essay: is there a link between low quality education and unemployment?
  • Argumentative essay on unemployment: should government help the vulnerable population with job search?
  • Cause and effect essay on unemployment and inflation
  • Unemployment problem solution essay
  • Essay on employment and unemployment
  • Essay on unemployment in America
  • Essay on unemployment and its long-term effects


Unemployment essay outline

Whether you are writing a one-page essay on unemployment or a longer well-researched one at the end of the semester, making an outline is an important step you should never skip. Just like with a research paper, an unemployment essay outline also has a specific structure:

  • Unemployment essay introduction. For starters, you need to provide readers with background on the topic and some justifications as to why you have chosen it. At the end of the intro, present your thesis statement with the main points that you will be discussing in more detail further.
  • Body paragraphs. The main part is the most extended and informative section of the whole essay. It usually consists of 3-5 paragraphs (however, there can be more or less, depending on the specific requirements). Each paragraph has to include the argument connected with your thesis statement, which is reinforced with evidence and examples. Make sure that your body paragraphs are logically interconnected. In this case, transition words will be of great help.
  • Conclusion for an essay on unemployment. At the final stage, here comes the time to briefly remind the readers about all the arguments discussed throughout the essay and the thesis statement that you have put forward in the intro. Don’t make new points in a conclusion for an unemployment essay. This is the part where you reflect on what was written without adding factual or statistical info to continue the discussion. In the final sentences of the unemployment essay conclusion, try coming up with a catchy phrase to wrap up everything that you have showcased before effectively and to encourage your readers for further reflections. 

Statistics for your essay on unemployment

We have collected some interesting and somehow shocking statistics, which you can use in your unemployment essay or research paper:

  • Developed countries often cannot offer permanent positions for an excessive number of college graduates, both local residents and international students. This problem creates enormous competition for permanent positions in their chosen fields of study. One great example of such a situation is the US economic recession of 2007-2008 when the employment rate of candidates with bachelor's degrees suddenly dropped to as low as 9%.
  • One of the recent American surveys showed that some of the highest unemployment rates were among Philosophy (6.2%) as well as the English Language (6.4%) and Mass Media (7.4%) graduates. On the other hand, the lowest unemployment rates were fixed in the fields of Industrial Engineering (1.7%) and Medical Technicians (0.9%).
  • Youth are approximately three times more likely to be unemployed than adults (2.7).
  • Among all developing regions, East Asia has the largest unemployment rate.
  • The number of unemployed workers in the world’s developing economies is roughly the same as the population of Bangladesh (156.6 million), the world’s eighth-most populous country.
  • Despite COVID-19 pandemics, the US unemployment rate has fallen to 7.9% (from 8.4%). The most prosperous are the restaurant, retail, and healthcare sectors.



Essay paper writing

Academic writing

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