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What Is Leadership Essay? Best Writing Guide

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Leadership remains one of the most popular topics for essays on business, management, psychology, sociology, and other related subjects. That is why many students are required to write various academic papers on leadership-related topics during their studies. If you are one of them, you might be searching for useful information and tips for creating an excellent essay on leadership. Luckily, following our simple recommendations, you will improve your writing skills greatly. In this article written by our you will also find the most innovative and understandable prompts for an essay about leadership. Crafting your academic paper has never been so easy!

How to write a leadership essay?

In order to successfully cope with the assignment, you need to understand the essence of the phenomenon you are going to write about. What is leadership? How can the leader influence other people? How to become a leader? What are the most important features of any pacesetter? Getting the answers to all these questions will make the writing process much easier.  

Don’t forget to check and take into account all the requirements provided by your professor. Do you need to write about a certain personality or the leadership qualities one should possess? Identify the demands and expectations of your supervisor and then start doing the research. In case you need to describe the characteristics of a good leader, you can state that such qualities as confidence, loyalty, empathy, sincerity, ability to lead and inspire people, as well as effective management skills are required. As for creating a good leadership essay about a certain personality, feel free to choose any political leader or sportsman, or think about your professors, mates, or relatives you admire the most. You can also add quotes, examples, and references to make your essay even better.

You may wonder in what way leadership essay should be structured. Here is a common pattern:

  1. Introduction (including a hook phrase and thesis statement)
  2. Several paragraphs that form the main part
  3. Conclusion

As you can see, this paper has a standard structure that is similar to the format of other types of academic assignments. Therefore, if you have already tried yourself in writing, you are not likely to face any difficulties when it comes to structuring the paper.

The leadership essay introduction

There are thousands of examples of essays about leadership available on the Internet. However, only a few of them have an effective introduction. You have to pay considerable attention to this part because a strong beginning of your essay increases your chances of getting an excellent mark for the assignment.

How to start a leadership essay? First of all, remember that the key feature of a good introduction is a hook phrase. This is a secret trick that is used by experienced writers. A hook is designed to grab the attention of the audience and prompt the readers to continue reading the paper. You can begin with an interesting or unusual fact, briefly describe what you are going to write about, and come up with some curious ideas.

Many writers support the idea that the introduction part should be written as soon as you finish working on the body. Such a trick will ease the whole process due to the fact that almost all the information you would like to include has already been presented.

If you still plan to begin with an introduction, it is important to come up with a definite idea and purpose of your writing, as well as choose at least a few sources. One of the techniques that have been commonly used by the authors of leadership essays is starting the paper with a certain question. In this case, you are supposed to elaborate on the answer in the main part of your paper. You may also start with a quotation, problem, or proverb. For example, you can start your essay with the question “what is leadership?”

Writing the main part of a good leadership essay

In case you don’t know what to begin with in the main part of the essay, it’s a good idea to try the following method. First of all, carefully read all the sources you’ve found for your academic paper. Get acquainted with the topic, paying attention to important details. Then take a blank piece of paper and begin writing. Don’t focus on following the essay structure or making the text grammatically correct; all the mistakes can be corrected later. It’s important to write down everything that comes to your mind without any distractions. After the draft of your leadership essay is ready, you will need to edit and supplement it with the introduction and conclusion. This method helps greatly in case you feel stuck with writing or suddenly face a creativity crisis.

As a rule, the main part consists of several paragraphs, where each passage is dedicated to a different viewpoint or fact. Remember that all the passages should have strong connections, as well as be related to the main topic.

By the way, don’t forget about thesis statement. Although many students believe it is really necessary to write, most experts assure that a strong thesis is not as vital for your paper as you might think. The matter is that the main function of the thesis statement is to reflect what you are going to write about (a particular fact, viewpoint, or proposition you are planning to approve.) That’s all!

Generally, every paragraph of your main part will have the following structure:

  1. Statement or viewpoint that supports your thesis
  2. Explanation of the statement and its key points or features (if there are any)
  3. Examples (if applicable)
  4. Final thoughts or the summary

a good leadership essay

Tips for leadership essay writing

Here are some useful tips on how to create a perfect essay:

  • Avoid using overly complex concepts or phrases. Your essay should be clear for the reader. Therefore, try to change incomprehensible words with synonyms or just simplify them. In case it’s difficult to replace them, give a brief explanation of the term you use. It is also recommended to avoid using complex words, which you are not sure about.
  • Don’t overload your paper with long sentences and phrases. The essay is one of the basic academic papers, so there is no need to puzzle the audience with extra-long word combinations. Make sure each of your sentences doesn’t exceed a few lines.
  • Be careful while providing some “funny” facts about the issue you are discussing. People have a different sense of humor, so your gags might seem trifling for some readers. By the way, inappropriate jokes might also appear to be offensive and unethical. It is better to think carefully before using sarcasm in the academic paper, and if you have some doubts about whether to add a joke to your essay, it is better not to include it. After all, the leadership essay is not designed for comic stand-ups.
  • Stick to the point. One of the common students’ mistakes is that they often digress from the chosen subject. If there is something that seems to be off-topic, it is necessary to correct it. If you describe completely different opinions or facts, use transitions phrases to make your essay cohesive.
  • Choose the proper title. Some students pick several leadership essay titles before they begin writing their papers. After the paper is ready, you will be able to choose the most suitable heading among the predesigned ones.
  • Skip useless details. Adding unnecessary facts and sentences just for making the essay longer will not make the whole paper better. Remember that your essay should be free of pointless descriptions.
  • Always follow the rules of formatting style. Each academic paper, including your leadership essay, should meet the requirements of the style adopted at your college or university. Failure to meet them might drastically decrease the final scores for your paper.
  • Avoid using clichés because they make your paper boring and uninteresting. Moreover, clichés will worsen an overall impression of the paper even if it’s of a great quality.
  • Proofread your paper. Proofreading and editing will help you to fix the mistakes that you haven’t noticed before, as well as make your writing more logical and accurate.
  • Ask for feedback. If you are not sure about your essay, ask your mates to read the paper and share their impressions. Listen to their opinion and edit your essay if you think that constructive criticism has been given.

Writing a leadership essay conclusion

To craft a great conclusion for your paper, move to your thesis statement. Try to re-introduce the issue you’ve mentioned in your thesis and briefly describe the solutions offered in the body. Note that the final part should be based only on the facts you’ve provided in your argumentative essay, so don’t come up with any new ideas. Your conclusion should summarize all the points that were reflected in your academic paper. Try to make it powerful since a weak conclusion might lead to receiving low scores for the paper.

All in all, try to choose an out-of-the-box topic for your leadership essay, use facts, and come up with a captivating introduction as well as an effective conclusion. In such a way, you will submit a perfect paper. Good luck!


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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