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Writing About Advertising and Media Influence

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With the advance of technology of the latest decades, the impact of advertising and digitized media on society across the world has grown exponentially. No wonder that it has become such a popular topic for academic assignments in various disciplines like journalism, sociology, media literacy, etc.

If you need a great topic for your advertising and media influence paper or are looking for top-notch writing tips, this article is for you. We will guide you every step of the way so that you can cope with your task ASAP and get a good grade.

Advertisement essay topics

  • Impact of advertising on society essay
  • Impact of media on society essay: Limited effects theory
  • Media influence on society essay: Class-dominant theory
  • The influence of media violence on youth essay
  • Media influence on eating disorders essay
  • Media influence body image essay
  • Essay about the negative influence of social media on family time
  • Influence of mass media essay: How does media reflect the culture?
  • Advertising manipulates people’s choice essay
  • Advertising manipulation essay
  • Essay on advertisements and its effects
  • Marketing and advertisement influence on society essay
  • Media influence on campaigns essay
  • Effects of news media essay: Boston marathon bombing
  • Media influence on public opinion regarding terrorism
  • Media influence on immigration essay
  • Essay on media influence in politics
  • Media influence on politics essay: The case of Russia
  • Essay “does the media influence how people think and behave”
  • Social media influence essay
  • Essay on impact of advertising on society and its perception of beauty
  • Influence of media on youth essay: Suicide and self-harm rates
  • Media influence on children essay
  • Influence of social media on youth essay
  • Influence of social media on students essay
  • Media influence on child development essay
  • Argumentative essay on influence of media on gender communication


media influence on public opinion

Topics for research paper on advertising

  • Research paper on advertisement influence on society in 20th vs in 21st centuries
  • How advertising affects society research paper
  • Research papers on consumer perception
  • Influence of social media on adolescent behavior research paper
  • The impact of social media on adolescent’s mental health
  • Media and woman bodily image
  • Imposed vs perceived beauty: is it media to be blamed?
  • Influences of advertisement on consumer buying behavior
  • Are social media the best platform for advertising nowadays?
  • The future of marketing on Instagram
  • Why do advertising campaigns fail?
  • The effectiveness of the advertising strategy of a brand of your choice

Tips for writing an essay about advertisement

  • Choose the topic, which is not only popular or informative but is also interesting for you to research and talk about. This way, you will have a great time working on your paper, and your teacher will definitely see how much interest and effort you put into your work.
  • Arrange all your ideas and important findings discovered during the research process in an outline. Add relevant headings and bullet points under each one to clearly see what kind of information will go into each section. When you have a clear writing plan that you can follow point by point, you can write a paper pretty quickly and easily.
  • Remember that each argument should be discussed in a separate section. If your word limit doesn’t allow that, combine only the points that relate to each other in order not to confuse the reader. For example, it would make sense to talk about health and body image in the same sentence, but it would be way harder to combine bullying and inability to multitask when watching something and doing homework.
  • When looking for the data and statistics for your essay, search for the newest studies. The topic of advertising and media hasn’t lost its relevance throughout the years, but by citing up-to-date resources, you will demonstrate that you are aware of all the latest trends.
  • You might be tempted to look up the advertisement essay examples when searching for the best arguments for your paper. This idea is definitely not a bad one as you will get a better understanding of how a paper is structured and how arguments can be presented. However, do not copy the content of the sample. It is really easy to check if your text was plagiarized and it can seriously harm your academic reputation.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, but also don’t let your thoughts wander and your emotions to get in the way. Remember that each academic paper should be written using professional language, have perfect grammar structure, and be formatted according to the assigned formatting style.


effects of news media essay

Advertising essay outline

  • Introduction.

This is an important part of your essay as it presents your ideas and emphasizes their significance. Here, you have to pay due attention to two main aspects – a hook sentence and a thesis statement.

  • Your hook (which is also called an attention-grabber) is supposed to engage your readers and leave them wanting to learn more. A good hook can be some relevant statistics or a curious fact which can surprise your reader. You can also pose some question so that the reader may want to seek the answer to it in your paper.
  • After providing some background information on the topic, you need to finish your intro with a thesis statement. It will be a single sentence reflecting the main idea of your paper, which you will have to elaborate on in the next sections. Make sure it is clear which points you are going to discuss further and what the purpose of the paper is in general.  
  • Essay body.

This section is the most extended and informative one. Here, you will need to present all the theoretical information you have found in various sources. This information should be logically divided into 2-3 paragraphs and used to support the statements you are making. Do not forget about transitions between sentences and paragraphs to make sure your line of reasoning is consistent and your paper is coherent.

  • Advertising essay conclusion.

The properly written conclusion convinces your reader in the validity of your thesis statement. Think of your thesis as a proven idea and speak with confidence. Restate it and give a brief overview of the supporting arguments you have mentioned in the body of the paper. One of the important things to add to your essay conclusion is a memorable and striking clincher phrase. You can pose a question encouraging the reader to further research the topic or add a call to action.

Coming up with a good title for media influence essay

While you can brainstorm a few titles before you start writing or researching the topic, you need to make a final choice after you finished working on your assignment. You never know for sure where the writing process will take you and your essay about media or advertising may not look the same as you have envisioned initially. Therefore, it is likely that you will be able to come up with the best title options after you reread the final version of your text. Pay attention to your thesis statement and the main arguments made when creating a title as they are the essence of your paper.


Fast facts about advertising and social media

  • More than $ 500 billion is spent on advertising every year.
  • The standard billboard was first created in the US in 1900.
  • Many researchers claim that advertising is the most significant and influential art form on Earth.
  • The American Psychological Association states that children under 8 years are unable to critically evaluate advertisements and consider all information presented to be honest, truthful, and objective.
  • The first paid advertisement in the United States was posted in 1704 in the Boston News Letter. It was an advertisement for a Long Island estate.
  • The first written advertisement is an advertisement for a slave on a papyrus.
  • The most expensive ad in the world was created by Chanel and cost $33 million. $3 million was paid to Nicole Kidman.
  • On average, each active user has more than 7 accounts.
  • Users upload 3.2 billion images to social networks every day.
  • On average, people spend 5 years and 3 months on social networks during their lives.
  • There are approximately 1.3 billion Twitter accounts, while the active ones are only 336 million.
  • 5 million brands have active advertising campaigns on Facebook.

marketing and advertisement influence on society essay


Academic writing

Essay paper writing

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