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How to Write a Short Report?

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Frequently, the goal of a short report lies in a brief written communication. Such paper may be completed in the form of a memo (written within your company or department) and letter (written for outside your company). Usually, the short report structure supposes one page of text (two pages maximum).

The given papers are mainly used by various periodicals in order to share information about a currently trending topic. Short reports are nearly the same as longer ones, though they do not include any conclusions and opinions of the author. These papers are meant to give you important information about a certain topic.

Short Report Format

If you want to know what is a short report format, it is better to remember that such works comprise four parts: summary or overview, background information, goal, results, and conclusion. Below you will have a possibility to learn about all these parts one by one.


Usually, the first section of a report is a brief summary that specifies the topic of the research followed by names of any study participants and places they conducted their research in. Usually, the summary plays the part of the introductory paragraph and comprises several sentences. A proper sample of summary sentences can be as follows, "Those people with a family history of mental illness or addiction of any kinds will more likely suffer from substance abuse in comparison with other people. The University of Michigan conducted a study and found that those people who had a family history of mental illnesses and addictions were ten times more likely to turn out to be addicts themselves."


The next part of the format of short report is the background that has to comprise more details about the subject, the current state of research, and why the study is important. For instance: “Scientists found that of 300 students surveyed, 30 percent informed being exposed to alcohol or drugs before the age of 13 by one of the parents or other caregivers who had suffered from addiction and diagnosed mental illness."



Follow the background with the goal of the study in order to show readers the reasons they should be interested in the provided information and lend credibility to the research. The research should possess a purpose to receive general support from the public. Summarize the purpose in several sentences. For example: "The purpose of the study is to encourage those people suffering to seek treatment and increase awareness concerning effects and consequences of mental illness on society.”

Conclusion and Results

Use these final lines in order to give any additional results based on your analysis of the data and information. Brief reports do not need the detailed conclusion as in the case of opinion/lengthy reports. However, they do require authors to address why the study is significant to the society. For example, conclusion and results section might look the following way: “Researchers showed that the earlier a kid is exposed to alcohol and drug addiction as a consequence of mental illness, the more likely such child is to turn to substance abuse without any interventions. Organizations may use these results to help increase the awareness of community regarding the dangers of mental illness and substance abuse, as well as to support those who are struggling.”

How to Write a Short Book Report?

It may be a real bane for English students, but writing a short report does not have to be difficult and tedious. Here are a few simple ideas to write an informative and concise paper.

  1. Check the task. Try to understand your assignment before you start.
  2. Take notes when reading. Reread the book with a voice recorder or notepad nearby if you have time. Do not forget about brief observations when reading, describing the plot, characters, setting, and tone.
  3. Divide your notes into two to four parts according to major plot shifts. This will help to organize your paper and devote equal time to each part of the book.
  4. Choose the most significant points from your notes and build up a brief outline. Do not turn it into too detailed one. A bullet point list will be enough to back you up when accomplishing the task.
  5. Write an opening. Add the book title and the author with a description of the book’s premise in no more than three sentences.
  6. After you have chosen one of the most interesting short report writing topics and written the opening, it is high time to summarize the plot. You may use your notes and the outline to sum up the main points of the plot, section by section.
  7. Summarize the ending. You may choose one of two ways to handle the final plot points according to the purpose.
  • Describe the climax the same way you summed up the rest of the plot.
  • If you are composing a report for a mass audience, do not give away the ending! Try to depict the protagonist’s challenge or goal, without giving away how he/she meets it.
  1. Describe the main theme. If you suggest that the author has a major purpose in mind, add several words on the theme near the end or beginning of the paper. When knowing how a short book report form looks like, it is always easy to produce a perfect work.

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Academic writing

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