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culture writing

How to write a Culture paper?

Academic essay on culture is a work, which develops students' creative skills and their capacity to solve non-standard problems. Although such essays are rather similar with philosophy and sociology essays, there are numerous differences as well. The extent of student's freedom in writing about culture is quite high in comparison with other types of papers. For example, a student can choose topic, style and proof system, literature and other elements on his or her own. In addition to citing key sources according to selected topic, writing culture papers suggests involvement of materials from journal publications, literature, and everyday facts of contemporary culture.

Writing skills' development means a consistent presentation of students' thoughts in the form of a coherent text. Its aim is to develop a certain scientific and literary style of thinking, presence of which is inseparable from the cultural identity of a person with higher education regardless of his specialization.

Before proceeding with writing an article about culture, be aware of existing templates; examine various sources in detail since cultural studies are closely related to such sciences as sociology, art history, philosophy, linguistics, religion, ethnography, and psychology. Culture writing is a rather complicated process that includes several steps. Such steps are individual study and acquisition of great amount of information, which include dozens of books examination, searching for good articles, reports, and other useful information. Professors require high-quality papers, and students do not always have enough time to complete their tasks. Some of them experience difficulties with such assignments because it is problematic to find an article on culture that can serve you as a perfect example, and then write down your own thoughts on a particular topic and finally make conclusions.

What is Culturology?

Culturology is a science that studies laws of cultural process, monuments, phenomena of the material and spiritual culture, cultural interests and needs of people, their participation in preservation, enhancement, and transmission of cultural values.

Cultural Studies as an academic discipline appeared in multistage interweaving philosophy, archeology, history, psychology, ethnography, religious studies, sociology, art, and, therefore, can legitimately be titled as an integrative sphere of knowledge. There are social sciences and humanities, which focus on the existence and activity of an individual and society.

The main tasks of cultural studies are the following:

  • Analysis of a system of cultural phenomena
  • Study of culture mental content
  • Identification of types of relationships between cultural elements
  • Study of culture typologies and cultural units
  • Solving problems of social and cultural dynamics
  • Study of cultural codes and communication.

There are two main areas of science - applied and fundamental ones. Fundamental Cultorology studies basic cutural theories, sometimes with the historical approach. In its turn, Applied Cultorology is aimed at exploring only specific areas of science.

Cultural studies as a discipline

Cultural studies is a complex of humanitarian disciplines which goal lies in integration of scientific knowledge on culture. Cultural experts are engaged in development of various topics for culture articles. They explore different kinds of arts, folk traditions, and social trends. At the same time, scientists determine characteristics of culture formation and development. Cultural studies have several areas and regions; so, every culture expert has a narrowly specialized subject for a detailed study. For example, scholars often have to deal with archival documents, rare bibliographical sources, and works of art.

Purposes of studying this discipline are the following:

  • To give an idea of nature and features of historical and cultural epochs
  • To give an idea of the relationship of all culture system components
  • To assimilate ideological specificity of cultural paradigms of the European space
  • To create artistic taste and aesthetic ability to self-esteem
  • To teach the formation of universal spiritual values and abstract thinking through familiarity with the major achievements of world culture and foster a sense of respect for the diversity and multidimensionality of the national culture.

The most significant task of this discipline is the formation of aesthetic and fully developed consciousness through the acquaintance of students with basic themes, issues, concepts, categories, and trends of world culture.

Multi-level training of specialists provides a considerable amount of extracurricular research work for students. One of the most productive forms of individual work when studying a humanitarian discipline is to write a research paper on culture under scientific supervision of your professor.

Today, cultural studies students and other future social scientists take stock of the phenomenon of culture, origins of theoretical (fundamental) and practical culturology as a science, and also are engaged in the study of cultural science research methods - diachronic, archaeological, synchronic, comparative and typological. In the sphere of educational process, a lot of time is given to basic concepts of the disclosure of various cultural schools that influence the formation of scientific knowledge nowadays. Results of cultural experts' work may be reflected in writing tests, writing an essay about culture, research, and investigative papers.

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